The Annan Household

Vofura‘s co-anchor, neighbour, and good friend Finn has lived in Barnacle Bay since he was a little boy. He has always loved fishing, and can lose track of time on the hunt for a rare fish, although he does get a bit scared if he stays out alone on the beach after dark. Finn and his wife Flora have found themselves missing their eldest daughter Fern a lot since she moved out, but with three other children to take care of they certainly still have their hands full. Finn is based on Finn Annan from Barnacle Bay.

Finn and Flora share enthusiasms for nature, literature, and DIY. As head chef at Barnacle Bay’s five-star fish restaurant High Tide, Flora only has to work three days a week, which leaves her with plenty of time to look after her garden, invent new recipes, and catch up on her reading. Flora is based on Flora Annan from Barnacle Bay.

Brooding artist and musician Philip is Finn and Flora’s eldest child still at home. He is a sensitive young man, deeply affected by the world around him, and, like his father, has a tendency to get lost in his own thoughts. Fortunately, he has his guitar, piano, and sketchbook as outlets for his overbrimming emotions. Philip is based on Philip Annan from Barnacle Bay.

Philip’s sister Fawn couldn’t be more different from him. Fun-loving, extroverted, and headstrong, she makes friends and admirers wherever she goes, and excels at everything to which she turns her hand. She even mastered painting just to annoy her big brother. Fawn is based on Fawn Annan from Barnacle Bay.

Daisy, the youngest Annan has just started high school and is looking forward to signing up for the debate and study clubs. Now she’s no longer a little girl, she’s also hoping to be excused from the many family fishing trips and seed hunts she never particularly enjoyed. Daisy is based on Daisy Annan from Barnacle Bay.

After reaching the tops of their respective careers, Finn and Flora had a new home built at 1720 New Barnacle Blvd., inspired by a party venue they both admired as children.


Sitting room.

Dining room.


Finn’s study.

View from the back patio.

Drinks at sunset.

Master bedroom.

Philip’s bedroom.

Daisy’s bedroom.

View of beach and 1700 from upstairs balcony.

Another sunset.

Guest bedroom for when Fern and her girlfriend stay overnight.

Fawn’s bedroom.

Ground Floor Plan     First Floor Plan



6 thoughts on “The Annan Household

  1. Wow, that is a truly stunning home! Literally everything about it is gorgeous! I love that you’ve connected the garage to this house with that link corridor. I always struggle when making a garage with a bedroom upstairs – I don’t want to have the sim over the garage be a total pariah and cut off from the rest of the family, but there’s not always enough space on the lot to put the garage on the side of the house. This is such a nice idea, having the garage be in front of the house on the lot, but still connected.

    As always the interiors are beautiful – I think Fawn’s bedroom is my favourite. I really like the colour palette you chose, and that sloping ceiling is so pretty.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Many, many apologies for my late reply! I remember starting to write back to you last week but I guess I got distracted half way through and then forgot to finish 😦

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. I’m so glad you like the house.

    I know what you mean about not wanting your sims to be cut off. Philip does need his space to be a brooding artist/moody teenager, but still. The corridor seems like a decent compromise. It actually leads straight to his parents’ bedroom, so it’s not ideal for getting into the main house, but there are also exits onto the front lawn and vegetable patch. And somehow having the buildings linked makes me *feel* like he’s less isolated.

    Fawn’s bedroom is my favourite too! I was apprehensive about the inspiration picture I used for it because it wasn’t symmetrical, but I like how it turned out.

    Happy simming! xx


  3. Wow this home is stunning. Think Fawn’s bedroom and the dinning room are tied for my favorite. Love the beautiful colors in fawn’s room and the place decor on the dining table just give it a really nice look. I like the hair style you used for Philip its a lot like his original hair but a much more stylish. I also really love the massage chair area of the master bedroom facing the windows. Such a nice relaxing spot. 🙂

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