EP Legacy Gameplay 9.1

We’re back with another generation! I’m fairly sure I was planning on doing something before getting started on the university content, but I put it off for so long I can’t remember what it was. Maybe I wanted to build something. Who knows.

Anyway, this generation’s heirs are brother and sister Marty and Rosanna Holcomb-Durelli, and their cousin Nathan Holcomb-Hai.

Marty and Rosanna are both fairy/genie hybrids. He is athletic, good, charismatic, ambitious, and a perfectionist. Thanks to his genie heritage, he also has the ‘immune to burning’ hidden trait. His lifetime wish is to earn a university degree with a perfect GPA.

Nathan is irresistible, artistic, a savvy sculptor, and a kleptomaniac; when he ages up, he’ll be getting the new avant garde trait. He’s shown a real aptitude for replicating the creations of the great masters, and wants to go into the acquisition branch of the art appraiser career once he’s obtained his degree. He also produces his own original works in a wide range of media – comic books, graffiti, and metalwork. I like to think he creates his sculptures with ‘found’ (i.e. stolen) objects. Nathan is a fairy/witch hybrid. He used to be a werewolf too, but I got a bit bored with that life state during the last generation so have recently removed it from everyone in town who had it.

Rosanna has the genius, eccentric, computer whiz, and handy traits, as well as quite a collection of hidden ones: ‘immune to fie’, ‘pyromaniac’, ‘can saulte’, and ‘can apprehend burglar’. I’m going to make her socially awkward and give her the blog artist lifetime wish when she becomes a young adult.

Marty, Nathan, and Rosanna still live in the same house in Moonlight Falls with Marty and Rosanna’s dad Spencer (far right), and Nathan’s mum Selina (right), dad Blaine (left), sister Cassidy (far left), and baby brother Sheridan (center). Spencer is a mad scientist, Selina is an astronaut, and Nathan is a celebrity psychic.

I like to send my sims to university with a friend or two, so when he heads off Spencer will be accompanied by his best friend Jeannie Loveland-Timbley (right), a fairy/vampire hybrid with the traits genius, athletic, neat, flirty, and diva. They’ll also be joined by Marika Mehta (left), a girl they met on holiday in Sunlit Tides, who is good, easily impressed, friendly, a vehicle enthusiast, and a computer whiz, and who wants to become a doctor.

The young friends’ university experience kicked off when a pudding faced llama mascot pulled up outside the house to drop off some aptitude tests.

Marty was very excited.

Everyone gathered outside to fill out the tests.

High scores on the tests can earn your students financial aid, but perhaps more significant are the subject-specific awards, which earn them free credits, reducing the length of time the have to spend at university.

The results are determined by traits, career levels, and skills. However, the most effective way to raise academic performance once your sims have reached the university world is to have them level up the skills relevant to their chosen subject, so you may need to balance doing well on the test against giving yourself an easier time at university itself. It’s doesn’t make a lot of sense that sims who have already mastered their favoured skills are punished for it academically, but that’s just the way the degrees have been set up.

There are a small number of skills that seem to contribute to the aptitude test score, but not to university performance: mixology for Business, inventing for Technology, alchemy for Science & Medicine, nectar making (and maybe sculpting – I have to check) for Fine Arts, and horse riding for Physical Education. With sims I want to do especially well, particularly in a subject like PE that doesn’t have a lot of skills associated with it, I have them ignore the main, performance-boosting skills in favour of these other ones.

I’d decided to have Marty study Business, Jeannie study Physical Education, and Marika study Science & Medicine, so for a couple of days I’d been having them working on their mixology, riding, and alchemy skills respectively. My strategy paid off, as they all won distinguished awards in their chosen subjects.

They all got themselves in the mood for university by picking up some freebies that came with the aptitude tests.

Marty befriended the llama, and persuaded him to give him mascot training. This gnome costume is really creepy.

Meanwhile, Spencer planted some herbs and beans in the greenhouse. We’ll be exploring these a bit more with other sims, but I just wanted to get some high quality specimens prepared.

Marty found his dad, and showed him his test results, which for some reason looked like this.

The next morning, I sent Marty, Jeannie, and Marika off to university. I chose to have them study for two terms, taking the maximum number of credits.

Marty’s family saw them off.

After a loading screen, we arrived in the university world. I set the season to spring, since winter had just ended in Moonlight Falls, and used Tempest to tweak the climate to be something like that of Boston, Massachusetts.

I decided not to create my own versions of any of the lots this first time, in case I missed something out, so I just moved them into one of the preexisting dorms.

I did make over their bedrooms, though. Here is Jeannie and Marika’s. They like red and purple, so I split the difference and went with pink.

And this is Marty’s. He’ll have to share with someone, otherwise there won’t be enough beds for everyone who lives in the dorm.

Marty checked the job board for social group opportunities. I think the social groups are pretty silly, and I certainly won’t be sticking to one group per sim, but I do want to explore the sports agent career with Marty, which will mean maxing out his influence with the jocks.

