Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 6

I had everything I needed to have Laena make the Angelsguard and Doomplate armours.

The Angelsguard has a defense of 9 with a weight of only 1, and it gives a +20 moodlet whenever it’s equipped. Oh, and it’s really pretty. Here’s Halfred, looking very shiny in his new armour.

Laena hadn’t learned the recipe for the matching sword yet, but a legendary quality Mana’s Edge (Attack 8, Weight 3) would do the King just fine for now.

I gave the Doomplate to Kienna. At a a defense rating of 10 and weight of 5, it’s a heavier than Halfred’s amour, but since Kienna has a strong constitution that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m really excited to see how it looks on her, but I haven’t actually had a chance to play her since making it. I did hop around between a few other heroes though, and before I knew it I’d completed the ‘no quest for the weary ambition’.

The next one I chose, carrying my kingdom over again, was ‘fame’, which is all about earning renown.

My kingdom already has a renown of 1,860, but that wasn’t a problem because the specific counter for the ambition started over at zero.

I decided it was time to place the last building in my kingdom, the Peteran monastery. It’s a very beautiful one.

And here’s my Peteran priest, Brother Martin. I gave him the ‘whale ate my parents’ and eloquent traits, and the glutton fatal flaw. Glutton is kind of awful because it makes your sim need to eat every couple of hours; but I had noticed a quest that can provide a legendary trait was already available, so I thought this could be a way to try out this fatal flaw without getting stuck with it for too long.

The quest is called ‘The Fisherman’s Challenge’. It doesn’t mention in the description that it can earn heroes a legendary trait, because it can only do so under specific circumstances: firstly, if the hero has the ‘whale at my parents’ trait (which is actually why I chose this one for Martin); and, secondly, if, on top of that, she or he chooses a certain way of completing it.

Martin moved into the monastery and started his work as a reformer. His audience was fairly small at first. The Queen Consort was actually there, but she looked annoyed.

Peteran priests can raise the popularity of their church by publicly evangelizing and by individually winning over sims as converts.

They can also hold sermons inside the monastery. I couldn’t remember how these worked, so I had to read the lessons, which suggested opting for a humorous tone.

More unlocks.

Because of his traits, Martin often gets ‘whale rage’, which can only be alleviated by going on a whale hunt or screaming at the sea. I couldn’t afford a whaling boat, so I had him do a lot of screaming over the couple of sim days it took me to finish the quest.

Unfortunately, the final stages actually required me to send him on a whale hunt, to complete the quest in the way that would earn Martin that legendary trait. To get the cash together, I had to sell some decorative objects from the monastery. But it all worked out because Martin was able to catch a whale, tell the story of his victory to an old fisherman who’d helped him out, and be rid of that nasty fatal flaw.

I chose patient, which will give him a little longer to complete his responsibilities each day.

By the next time I took him out, he’d developed quite a following, although I’ve been having a tough time trying to get the popularity meter to rise past low.

I decorated the area outside Susannah’s house. Most of the outdoor sculptures in this game are very formal, and there aren’t any flowers to add, so I just had to use clutter. Most of these objects don’t give a ‘nicely decorated’ focus boost, but I still like to look at them.

Next, I did a quest to get a permanent apprentice for Laena. It turned out to be a mistake, because now they just get in one another’s way all the time.

She and Jack were expecting a baby. They announced the news to Brother Martin, but I don’t think he was very helpful. He seemed to be saying, ‘your child will have no hair and cry a lot.’

‘Give me ale!’

I had Laena make Eika a legendary quality Fiery Mithral Longsword (Attack 8, Weight 3).

It came in handy during her next quest, when Eika was accosted multiple times by the same bandit.

I was having her patrol the roads to various territories to improve their loyalty, and every single time she emerged from the forest this woman would have attack her. Eika always won, but the bandit just didn’t learn. They must have fought almost twenty times.

Whenever Eika went home to get some food and rest, the bandit picked a fight with one of the forest guards instead.

I wanted to kill her, but she was important to the quest so the game wouldn’t let me.

