Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 17

Before heading back to Arcadia, I decided to stop by Whale Town to check out the pro-Aarbyvillian ending to the war quest lines. I rushed through a just enough war quests required to take on ‘Gut the Quild’ and end the war. The primary hero had to be my monarch, Lord Milas, but my secondary hero could be anyone, so I chose my physician, Bloodletter Llewala.

Lord Milas met with the pirates to draw up a plan of attack. Darktide, Broadside, and the Blacksail were there. No Misty, though. After the meeting, the Blacksail stayed behind for a word in Milas’ ear about Admiral Mandrake. The plan was to capture and interrogate him, but afterwords Darktide and Broadside intended to keep him prisoner, whereas the Blacksail proposed to kill him.

To his disappointment, Lord Milas refused.

Everyone met down at the docks to set sail for the Admiral’s last known location. The pirates boarded his ship and outnumbered his crew, taking the Admiral himself hostage.

Milas was given the choice to spare the defeated crew or sink their ship and leave them to drown. You don’t know much about Milas because I don’t usually like to spend time outside of Arcadia, but he’s a good man: he loves is family, is a natural leader, and, like all the heroes in Whale Town, is haunted by the loss of his parents. So, I had him decide to show mercy to the Admiral’s men, sending them back to Tredony with a warning that any who persisted in the war against Whale Town and its allies would not be so lucky.

To aid Milas’ interrogation of the Admiral, Llewala crafted a truth serum out of sagewort and valroot.

I do enjoy the physician profession.

I returned to the beach to find Mandrake and the Blacksail getting on famously. I wish sims’ actions and relationships would reflect what’s going on in the main story more consistently.

I did enjoy that Shipmaster Broadside drew his sword just as Llewala was injecting the Admiral with her truth serum, so it kind of looked like he was threatening him. (He was really just using it to pick his teeth.)

Because we’re down by the beach where the demon that lives inside my game’s camera is at its most powerful, I’m afraid none of these pictures will be that great. But I did discover you can look under the sea; I guess that’s kind of cool.

Anyway, Milas got the Admiral strapped into the interrogation chair. He turned out to enjoy being tickled, so I decided to go for the positive ‘persuade’ route.

He quickly caved and agreed to hand over a map, which, with the aid of the golden compass and jeweled spyglass the territories had exchanged as tokens of peace, would lead Milas to a fabled treasure that would grant him great power.

I don’t know if that’s the information we were trying to get out of him all along. I feel like the quests in this expansion pack sometimes don’t make a lot of sense.

The treasure included a Legendary Elixir of Sea Strength, which Milas put in his pocket.

On the way home, a great storm caused the rest of the treasure to fly over the rail into the sea. What, it was just lying out on deck?

As soon as Milas got back into port, the Blacksail started going on about needing to kill Admiral Mandrake again. These two seem to have a complicated relationship.

With only a day left before the planned invasion of Tredony, Milas had to train the troops and make speeches to inspire them.

The combined forces of Aarbyville and Whale Town sacked the Tredonian capital city. Lord Landegraab escaped, but Captain Darktide laughed, ‘Let him flee. He is no thread to us anymore.’

Sadly, Shipmaster Broadside had been mortally wounded in the battle. The quest objectives did warn me that my success would depend on how well Milas trained the troops, so I wonder whether Broadside’s death is avoidable if you do a better job.

Just as Milas and the pirates were preparing to head to the town square to drink to the fallen Shipmaster, Lord Landegraab emerged from the forest, intent on his revenge: ‘Not so fast! Did you think I would run and hide after you destroyed my guild and my life?’ Milas had the choice either to execute the Tredonian lord or to defeat him in a duel and send him forth in shame. I had him decide on the latter.

Lord Landegraab had drunk a fire potion to make him more powerful – the game didn’t specify in what way. It certainly didn’t seem to make him a better swordsman, because Milas had no trouble besting him.

But the guild lord said, ‘It’s going to take more than a few flourishes of your sword to quench my fiery vengeance.’ Once his adversary was up on his feet again, the quest objectives prompted me to have Milas drank his Legendary Elixir of Sea Strength and challenge him once more.

Milas won again, and Lord Landegraab admitted defeat.

I’m not really sure why he needed the potion. If the writers really wanted to use it, wouldn’t it make more sense to have Milas lose the first time? But perhaps they can’t control who wins individual fights.

Milas banished Lord Landegraab from Whale Town in disgrace.

Poor Captain Darktide was still very sad about the loss of her friend.

Lord Milas comforted her.

As thanks for his support in defeating the guild, the pirates renovated the town square. I liked this setup a lot more than the tacky column arrangements Arcadia got for siding with Tredony.

I know I keep saying the next part will be the last part, but the next part will be the last part. We’ll be back in Arcadia for it, obviously. There’s a special bird I want to try to create, but other than that I don’t have any specific plans, so do let me know if there’s something you want to see!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit: The Sims Medieval, Part 17

  1. Glad to see you back to playing Medieval! I know you have had some ‘circumstances’ to deal with, but this has really been fun! Nice to see you kept Lord Milas a ‘good guy’. Waiting to see what the new bird is!! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it’s been a while! I needed a break from the dorm I’m building for Monte Vista.

      Looking forward to showing off the bird. I got the last ingredient I needed for it last night actually but then the game gave me an Error Code 13 (TSM’s equivalent of Error Code 12) and couldn’t save so I’ll have to find it again.


  2. Man there is so much of this game I have not explored. Never did any of the quests with the potions that turn the sims into ghosts basically. Good to see more medieval. :).

    Liked by 1 person

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