EP Legacy Gameplay 9.3

Saturday’s job board provided Marty with an opportunity to earn influence with the jocks by hosting another bonfire party.

I bought a professional bar for the back yard. I couldn’t get the Showtime speakers to work for some reason, even though they should have connected to the stereo I had playing music in another room. But, luckily for me, Paris Vanderbuilt and Alison Kramer had brought their guitars.

The party was a lot of fun. My sims got to bed around 5am, but it was still going when they woke up very late the following morning. Marty called everyone to a breakfast of eggs machiavellian and herbal tea, but most of them were all too fascinated by the bonfire to come inside.

They wouldn’t even use the bathroom! (Some of them will just have been stinky from the bonfire, but I can see at least three puddles on the floor.)

What did finally pull their attention away was when Marty himself stepped outside. A crowd of party guests immediately gathered around him, queuing up to perform a long chain of social interactions with him. I guess he’s just really popular now.

It’s never too early for juice pong.

The party was a success and Marty earned his social group trait. I made him a vegetarian.

The friends spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. On Sunday afternoon, they played some video games together.

Monday brought more classes, followed by a trip to the bowling alley in the evening.

On Tuesday, I decided to have Marty hold a protest. This is a rebel activity, but I thought it would be a good fit for Marty and Marika’s good trait.

I chose an easy one, a protest against masks. Marty handed out some fliers to spread the word.

I really enjoy these.

The protest was a success.

By chatting to other sims at the protest, Marty finally maxed out his charisma skill. It was time to have him begin working on the other business-related skill, social networking, so I had him start a personal blog. This type is really great for sims with high charisma, because every time they make a new friend – which they can with just one ‘charming introduction’ – they get a moodlet that almost guarantees their next post will be well received.

The gang got invited to a kegger party at the campus sorority that evening, but there was no kegger (despite the party type) and the only stereo was in the gym. Marty was dared to play juice pong but there was no table tennis table either. They didn’t stay long.

The next day there were more rabbit hole lectures. My sims never skip these – just the open ones on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the evening, it was another house party, at which Jeannie accepted a rebel dare to streak.

The next chance I got, I decided to try out one of the higher level protests. If these are successful, they grant a temporary but powerful benefit to all the sims in the neighbourhood. I chose the protest against not earning enough lifetime happiness points. The signs are cute.

Since I had a lot of vampiric sunscreen left over from my Supernatural generation, I had Jeannie use one so she could stay out and support her friends.

The protest went perfectly, meaning the lifetime happiness points earned by fulfilling wishes would be doubled for the next two days.

Jeannie noticed Mugsy among the sims celebrating the victory.

Marty and Marika were by this point quite high level rebels, mainly from all the protesting they’d been doing. Marika really liked doing the ‘show off new gizmo’ interaction they’d unlocked.

The final exams were to take place the following day, so there would be no parties that evening. Marty and Marika did some last minute brushing up on their social networking and science skills. Jeannie had already maxed out her athletic skill, so she just had to study from her text book.

Everyone went into their finals with full performance meters and strong positive moodlets, and managed to pass every one.

They got invited to another rubbish party at the sorority house that evening, which wasn’t exactly the best way to celebrate. Still, Jeannie and Mugsy had a great time.

Marty and Marika got bored, and went back to their dorm to drink some juice.

The next morning, the results arrived. Everyone had been awarded an A!

I accidentally unpaused my game at the wrong moment and wasn’t able to get a shot of Marty receiving his results letter, but his perfect score meant he had completed his lifetime wish. He had a couple of other wishes related to his degree locked in as well, and everything was doubled because of the success of Thursday’s protest, so he ended up getting 80,000 LTH points in one go!

There was a massive bottleneck outside of the annex as sims lined up to graduate. I’d usually recommend getting there a few hours early, but I’d got confused and though the ceremony would take place on Sunday rather than Saturday. Still, my sims all managed to get inside in time.

Unfortunately, half way through the ceremony everyone somehow managed to get reset and got dumped outside, without their degree certificates or extra traits. It’s not too much of a setback for me, though; I can just use Debug Enabler to give them each the certificate and trait if the problem hasn’t fixed itself by the time we get back to Moonlight Falls. But, yeah, if you’re not using mods, save frequently and under different names!

At least I got a shot of everyone with their diplomas.

Because I’d forgotten that they’d be graduating this afternoon and travelling home later on in the evening, I’d actually scheduled a party for 5pm. My sims were able to make it back to the dorm just in time.

A couple of hours later, the party was broken up by an apparently very conflicted police officer.

But it was time to say goodbye anyway. Maybe some of these sims will come and visit us in Moonlight Falls!

In the next part, we’ll just be spending some time in Moonlight Falls, but after that I’m going to send two more sims to obtain their degrees, one in Fine Arts and the other in Science & Medicine. I haven’t decided whether to return to Sims University, or to use Traveler to have them study in a different world. I was thinking about Monte Vista. On the one hand, Sims University is the world for this expansion pack, so I feel I should show it off a bit more, but on the other I do enjoy having my sims travel around. Which would you prefer to see? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.3

  1. I think they should expand their horizons and travel. You can settle them down later, or they may meet future mates as they travel. Just a thought! At least you made it getting them all through school with good grades and additional traits. I must admit, they are a partying bunch! =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Uni town is pretty small as far as towns go and I think you hit the important spots pretty well. Showing off one of the store towns would be pretty cool. But that’s just my opinion.
    By the way, did Jeannie play any sports at the stadium (I think that’s what it’s called…)? I’ve seen the option before, but never actually tried it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marty did just once when I had nothing else to do with him. I like the variety of sports on offer, but, unless I’m missing something, actually playing them seems like a waste of time. All I’ve seen it do is raise jock influence a bit and tire the sim out. If there were a popup just saying whether your sim’s team had won or something like that I would find it more appealing. It doesn’t even appear to raise athletic skill.


  3. I hate how buggy the graduation ceremonies can be. Had to replay a week of uni thanks to my sims not being able to get in the building once. I have my sims stand outside a hour before the ceremony now to make sure they can get in. Then of course there is the possible reset issue which is even worse. :/ I really like the protests as well, and they are one of those features that work nicely outside of uni as well. 🙂 Glad they were all able to get As and you got some good pictures of Marika and Jeannie getting their grades. My sims always seem to be in really awkward places when they get their grades like standing in front of a toilet. So I can never get good pictures of them. Also I really like your makeovers of Marika and Mugsy, meant to mention that earlier.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no, that must have been really annoying!

      I agree about the protests. I hadn’t looked into them much until this legacy, but now I think they’re one of my favourite features of the pack!

      Happy simming 🙂


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