Back at the palace, Dorothy and Halfred (not currently under my control) were up to something.

When I had Eika eavesdrop on them, this was the face she made!

The bandit who’d been giving me so much trouble turned out to have important information about a Tredonian relic that Eika’s was on a mission to steal.

She was able to infiltrate Tredony, defeat its guards in combat, interrogate them with a truth serum, and find the coveted relic (all off-screen, of course).

With all the time she’d spent away from the castle during this quest, Eika’s licentious fatal flaw had been a bit of a nuisance, so I jumped at the chance to be rid of it when ‘The Fountain of Legend’ came up again. I chose ‘satiated’ as her new legendary trait, so that she doesn’t have to eat very often.

I’ve noticed Laena and Jack out around town quite a bit. They seem to get on with one another really well.

But the same couldn’t be said for all my couples. While Leowyn was diagnosing patients in her clinic, I noticed she had the option to ‘express sympathy for Susannah’.

The physician sought her friend out, and I saw she could ‘sympathize about betrayal’. Susannah’s husband does have the licentious trait, but he’s also chivalrous, so it should be impossible for him to cheat.

Whatever had happened, word had obviously traveled, because Martin seemed upset about the whole thing too.

I got so distracted trying to figure out what had taken place, I almost missed this guy being devoured by the pit monster.

Even though Susannah and Andrew’s marriage was obviously not going well, I decided to take another stab at the wedding quest when it came up again. This time I selected the public ceremony route, Ilathon as the groom, and Elf Lady Judy of Effenmont as his betrothed. I already knew they shared the unkempt trait, so they can be smelly together.

I chose Susannah to help him out so I could try to figure out what was going on with her. She looked very happy when I first loaded her up, but I noticed her relationship with Andrew had dropped down almost to zero.

I redecorated Ilathon’s tower. This was probably the least enjoyable building to furnish because it’s such an awkward shape. There are quite a few mystical-looking objects available, but most of them are a bit big and seem like they belong outside, so I ended up just going with a more traditional, realistic theme. I don’t know; I might redo some of these rooms later.

Oh my goodness, camera, let me zoom out!!

Ilathon set about wooing his beloved. Look at them both stinking away.

Susannah gave a risque speech about her and Ilathon’s participation in the Aarbyville ‘”meat trade,” shall we say’ and the ‘all the “contests”‘ they’d been involved in on trips to Crafthole.

Judy said thank you to Susannah for her help organizing the wedding, but the look she gave her told another story. (I think Judy’s facial expression was just a coincidence, but the timing made me laugh.)

Susannah continued to do a questionable job as maid of honour by ‘besmirching’ her own husband to the bride-to-be.

But the wedding went ahead regardless. I hope Ilathon and Judy are happy together.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 6

  1. Awwww…there is someone for everyone, and “stinking” together makes them compatible! =) I like the looks of that bookcase, it looks used and a little cluttered, like a real one would. I hope you don’t run out of quests too soon, as the story line seems to keep growing. I love that Angelsguard armour – very royal looking, and ‘honorable’! I hope you are enjoying playing this game as much as I am enjoying your story!! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • The one in the wizard’s bedroom? I like that one too. So many beautiful things to choose between in this game!

      I think there about 60 quests, and many of them have multiple pathways to choose between, so I shouldn’t have to repeat too many of them over and over again. I’m actually using the ‘ShowAllQuests’ cheat now to give me greater control over which ones I do. Ooh, and I ordered the P&N EP the other day, so I’ll soon have a few more (though I think you can only do them in that one ambition?).

      I’m really happy you’re enjoying the posts. Thanks for all your nice comments. Yes, I’m having a great time. I just managed to get the doomsword, and I’m really looking forward to sharing my pictures of that! 🙂


  2. Another beautiful renovation, I really need to play this game more. I haven’t done the apprentice quest for the blacksmith yet, thats good to know about them getting in your way. Ilathon and Judy make a cute couple, just two slobs being sloby together. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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