Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 8

The gamble I’d taken in throwing my heroes into the pit so many times paid off when Ilathon found the Doomsword blade.

Now that I had everything I needed to make the sword, I wouldn’t need to risk my sims’ lives any more. I could retire Ilathon, and allow his daughter Magihya to take over as the kingdom’s wizard.

Here she is grown up. She has her mum’s pointy ears, I see. Magihya is greedy, vain, and insecure.

Since he’d retired, the wizard’s hat was no longer available for Ilathon, but there were still plenty of other great clothes for him to wear.

I was a little worried about Magihya’s insecure fatal flaw, because it calls for a lot of social interaction and the wizard is one of the more solitary professions, but it turned out she had plenty of other sims to keep her company at home. As well as her mother and father, there was Ilathon’s old apprentice Todd, who moved in as part of a quest a couple of ambitions ago, and Magihya’s little brother Archimond.

I feel like I didn’t really give this profession enough of a chance with Ilathon, so with his daughter I’m going to try to do all of the spells. Here she is casting ‘growth’ to replenish some herbs she just harvested.

I do love that Doomstaff. I equipped it as soon as she reached the requisite level five.

Speaking of cool-looking equipment, with all the parts transferred to Laena’s inventory I was at last able to craft the Doomsword (Attack 10, Weight 0). That’s a new hammer in her hand, by the way – the Angelshammer, with a power of 10 a rather striking design.

Hooray!!! It felt really satisfying to be able finally to make this sword.

It does give a -50 moodlet any time it’s wielded, but my kingdom’s so advanced at this point that there are plenty of ways of raising focus to compensate.

I gave the Doomsword to Kienna to match her armour. I’ve crafted her a Tooth of Jacob (Attack 9, Weight 4) as well, just in case she or her descendants are ever in a situation where they can’t handle the bad moodlet.

The Doomsword looks really great in action.

After I’d played around with the sword for a little while, I retired Kienna, ageing up her daughter Fyana. Fyana’s traits are dedicated and jokester, and her fatal flaw is foolish.

It will be quite a while until Fyana’s as proficient a fighter as her mother was. She did narrowly win her first sparring match (with the ambassador to Gastrobury), but the following day Queen Vana was able to bring her to knees without taking a single hit.

It’s so nice to see my retired heroes going about town. I barely recognized Kienna in this gown I’d chosen for her!

There were still a few heroes who had yet to produce heirs. I think I’m going to use Grim’s mod to have Clement adopt a child to succeed him, but I was keen to find wives for Martin and Calyn. Martin seemed to get on well with this sim, Maid Wanda.

Her traits turned out to be loves family, jokester, and weak constitution – a decent match for Martin’s ‘whale ate my parents’, jokester, and patient.

While Martin was busy starting a family, I accidentally got his questing partner Susannah involved in some kind of sketchy slave trade. In exchange for some Tredonian magic powder, she obtained a ‘prisoner’, with an icon that looked like a ball and chain. I was expecting to be able to release the prisoner, spawning a newly freed NPC, but the only options were to sell them straight from the inventory for 200 simoleons (or presumably for more from the market stall – I got too creeped out and didn’t check), or to trade them for some fairly standard equipment in Tredony or Yacothia. Very weird, EA.

Calyn married a fellow bard, Songstress Jamila.

I like to keep my kings and queens unmarried for a while because there are several quest solutions that require single monarch. One of the them – the marriage route for ‘The Witch is Back – took my fancy, and I selected it for Vana. This quest is only usually available in kingdoms with very low security, but I’m playing with the ‘ShowAllQuests’ cheat turned on, because I’ve been in Arcadia for such a long time now that there would otherwise only be a very small selection left to choose between.

Vana found Warlock Lockehart, the husband the quest had lined up for her, locked in the stocks for some trouble he’d been causing in the kingdom.

She impressed him with her military strategy moves, and they fell for one another pretty fast after that.

It turned out Lockehart had an enemy who had followed him all the way to Arcadia. He had a pretty interesting outfit, which I look forward to unlocking for my own sims once I’ve completed a few more watcher achievements.

Vana exiled her lover’s rival from the kingdom, and asked Lockehart to become her husband. But as soon as she’d proposed, something went wrong and I stopped being able to click on either Vana or him with her selected. I’ve had quite a few annoying little bugs like this happen with her actually, ever since she became queen. I wonder if my game’s confused because her father is still alive and still has some monarch abilities. Anyway, I managed to get the couple married by temporarily making Lockehart selectable, and having him initiate the ceremony.

Other issues I’ve had with Vana include her religion showing up as a long number, her going to the village rabbit hole instead of the castle when I use the ‘go home’ button, and often not being able to self-click with her. The other heroes whose parents I’ve aged up (my spy, knight, and wizard) are all absolutely fine though, so I went ahead and repeated the process again with my physician Leowyn and her daughter Alysande. Here is Alysande in CAS; her traits are jokester and unkempt, and her fatal flaw is insecure.

The operating table always makes me chuckle.

It didn’t take many more quests to finish the ‘hard workers’ ambition. I completed it at platinum level, and unlocked some more outfits and objects.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 8

  1. I don’t know that I would want an insecure physician!! =( The sword looks awesome!! I guess it’s a nasty one, if it gives off that big of a negative moodlet. Is it supposed to be undefeatable, or what is it’s special properties??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, good point! I’d want someone confident in what they were doing too! It’s not actually too bad, though, because the physician is such a social profession, and the main challenge with insecure sims is making sure they don’t get lonely.

      The sword is definitely quite fearsome. It has an attack value of 10, the highest in the game, so the fight can be won with the first hit your sim lands, unless their opponent has good armour. It’s not quite a sure thing though: I’ve had both Kienna and her daughter (now at level 5 and able to wield the sword) lose a couple of sparring matches to Queen Vana. The Angels’ Talon that Vana and Maedhros have is probably actually the better option, because the stats are still very good and it doesn’t give the bad moodlet, but the Doomsword just looks so cool I had to use it!

      Happy Simming 🙂


  2. Was thinking the same thing about having an insecure physician. That would be kind of scary going for medical treatment knowing that. I didn’t realize there was so much clothes to unlock with this game I really really need to play more lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wouldn’t want that either, lol. But then I don’t think I want leeches on my face at all, regardless of how self-assured my doctor is!

      There are a lot of clothes to unlock, and objects too. It’s always exciting to see what you get when you reach the next level. Normally I’m opposed to having to unlock things, but I think in a more goal-orientated game like this it works just fine.


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