Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 10

My next sim to gain a legendary trait was Maedhros, on the ‘Secure with Secrets’ approach to the ‘Invasion!’ quest. This quest is usually only available in kingdoms with low security, but I’m still using the ‘ShowAllQuests’ cheat. I’d already completed this with Bethany and Elric, hoping to get rid of his fatal flaw, but it seems that not all approaches to this quest with earn your hero a legendary trait.

Maedhros exposed the brigands who were plotting to invade the kingdom and executed their leader.

I went for the natural leader legendary trait again; I really like that one.

Next, I repeated the ‘The Dragon of Arcadia’, but using the ‘befriend’ approach this time, with Elric and Martin. I enjoyed this one a lot. In it, the dragon is angered by attempts to appease her with meat, and, as things progress, you discover that she’s actually a vegetarian who craves a special bread made of grass.

A very scorched Elric was able to bake the bread in the castle oven.

Meanwhile, Martin and his wife had a baby boy.

The dragon turned out to be a young woman – or at least to be able to assume a human form. Her name showed up as ‘Nyrexis the Dragon’. Martin converted her to the Peteran faith and invited her to live peacefully in the kingdom.

On completing the quest, I chose the ‘famous’ legendary trait for Elric, which will help him build relationships more quickly.

There are further profession-specific legendary trait quests for wizards and knights, but I’d already secured wise for Maghiya and patient for Fyana, so I just finished things off with another run through of ‘The Fountain of Legend’ with Alysande. I had a problem checking in with Vana because my game still thinks she lives in the village shop rabbit hole, so I ended up just cheating to skip that step.

After that, everything went smoothly. I must have done this quest about five times now, but thankfully it’s pretty short, and I had fun looking after patients in between tasks.

I chose the patient legendary trait for Alysande, to give her more time to complete her responsibilities each day.

And that was that: another ambition completed.

Next I went for another one that would be easy in my already-developed town, ‘Wealthy Populace’, which requires you to gave ten sims with at least 7,500 simoleons. Most of my heroes have so many bonus levels that it I knew I’d be done in a few quests whichever ones I chose, so I took the opportunity to explore a few approaches I hadn’t tried out yet. Most engaging among these was the ‘fear to leverage!’ option for the Animuslaver quest, one I’d completed before with different heroes and a different approach.

This time, Clement and Bethany had to decide whether to deliver the cursed blade to the Yacothian religious order of ‘Jacob’s Sword’ or destroy it. Clement was ready to hand it over, but Bethany decided to trick him with a decoy and smash the original to pieces at her forge.

During the quest, I used Grim’s mod to have Clement adopt a child to succeed him as the kingdom’s Jacoban priest.

I used the ‘set religion’ trick I’d figured out to fix Vana’s UI bug.

It worked, and she can now choose self-interactions again, although annoyingly the ‘go home’ button still sends her to the village shop.

I had fun completing the ‘foolishness’ quest with her, which involved dressing up as the court jester.

I finished ‘Wealthy Populace’ and unlocked some more goodies.

After such a quick ambition, I went for a slightly less cheaty one, ‘Efficient Expander’, which is all about raising renown. Poor Alysande got arrested as part of the first quest.

Magihya and her father’s old apprentice Todd fell in love.

She continued to try out all of the her spells.

I may have been a little unfair to the wizard profession before. ‘Mend’ is great for curing wounded companions, and ‘Beacon of Hope’ gives a +40 moodlet and clears daily responsibilities. (The target will quickly re-roll new ones, but with a reset timer.

I wonder what this one does.

Whoops. I guess the name, ‘Inferno’, should have given me a clue.

After a tiring couple of days completing the ‘Magic en Masse’ achievement to cast every spell, Magihya enjoyed a quiet dinner with her father and her betrothed.

It looks like her parents are still very happy together.

Less savory family relations were in place over at the physician’s, where I next went to complete ‘The Mirthful Love Doctor’ once again. Last time I did this one, Alysande’s mother Leowyn ended up being pursued romantically by the man who would eventually become her husband and Alysande’s father. The game is not really set up for you to repeat certain quests, and I assume this is one that will usually only show up in the rotation once per kingdom, but obviously I am playing with various cheats and workarounds. I didn’t expect the same NPCs to be involved every time, but they are, as I realized with horror as Alysande’s father, Gerald, came to her to tell her about his mysterious ‘crush’.

What happens during this part of the quest is not tied to the actual relationships between the sims, so they didn’t become romantic interests or start flirting or anything like that, but the whole thing was still pretty disturbing. There was at least an option for Alysande to decide at the end, ‘No, I don’t share Gerald’s feelings’ and ‘give a heartfelt, friendly embrace’ instead of a kiss. Still, I won’t be doing that one again.

The boy Clement had adopted, Cristopher, grew up became the kingdom’s new Jacoban priest. I took him into CAS to change his traits because I wanted to try out the ‘hopeful orphan’ trait. The wiki page made it sound quite interesting, and, since Cristopher was adopted, I felt it would make sense for him to have. He’s also friendly and insecure.

He asked around about his missing parents for a little while, before eventually speaking to Calyn and receiving a letter from his mother.

The letter will stay in his inventory now, and is meant to give a +30 moodlet whenever he reads it, but that only worked for me once. It said, ‘Even though I can’t be there, know that I will always care for you. Love, Mom.’

This profession remains one of my favourites because the proclamations always crack me up. This one reads, ‘Any Jacoban follower who fails to recognize the Proxy’s birthday will be destroyed by bees. I could tell you when the birthday is, but that would be cheating. Jacob guide you’. The day before, it was, ‘After tomorrow’s afternoon sermon, the church will begin collecting coats to distribute to less fortunate – OH MY GOSH THERE’S A SPIDER RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!’

The fear meter’s now at the perfect height for making his sermons as lucrative as they can be.

After quite a few more renown-generating quests, I completed the kingdom ambition.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 10

  1. I love your pictures! And who wouldn’t like a vegan dragon?!? I like the idea of her being able to appear in human form.

    I really enjoy your story… Happy simming! =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alysande grabbing the guy’s tongue cracked me up. Definitely a new twist on “open up wide and stick out your tongue”… “Oh, here… let me do it since you’re incapable of doing it yourself!” LOL

    The wizard spell animations are interesting to watch. The details in this game is really nice. Really nice looking Sims.

    The quests are interesting, but ‘The Mirthful Love Doctor’ made me go ewww, too. I don’t like when extended family members (cousins, etc) call for dates in 3. This is all mainly because the game doesn’t acknowledge all the relationships and it sounds like this quest in your game doesn’t either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, she grabs it and kind of waggles it around to look inside the mouth. I love the physician animations so much! They definitely make it one of my favourite professions to play.

      I really like the look of the sims in this game too. I don’t even feel the need to use any CC.

      The Love Doctor was super weird and uncomfortable, and I probably should just have abandoned it, but I remembered there was that option to say she didn’t return his feelings. I guess the lesson is don’t marry quest-specific NPCs if you’re planning to have future generations 😦

      Thanks for stopping by! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol that the dragon is vegetarian thats an interesting twist to the story as you wouldn’t think a dragon would be. I can see what you mean by this mod having issues with the love doctor quest. Guess cause the game wasn’t coded to have quests be repeated. I found the tongue grabbing interaction to be really funny as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did enjoy the vegetarian dragon storyline! And it was nice that she could come and live in town at the end of the quest 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve basically been pushing the game places it shoudn’t be pushed and I got punished with a weird incest situation.

      All the physician animations are great. It’s definitely one of my favourite professions.


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