The Xoxxaw-Quill Household

Intrepid Sixamese news anchor Vofura arrived in Barnacle Bay quite by accident when her spaceship was blown off course and crash-landed. She was found by local journalist Thomas, who offered her his spare room while she repaired her ship. Over the course of many late night discussions about literature and history, the pair fell in love, and now, years later, are married with three children.

During her time with Thomas, Vofura has also developed a deep affection for the town itself. She enjoys earth food immensely, and likes that the temperate seaside climate allows her to go jogging outdoors almost every day. When she’s feeling mischievous, she amuses herself by streaking through the city center and shocking the locals with her alien body.

Thomas is a friendly, intelligent man who likes to keep his house tidy and his mind sharp. After a successful journalism career, he is ready to draw his pension and focus on finishing his latest novel.

The eldest of Vofura and Thomas’ children are twin brother and sister Aena and Doexeli. Aena has inherited her mother’s fair hair and alien abilities, but her father’s human skin tone. Although she is quite shy around strangers, she loves spending time with her family and her best friend Griselda. She is very good with computers, and wants to train to become a forensic scientist when she leaves school.

Green-skinned Doexeli is a budding musician. In addition to practicing his Laser Rhythm-a-con and guitar, he enjoys cooking delicious meals and relaxing in the sunshine. When he grows up, he wants to join the culinary career.

As a neurotic, excitable, genius, the twins’ little brother Laeth is a quite a handful, but just look at his cute little face!

The family lives at 1705 New Barnacle Blvd. in this sprawling saltbox. Like many of the homes in the bay, it has seen many different occupants and undergone several renovations and additions over the centuries.

Sitting/dining room.


Front patio with fire pit. The view will eventually be mostly obscured by other houses, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Thomas and Vofora’s bedroom and bathroom.

Laeth’s bedroom.

Downstairs bathroom.

Upstairs landing.

Aena’s bedroom. Like their mother, the twins don’t need to sleep, but I like them to still have beds for the ten hour +30 ‘well rested’ moodlet.

Doexeli’s bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom.


Back garden.



4 thoughts on “The Xoxxaw-Quill Household

  1. I’ve always loved Vofura, I remember thinking how individual and striking she was back when I was reading threads on the forums. I really love the skin tone and hair colour combo you went with for her, they’re so pretty!

    The house is gorgeous – I really like how you’ve gone subtly more space-age with the decor. It’s still very much in keeping with the other homes you’ve decorated for Barnacle Bay, largely with the white and pale wood palette, but here there are purple tones that just make it feel a bit futuristic, while still totally working with the centuries-old home. I really love the twins’ bedrooms with the darker walls too – very cool!

    You always make it look so easy – I look at the beautifully built and decorated homes you make and marvel! Clearly you put a lot of time and effort into them, but I could seriously spend a full week without sleeping and never get anywhere close to how lovely your creations are!

    Inspired and impressed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for this wonderful comment! Vofura is a favourite of mine too; I’m so happy you like her.

      It’s lovely to hear exactly what worked for you about the house 🙂 I’m glad the subtle space age touches came across!

      I really appreciate your kind words about my builds. I swear 80% of it is just about spending a bit of time getting the lighting right!

      Beyond that, I often don’t feel particularly confident about what I’ve made. I second guess myself a lot but I try hard not to be too much of a perfectionist (unless there’s a routing problem of course, which always has to be worked at until it’s fixed).

      Keep building and happy simming xxx


  2. Another beautiful family and house. Your aliens are always beautiful with the variety of skin colors you give them. Vofura’s hair color and skin tone go really nice together. I really love the bathrooms in this house, love the shelves with the towels on them. You always have such creative ideas to make your houses more detailed. The artwork is stunning and I love the colors in Laeth’s bedroom.:) The study is probably my favorite room in the house and as usual the kitchen is beautiful with the white counters with wood tops and the light blue tiles. .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with this one, because the family have been in my game for a long time and I’ve grown quite attached to them.

      I’m delighted you like the bathrooms. I normally leave them until last and get really lazy with them, so I made myself start with them this time round. I spent, um, longer than I should have on the first one, but I’m glad they turned out well.

      I was a bit anxious about Laeth’s bedroom, so it’s great to hear from someone with your eye for colour that it all works!

      Happy simming 🙂


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