EP Legacy Gameplay 8.12

Upon arriving in Hidden Springs, my sims were greeted by a beautiful rainbow.

I wasn’t really in the mood to build anything for this town, so I moved my family into this lovely home by 40675672.

It was cold enough to skate on a frozen pond.

Everyone quickly became proficient, but I think I have a bug that was preventing them from doing any spins. I noticed this problem back in Moonlight Falls too. I’m not sure whether it’s because they’re supernaturals. Anyway, here’s Marty skating backwards.

The vacation home looked really pretty decorated with Christmas lights.

Marty discovered he had quite a fan club among the local girls.

The sim with the lighter hair, Cassidy Earthsong (get my version here), turned out to share the athletic and charismatic traits with him. He took her out dancing at Lars’ Disco-tech.

The family ran into Gregor’s daughter-in-law Jenny, also on holiday in Hidden Springs.

They invited her to spend the day playing in the snow with them. (Sorry about her horrible outfit: you can’t edit what tourists wear.)

All the winter activities are very fun, but at the end of each day it was just as wonderful to be able to return to a cosy house, get a fire going, and enjoy some warm food and festive eggnog. (I’m using this mod to allow me to serve Seasons drinks from regular coffee machines.)

On the final day of their holiday, the group made a trip to the Redwood Peak Viewing Area, where they enjoyed breathtaking views and made a little army of snowmen.

They arrived back home in time for a snow day gift gathering party. Blaine used the Climatron Control Unit to make things feel a little more seasonal.

Everyone sat down to open the presents.

There were no gag gifts this year; all my sims loved what they got.

I noticed that Xala and Q’oro had both grown up a bit.

Selina and Spencer’s sister Melyssa was expecting a baby. She looked about as far along as Selina.

Happy Snow Day, everyone!

Well, that went on for quite a bit longer than I anticipated! I guess Seasons must bring more to the game than I had realized. Next time, we’ll be looking at University Life with Marty, Nathan, Rosanna, and a few of their friends. Happy Simming until then xxx

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 8.12

  1. Absolutely loved this winter wonderland! You did so many more things than I’ve tried and with the mods you were able to do some really interesting moves…yea Climatron and the Beverage Machine! Hidden Springs is such a gem and with all the mountains and trees, the snow was beautiful. And the house you chose was perfect! Was kind of sad that it ended so soon. I hope that all goes well for you in the University game, I only tried it once and had problems making sure my student got to classes on time and also had enough food to eat! Think they need some sort of teleportation device to get them from one part of the University to another. I did have a bug in the game that made the phone stick to my Sims’ hand and it wouldn’t stop ringing. Tried all the things that I knew to do but nothing worked so my Sims never finished her courses. I had read on the Forums that sometimes this happens but not in every game. So here’s hoping you don’t run into it. Wanted to let you know how things went for me. Thanks again for taking the time to share your stories!!

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    • I’m really glad you liked it. HS always looks so pretty in the snow.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences! Sorry about that phone bug – that sounds nasty. I’ll be sure to back up a lot, and I have my Nraas suite to help me out as well.

      Yes, getting around the uni world can be a little slow. If they’re taking the maximum number of credits, you basically just have to be prepared not to do anything else with them on Mon, Weds, or Fri between 8 and 6. Fruit from their inventory makes a good lunchtime snack.


  2. What pretty scenery! I always enjoy the winter things they get to do, but it is so strange that NPC sims and “townies” never seem to dress correctly for the weather! I will be interested to see how Uni goes for you, too! Happy simming!

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    • I know – silly sims! I love that Nraas Traveller adds tourists from other worlds, but it’s annoying not being able to take them into CAS.

      I’m really looking forward to uni! Happy simming to you too 🙂


  3. Sad to see this one end as seasons is quite possibly be my favorite expansion but you really showed off the pack beautifully. But I also love uni and cant wait to read through that generation, so many fun things to play with. Amazing screenshots as always, the ones from hidden springs makes me want to play there more but id really like to do some heavy renovations to it before I do which I think I might because I made a few rustic things recently.. Thanks for linking that mod, I was disappointed when I found out we couldn’t serve eggnog at home so this is really great. 🙂 Have I mentioned that I love that Marty wears purple? Think that is always a great color on redheads. That evil snowman never fails to make me laugh its just so silly and cute. 😛

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    • Thank you! I didn’t really know what to expect with this generation, because I installed the EP at the same time as a bunch of other stuff, so it’s always just been there in the background. I remember announcing ‘this one’s probably going to be really short’, and then it turns out to the longest!

      HS definitely needs a lot of work, but it’s a nice enough world for vacations. I’ve enjoyed several Christmases there with my other legacy family.

      No problem about the mod. It works for all the uni drinks too! I rarely like having to add separate objects for new food/drinks.

      I don’t remember you mentioning liking the purple, but thank you! I didn’t think about it too much – it’s just his favourite colour – but I’m really glad to hear it works 🙂


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