Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 7

I switched to Kienna to check out how her new Doomplate looked on her.

The sword she’s using is just the embossed longsword (Attack 6, Weight 3) for now.

I decided it was time for her to get married and make a start on the next generation. At first, I looked among the ambassadors, but none of them seemed quite right for her.

Then, I remembered that Build Master Marcos shares her jokester trait. A perfect match!

Halfred seemed very happy for them. He’s always so sweet.

They had their wedding at the cathedral, then consummated it in that spare bedroom in the castle everyone uses.

I got Leowyn married too, to Gerald, the man who fell for her during the ‘mirthful love doctor’ quest.

I redecorated her private quarters to celebrate.

I completed the ‘fame’ ambition and unlocked some more stuff.

Next I decided to get, ‘filled coffers’ out of the way. The kingdom is already massively wealthy, but the counter reset to 1,000 (the rest of the money was still there; it just didn’t count towards the ambition). Nevertheless, because most of my heroes were so over-leveled by this point, I knew this would be a quick one to achieve.

I had gathered enough mystical fragments to have Laena make the Angel’s Talon (Attack 9, Weight 3).

Halfred tested out his new sword by sparring with Kienna.

In spite of his new gear, she bested him (and in front of Dorothy as well!).

Now I just had the Doomsword and the Doomstaff left to craft. The sword requires ingredients that can only be found during random events during a battle with the pit monster (or by hunting for treasure if you have Pirates & Nobles installed, which I don’t). I had Laena make the first brave attempt.

The fight looked very dangerous, and I was aware there was a decent chance Laena would die, but I really wanted those sword parts. I need a level 10 blacksmith to make it of course; luckily, she has two children and it wouldn’t have taken that long to train one of them up if something bad had happened to her.

Anyway, she emerged from the pit alive, and feeling pretty good about herself, but with no Doomsword parts.

I didn’t make her try again, as I figured it was time to give someone else a go. I was very glad that Laena’s daughters wouldn’t have to lose their mother so soon. Here is her eldest Bethany cooing over her little sister; what a cute little animation.

Ilathon had the same luck as Laena, surviving but failing to trigger any Doomsword-related random events.

But on a stroll though the woods, he did find an arcane edge, the final ingredient I needed for the Doomstaff.

And here it is.

Yep, that was really fast.

I decided the best one to try next was ‘hard workers’, which requires you to get all ten heroes to the top of their professions.

I did a bit of testing and discovered that, for sims already maxed out, gaining any bonus levels counts as reaching level ten. Still, I was in the mood for a bit of a challenge, so I thought that now might be a good time to start aging up the next generation, and working towards leveling them all the way up.

Because I was still (kind of obsessively) after those Doomsword ingredients, I instituted a policy that hero sims would have to earn their retirement by jumping into the pit five times.

Halfred had survived all his attempts, so I installed Grim’s Core Mod to allow me to have his daughter take over as monarch without killing him.

Here she is. I renamed her Vana, because when she was born I had accidentally given her the same name as my physician. Her traits are dedicated and excitable, and her fatal flaw is insomniac.

I moved the Angelsguard and Angel’s Talon to Vana’s inventory, but she would have to wait until she reached level five to equip them. She and Halfred went to Laena’s smithy to buy some gear to use until then.

This will do.

Next, it was Eika’s turn to wrestle with the pit monster.

On her fifth try, she triggered a random event. I chose to ‘fight’ and received the Doomsword Hilt! Now we just needed the blade.

It’s okay, Eika; I won’t make you do that again.

Since she’d made it through the ordeal, I used Grim’s mod to let her retire. She was succeeded by her son Maedhros, whose traits are chivalrous and fun-loving. His fatal flaw is cruel, which makes for a bit of an odd combination overall, but on its own does make sense for a spy.

Halfred and Eika will be treated as NPCs now and the profession-specific outfits were no longer available to them, so I had to give them some new ones. I also had to use a debug command unlocked by the mod to make make them not selectable. (It seems you can also do this the other way round, to make heroes’ families controllable, if that’s how you want to play.)

Now that the kingdom had a new monarch, I decided it was definitely time to give the throne room that overhaul I’d been planning. I got a bit brave and used some MOO, just to hang some banners from the pillars. Apparently there are also keyboard shortcuts you can use to move objects up and down (like in TS4), but they seem not to be working in my game.

I also turned the room in between the two bedrooms, which had been standing empty for a long time, into a kind of parlor.

Vana and Maedhros settled quite easily into their parents’ old routines.

The insomniac fatal flaw isn’t a problem at all. All it does is wake Vana up in the middle of the night every now and then, making her unable to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. When that happens I usually just have her spend the time earning some XP writing royal documents until the moodlet goes away.

Maedhros’ flaw calls for a bit more management: to stay happy, he needs to do a mean interaction a couple of times a day. It’s helpful for spies to maintain a good relationship with all the ambassadors (so that they will disclose how they plan to vote when edicts are proposed), and since Maedhros is chivalrous I don’t really want him picking on defenseless townsfolk, so I’ve mostly been having him take out his aggression on the palace guards. He always enjoys challenging them to duels.

That’s another Angel’s Talon in his hand, by the way.

The only guard with whom Maedhros never quarrels is his father, Sammy. He’s a good kid really.

I’m looking forward to playing with a few more newly aged up heroes in the next part!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 7

  1. For some reason, I am not allowed to “like” this, or your new spa!! Oh well, love both!! I am happy to see you are into new characters (children grow up so quickly, don’t they??), but I hated to lose Halfred as king! Perhaps he was ready to retire, anyway, after losing his duel with Kienna! =( Thank you for the fun!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry you weren’t be able to like them! Other people have been able to, so I don’t know what’s going on there. WordPress has been having quite a few hiccups recently. I really appreciate your comment though!

      I grew quite attached to Halfred too. I expect we’ll see him around quite a lot though, as he seems still to live in the castle.


  2. That armor and sword Haflred was using really is beautiful. Maedhros is wearing my personal favorite outfit in the game, I have a hard time not putting male spies in that outfit. You are way braver in your game than I am in mine id be too wimpy to send my sims into the pit to get the stuff to make those doom weapons. I do have Pirates and Nobles installed so could try the treasure route. Another great read as always. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are lovely! The details are so pretty 🙂

      I love that hooded outfit too. I’d love a similar one for female spies, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

      Haha, yeah, the ordeal by pit beast. My poor heroes. I was ready to start retiring them anyway, so I wouldn’t have been totally devastated if one had died, but I was glad they all made it.


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