The Saltbox

This seafront spa features massage chairs, indoor and outdoor massage tables, à la carte dining, sun loungers, two saunas, restrooms, and a small swimming pool. The pictures show it in an almost empty version of Barnacle Bay, but when I have everything in place it will be conveniently situated between the gym and cafe.

Nina and Dina relax in the sunshine.

Liam and Jennifer, on vacation from Hidden Springs, sample the local cuisine.

Maggie receives a romantic massage from her husband Tomas.

Lee-Roy regrets opting for the much less enjoyable-looking acupuncture.

The Xoxxaw-Quill and McDermott-Touch families order lunch, while their kids take a dip in the pool.

Paolo ends his day with a soothing mud bath.

AJ and Juliet stick around after dinner to watch the sunset.

Maggie, Tomas, Kina, and Fern lie back and enjoy deluxe foot massages.


In my own game (but not in the uploaded version, which is CC-free), I plan to add the day spa rabbit hole replacement door upstairs, and replace the oven and menus with those from Ani’s Business As Unusual set.

3 thoughts on “The Saltbox

  1. Another beautiful build, I really wish the exchange wasn’t buggy at the moment so I could download it. I really love the sauna room. 🙂 You inspire me to be a better builder whenever I look at your creations like I never thought to use those roller coaster pieces to add a nice architectural detail to buildings which is now one of my favorite pieces now. Love it when things serve purposes other than their intentional purpose. 🙂

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