The McDermott-Touch Household

Korey and his little brother Alasdair were raised by their dad and granddad on a farm in Riverview. But Korey never enjoyed weeding plants or taking country walks, and both he and Alasdair dreamed of more glamorous careers, full of action, adventure, and romance. In pursuit of the life for which he wished, Korey take a degree in technology at Sims University, and enrolled in the police force, eventually working his way up its secret agent branch to become an international super spy. Despite some personal differences, he’s managed to develop a solid working relationship with his partner, Agent Jodie Riggins-Shue. When they’re out on a job, he helps her keep her kleptomania in check, while she (somewhat less successfully) tries to get him to overcome his dislike of fresh air.

Korey’s wife Tina always enjoyed looking after herself by keeping fit and eating well. She spent most of her adult life as Barnacle Bay’s strongest, bravest patrol officer before her boss Jodie encouraged her to take on a fresh set of challenges by earning a technology degree and having a go at crime scene forensics. Tina is based on Tina Touch from Barnacle Bay. 

Unlike his dad, Korey and Tina’s son Richard loves spending time outdoors, especially when there’s fish to catch. Plenty of his extended family would be more than happy to take him to a good spot, but Richard prefers to wonder off alone and get lost in his own thoughts. Conversely, Richard’s little brother Bryan would much rather stay indoors and play. (I have young adult CAS spoilers for both Richard and Bryan if you’re interested.)

The family lives in the center of town next door to Kina and Fern. I wanted the layout and roof line of their home to be a bit higgledy-piggledy, to suggest that the architecture had been modified and expanded multiple times over the centuries.

Because Korey hates the outdoors, I’ve forgone traditional porches and balconies and instead used archways to cut holes into self-contained exterior rooms. This one has a chess set in it for Tina and him to work on their logic skill.

The sitting and dining areas bright and calming.

A modern kitchen.

Stairs in the kitchen lead down to a nectar cellar that holds over three hundred perfect-quality bottles.

Also tucked away in the basement is a secret science lab for Korey and Tina. I’ll let you find the hidden entrance yourself, as it’s pretty simple, but do let me know if you have any problems! The door will stay visible once you have discovered it, but sims will have to push it open each time. I set it up this way to keep things feeling a little bit secret, but it’s very easily to toggle off the ‘autoshut’ if you find this feature too much of a bother. The basement complex contains two computers, a research station, brain enhancing machine, a small (and purely decorative) dark room, and two treadmills.

All the futuristic machines make a fun contrast with the low-key furnishings throughout the rest of the house, but I tried to maintain some consonance between them by using a lot of white (Korey’s favourite colour) everywhere. You can see this in his and Tina’s bedroom too.

There is currently a sea view from the ‘indoor’ balcony, although probably not much of it will remain visible once the area gets a bit more built up.

The nursery isn’t large, but there’s enough space to teach toddler skills without any routing weirdness.

The nursery and master bedroom share a bathroom.

Richard’s bedroom and bathroom are over in another wing of the house. When Bryan ages up, you could either redecorate his nursery or just move him in with his brother.

Basement     Ground Floor     First Floor (Lower)     First Floor (Main)



6 thoughts on “The McDermott-Touch Household

  1. Another beautiful family and build. Using the archways was a very creative way to work in outdoor space for a sim that hates the out doors. I really like the look of the nursery. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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