Ep Legacy Gameplay 9.2

Marty, Jeannie, and Marika all stayed at the party until late, and were exhausted for their first classes the next morning. Fortunately, after not even half an hour sleeping in class, their energy was up to full again.

This tone is so efficient that I rarely worry about having my sims get to bed early on Sundays or Tuesdays; the tiny performance hit from sleeping in class is definitely worth it, especially if sims spend their freed up nights raising their skills.

Jeannie snacked on a coursemate between classes, but by lunchtime Marty and Marika were very hungry. They didn’t really have time to go anywhere, so they ate some conjured veggie rolls in the rain.

I had everyone ‘try hard’ for the last half an hour of their final class of the day. The extra effort stressed them out, so afterwards I sent them to the bowling alley for some fun.


By nightfall, though, it was time for a little more work. For Jeannie, this meant a trip to the gym.

Marty can raise his charisma just by talking to other sims, so he was free to attend another party at the fraternity house, where he got to know one more of the sims from his dorm, Shae Rexburg.

Marika is training to be a doctor, but logic (the only skill required in the medical career) does nothing for the Science & Medicine degree: it’s just gardening, science, and fishing. I guess now would be a good time to acknowledge that I don’t really like the selection of subjects available. I’d have loved to have seen a wider array of traditional academic disciplines – Maths, Philosophy, History, etc. This pack would also have been the perfect opportunity to add a Law or Psychology career, along with a degree to match. Oh, and obviously it would help if  the medical degree actually encouraged you to raise the skills you need for the medical career.

I decided to have Marika work on her science skill just enough to raise her performance up a bit. When that’s looking better, she’ll have some free time to work on her logic. Don’t worry, I’ll be showing the new science object off properly with another sim later on.

The next day, Marty and Marika had lectures in the SU. Marika’s tutor didn’t show up.

Marty’s did, along with half the campus.

Jeannie had a special class in which she used her degree object, the anatomy skeleton.  I don’t usually bother with these, or with the SU lectures. Your sims really aren’t significantly penalized for not attending, and I’d rather they had the whole day free to do other things.

Still, they do provide good opportunities for meeting coursemates. Jeannie discovered she shares the flirty and athletic traits with one of hers, Mugsy Brotoaski.

Marty introduced himself to his tutor.

Marika was falling a little behind the others academically, so I had her take some classes in science, gardening, and fishing.

Jeannie took Mugsy out on a date. They went to see a film and then for a game of pool at The Grotto.

Marty joined them a little later on, bringing them some mac and cheese.

They didn’t get back to their dorm until the early hours of the morning. Marty and Marika read skill books, while Jeannie napped on the sofa.

Veggie rolls for breakfast.

Wednesday’s classes had the usual rhythm – half an hour of sleeping at the beginning, half an hour of trying hard at the end, and normal effort for everything in between. Afterwards, the friends gathered at the coffee shop to talk about their days.

On Thursday, it was Jeannie’s turn for an SU lecture, while Marika and Marty got to use their degree objects – the anatomy skeleton again for Marika and a business planner for Marty.

Afterwards, everyone went home for a little more skilling and an early night. Positive moodlets hugely impact the chances of exam success, which meant starting the day with plates of baked angel cake.

Everyone passed with flying colours. Marty threw a bonfire party in the woods to celebrate.

I didn’t edit most of the guests’ outfits. That much time in CAS would almost certainly have crashed my game.

Marty made some new jock friends.

It was Jeannie, though, who was first to reach level eight jock influence and earn the extra trait. She rolled loves the outdoors, which Mugsy has too, so now they have even more in common. They shared a passionate first kiss.

10 thoughts on “Ep Legacy Gameplay 9.2

  1. I’m in agreement on the classes offered for the degrees being somewhat inadequate! I would also like to see other degrees offered, as you noted. I think EA got in too big of a hurry to get this pack out, and didn’t put in enough relevant course work. They did a pretty good job on the kids lives, outside the classroom! I remember long nights, sleeping on the couch to nap, parties, etc. Looks like your kids are doing really well!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • It does seem like that was the case! It would have been nice to see something like the term papers students in TS2 University had to write.

      I do agree that the extracurricular activities are great, though 🙂 And there a couple, like the flying disc and soccer ball, that I hadn’t really used before, so I’m looking forward to playing with them a bit more.

      Thanks for stopping by! xx


  2. Huh, I didn’t know that about the medicine degree. That is ridiculous! I love all your suggestions for additional degrees, especially a lawyer career and corresponding degree. The suggestion to stay up late skilling and sleep half an hour in class is a handy one, though. I like to give my Uni students the tablet from the store. The podcasts are handy for raising skills and in that tiny bit of time between classes they can play games on them to keep their fun motive up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do that too! 🙂 I’ve had to pace myself a bit with these sims, because I don’t want them to max out their skills too early. I’ll definitely be using the multi-tab when I try out the Communications degree, since photography takes ages to raise without it.

      I’d forgotten they could play games on it too, though. What a great tip for keeping their fun up when they don’t have a lot of time to spare 🙂

      Happy simming xx


  3. Really? I’ve found photography to be one of the quickest skills in the game. It’s all about finding new subjects. A couple days around the home town and then a 3 day vacation is usually enough time for me to max it, although I do have to pretty much stay on top of that one sim the whole time. Playing a large family, I could definitely see it being far more troublesome. Anyway, I wish you luck with it! I’m glad I could give you a little helpful tip about the tablets. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know new subjects raised the skill more quickly! I usually try to leave them all until I already have the skill maxed, so that I’m not wasting the massive value increase to the photo the first time your sim captures a subject. Money is definitely not an issue at this point in the legacy, though, so I’d be more than happy to trade in earnings for a more effective way of mastering the skill! 🙂


  4. Such a handy tip about the different tones to use while in class – I’ve always approached University with my Sims like I did in real life – be a massive nerd about it, attend all classes, concentrate hard, revise hard…my Sims tend to get unbelievably stressed when I try this in game! I’ll definitely be letting them slack off a little as a trade-in for increased energy and reduced stress!

    Having a genie must be so handy – no need to stock up on non-perishable foods to carry around all day for the short breaks between lectures.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it all gets a bit much for them! They have such short attention spans, poor things.

      I’d say that what you’re talking about is one of the major weaknesses of this EP actually – you can’t just play realistically if you’re trying to get certain results. You have to play the game as a game…which is not really what this series, at its best, is about.

      Genies are useful in almost every situation, but especially at university for the quick food and hygiene fixes. I know TigerTora ran a daycare with one, which went very well for him, and I bet they’d be great for tomb exploring too! xx


  5. I also was the huge nerd type in school. You do get penalized for not showing up to classes in RL though. Thanks for the tip as I tend to play more straight forward in university as well. Marika’s hair style is really cute, do you remember where you got it from? I loled about Marty’s bowling fail (I love the reactions when sim’s fail at things in game) I really love having my sims go bowling. 🙂 The prof not showing up happens more than id like. 😦 Good time to sleep in class though I guess. 😛 Love love love the bonfire parties. They seem to be one of the few parties that always go well. Oh yep I did run a daycare with a Genie Sim it went amazing. 😀 Could keep the kids fed, day care clean and clean dirty toddlers all with the a little magic. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t remember off the top of my head but as soon as I’m back on my simming PC I’ll have a look for you. I’m moving house at the moment and nothing’s set up yet so it might be week or so.

      Haha, yeah, the failures often have the best animations! Poor Marty, falling flat on his face xx


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