Driftwood Corner

Any sims looking for some new artwork, a bottle of nectar to take home, or just to grab a coffee with friends, will find everything they need at 61 Driftwood Drive. The building consists of three self-contained units – a nectar shop, art shop, and coffee shop. I’ve zoned it as a Java Hut (open 5am-1am), because that’s what works for me, but you may wish to play around with different lot types.

Sims can buy a variety of nectars from the register or directly from the racks. The individual bottles on display are just for show.

The coffee shop entrance is shown here on the far right. It is the largest of the units, taking up one and a half floors, and boasting a barista bar, ample seating, and four WCs.

The art shop is filled with CC-free paintings I created using the method linked in this post. You’ll find a copy of each of them in one of the two World Adventures chests I’ve placed in the shop (one for the downstairs paintings, and one for the upstairs paintings). I’ve also placed a consignment register because I want my sims to be able to sell their own artwork here, but you could replace that with a purely decorative one if you don’t want yet another role sim filling up your town.


10 thoughts on “Driftwood Corner

  1. Hi GC….another great build. I have been without a pc for several months now and have been re-downloading some of your newer homes that I had lost. I love all your builds and colour schemes and I am always inspired in some way from each and every one of them. Thank you for sharing all the hard work you have put into these builds 🙂

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  2. Your builds are always so much fun 🙂 I now have a brand new pc, with all the bells and whistles. My cat decided to leave me a present all over my last one. I was just starting to delete the houses in BB and replace them with yours and some builds I have done myself. I never can get them to look as good as yours, so thank you again for all your hard work xx

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    • Oh no, what a disaster! (a cat-astrophe…? Stop that, GC!) It’s great that you’re all set up with a fancy new system now though. I’m really touched that you like my builds so much, and I bet your own are beautiful too – most people undervalue their own work, after all. Happy simming in Barnacle Bay! xxx


  3. Lovely build as always – I really how it’s built into the hill and there’s an entrance to the building through the basement. I always love the cute details like this that you put into your builds – so inventive!

    Love the tree-print wallpaper too – it looks great in that colourway.


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  4. Wow GC, your builds never cease to amaze me. I really like the landscaping for this build and how the first floor is built into the ground. I really love the look of the coffee shop section with the white wall with the tree decals on it, its very classy. Also love having art galleries in game with unique custom art like this makes it more worth while going to them when you can see art your sims cant have at home. I love multi purpose lots like this and cant wait to DRF this one. 🙂

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    • You kind comments never cease to amaze me! Thanks so much 🙂 I always find it really hard to judge my own work, so I do appreciate the encouragement immensely. I hope you enjoy playing with the build! xx


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