After finding a jock-related opportunity to play with a flying disk, Marty immediately headed over to the university quad. There, he befriended Patty Hong, and completed the opportunity with her.

Back at the dorms, the other sims had started to arrive – all of them girls. Jeannie introduced herself to Chloe Mendenhall. She’s a level nine jock so I decided to choose her as Marty’s roommate.

Everyone was called to the student union for their induction. I like these welcome tables.

Unfortunately, the place was almost totally deserted, so Marty and Jeannie just played a game of table tennis together.

The candy bar Marty had picked up from the welcome tables was disgusting.

They had better luck meeting new sims that night at the campus fraternity, where they were all invited to attend a party. Marty got to know his new roommate over a game of juice pong, while Jeannie and Marika danced and did keg stands.

One of the frat boys, Miles Forthright, turned out to be doing the same degree as Marty. They got off to a bad start because Miles is socially awkward while Marty is charismatic.

But they soon bonded over their shared interests in business studies, charity work, and sports.

11 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.1

  1. The gnome costume is horrible!! I have never played uni, but it looks like fun. Even after all these years, there is a lot I haven’t done! It looks like everyone is off to a good start! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yeah, it’s awful! It won’t be appearing again; just wanted to make sure I showed it off.

      University is a nice EP. Even if you decide not to do the degrees, there are plenty of fun new activities to explore.

      Happy simming! 🙂


  2. I’ve never seen that gnome costume before. Yikes!

    I’m so happy to see you picking up this legacy again. 🙂 University Life is one of the EPs I haven’t played much. I’ve only earned Uni degrees with a couple sims, haven’t done any of the careers because I find the social groups annoying and the one time I tried the blog artist LTW, I made so little progress I got fed up with it and changed my sim’s LTW. Anyway, looking forward to your take on it and picking up any tips and tricks you might have to make this content more accessible. The secondary skills for earning credits is a good one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice to see you again! 🙂 I don’t think much of the social groups either, although the extra trait slot is very nice.

      The key to the blog artist LTW is triggering the ‘gotta blog about it’ moodlet before each post. For personal blogs, sims will do this when they do things like make a new friend, become good friends with someone, fall in love, and I think also woohoo for the first time (I have no idea why they’d want to blog about that last one….but maybe it just makes them feel more generally inspired). For the reviewer blog, they can buy things and read books, and the easiest thing to trigger it for the news blog is to raise their skills.

      With the personal blog, having high charisma for the ‘charming introduction’ or high social networking for the relationship transmogrifier app makes the ‘gotta blog about it’ moodlet very easy to trigger by making new friends – earning your sim a log of blog followers with each post and trivializing the LTW. It’s a bit of an exploit though, and if you did it too much I imagine it would quickly make the game feel less enjoyable and immersive.

      Apparently different traits also help a little bit with each blog type.


  3. Sorry, I’ve been in lurk-mode lately.
    Wow, that is some great info about the blogging LTW and quite the trick! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 I can see what you say about it being exploit-y and that is indeed something to be careful of, but I’m just glad to hear the whole thing isn’t as futile as my initial attempt led me to believe!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol, like everyone else I am shocked and appalled by the gnome costume! So creepy!

    I’ve got a sim who I’m just away to send to University, so the tips and tricks here are really going to help. I want my Sim to study PE, and her LTW is to be a Champion Jockey, so I’ll definitely make a point of leveling up her riding skill before having her take the test. She’s got a way to go yet with her Athletic skill, which I’m glad will actually help her academic performance.

    I’ve always really like the extra outdoor/party activities that came with University – they really give you a lot more options when it comes to throwing parties or just hanging out with other sims. I particularly liked the juice pong and keg stand, they have pretty cool animations and you’re showing them off nicely as always 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yeah – awful thing! At least it doesn’t break up relationships like the cow mascot from TS2. That was always a nightmare.

      I hope you and your sim have lots of fun with university 🙂 That LTW sounds perfect for a PE major.

      I love all the activities too. The team did such a great job with them.

      Happy simming xx


  5. The gnome costume is horrible. It would have been so much better to just have a basic looking gnome head that covers the entire sim’s face or just a hat and beard for the sim to wear. This is one of my favorite EPs just for how much a lot of the content enhances basic game play outside of university. So many fun activities to do with friends and family like bowling and the ping pong. lol at Marty’s reaction to the candy bar, he looked unsure before even biting into it. 😛 I really like the cas work on Patty’s shirt I didn’t even recognize it as the same shirt she had on before. I always like the uni npcs they seem to have a lot of character.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yeah, I have no idea what they were going for with that costume. And poor Marty’s actual face looks so dead-eyed and not into it when he’s doing the cheer!

      I love this EP too 🙂 I hope you enjoy the generation.

      Marty looked very uncertain about that candy bar. It probably didn’t help that he appeared to be trying to eat it with the wrapper on.

      Thanks. Glad you like the shirt! I use that pattern a lot. The uni NPCs are some of my favourites – very colourful and full of character, as you say 🙂


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