EP Legacy Gameplay 9.5

In this part, we’ll be with Marty’s girlfriend Cassidy and his cousin Nathan in Monte Vista. Nathan will be studying Fine Arts and Cassidy will be studying Science & Medicine. Cassidy’s traits are athletic, charismatic, mooch, loves the outdoors, and handy. In case you need a reminder of Nathan’s, they’re avante garde, savvy sculptor, artistic, kleptomaniac, and irresistible.

I’m using Nraas Traveler and Nraas Careers to allow my sims to study abroad. I built a replacement for the university administration center and schools of art and science using these rabbit hole replacement rugs. I haven’t done much decorating inside, but it’ll do for now.

I also made a dormitory for them to use.

But before sending Nathan and Cassidy off,  I wanted to have them take the aptitude test.

They both won distinguished awards in their chosen subject and a partial scholarship.

Cassidy showed Marty her test results.

Nathan went to find his parents, sister, and brother to say goodbye.

Marty’s dad gave Cassidy some herbs and beans from his garden to take with her.

She and Nathan arrived in Monte Vista on a bright summer morning.

I had them both enroll in university right away. Classes would begin on the following day. With that bit of admin sorted out, they were ready to start making themselves at home. Nathan set about decorating his bedroom.

Cassidy planted some of her seeds in the garden.

They found an old nectar machine in the basement. (Nectar is a World Adventures feature, I know; I just really enjoy it.)

To find fruit to put through it, they headed to the nearby Al Fresco Street Market. I think the store team did quite a nice job with this lot.

Cassidy made a new friend while Nathan bought some flame fruits, lemons, oranges, plums, and pomelos.

I usually refer to this list of recipes when I’m making nectar, but I wanted to do it blind this time because students are always drinking weird concoctions, so I just had Nathan throw in two of everything.

The combination turned out to be a terrible one, but the resulting nectar was still nice quality. I had Nathan and Cassidy crack open a bottle of it and order a pizza.

After dinner, Cassidy texted Marty a picture of her in her new bedroom. I’d bought her a genie bear to remind her of him.

The next day, my students had their first classes and their roommates arrived at the dormitory. I had been hoping the game would use homeless Monte Vista sims, but I just got a bunch of puddings, so I took them into CAS. Here are three of them – Kathleen, Randell, and Locke – while another – Dusty – reads a book, and Cassidy eats leftover pizza.

Nathan has a double room to himself, but Cassidy is in a twin, so I had to pick someone for her to share with. I chose Kathleen because of the two other girls one was evil and one was a loner. Kathleen has an unusual combination of traits: she’s good but also mean-spirited. Perhaps Cassidy can help her better nature win out. They two spent some time getting to know one another that evening.

Nathan stuck around at the School of Art for a few hours after his classes to work on his sculpting skill. It’s great to have a sculptor in the family again – I always love to see what they make.

I noticed someone had prepared mac and cheese. Cassidy spiced it up with some ginseng to keep Nathan and her awake a little longer.

The evening’s nectar blend was flame fruit, blueberry, and plum – another bad combination that still turned out to be drinkable.

I was glad I’d added the ginseng to the meal when an alien abduction prevented Nathan from getting any sleep. He didn’t get impregnated at least.

Kathleen turned out to be the model roommate. She doesn’t snore, and I think she has the neat or perfectionist trait because she makes Cassidy’s bed for her every morning.

She and Locke have really hit it off. (Don’t mind Nathan in the background there: he’s just upgrading the sprinklers.)

I haven’t built a student union for open lectures, so Nathan and Cassidy both have Tuesdays free. I had them check the job board for social group activities. Cassidy’s was easy enough: she just had to deliver some coffee beans to the School of Science, and she already had plenty of them in her inventory.

Nathan’s opportunity required him to burn some herbs, which provided me with an excellent excuse to have him host a bonfire party.

He threw some cinnamon on the fire, which put everyone in the mood for romance. Because Nathan is irresistible, he has a special ‘blow kiss’ interaction, which I had him try out on one of the guests, Lupita Duarte. It’s nice enough, although I don’t appreciate having to edit clipped out eyelashes back into my pictures when sims pull crazy faces like this.

Nathan discovered Lupita shares his artistic trait. (She actually has none when the neighbourhood first loads, but I always use Master Controller’s ‘populate traits’ on any blank personality sims like her.)

They shared a ‘cinnamon kiss’, which looks the same as the make out interaction, but, like the ‘heat of the moment kiss’, is available without a preexisting romantic relationship.

The party went on until very late, and Nathan and Cassidy both got tired. I had them sip ‘watermelon mushroom cloud’ energy drinks to help them stay awake.

They both got a nasty caffeine crash a few hours later, but by then it was time for their restorative morning nap in class.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.5

  1. I didn’t realise that there were so many mods etc. that can be used to make the entire experience so much more fun. I guess when I was originally playing the Sims3 there were enough people who said that using them could ruin the game so was never brave enough to try! Especially using different mods from different developers. You don’t seem to have any difficulty and perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to try some. Thanks for sharing!! Glory

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know a lot of people are hesitant about installing mods, and it’s completely understandable. If you do decide to try any out, just remember to back your saves etc. up first. Of the many technical problems I’ve had with my game, none of them have been caused by mods, but you can never be too careful.

      Only installing one or two at a time is also good practice, so that if you don’t like something about the way your game is acting afterwards, you know what you have to remove.

      Happy simming xx


  2. I really love Monte Vista – I think it’s probably my favourite world, it’s so pretty and I think they really did the theme well. Your university and dorm buildings are beautiful, they really fit in with the rest of the world and look like they belong there.

    The nectar making totally makes sense for students – especially all the weird fruit combos. Makes absolutely sense for them to just throw together anything they have lying around, like a big bowl of punch!

    I really need to play more with the herbs in my game – if I have a gardener Sim I do tend to plant them, but I don’t use them nearly enough. Throwing them on the bonfire to set the mood at a party is such a cool idea, I’ll have to do that when I take my Sim off to uni. She’ll be doing a PE degree, but I’ve had her learn a little cooking and gardening before she leaves, so I’ll make sure to plant a little herb garden for her.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it might be mine too. I hadn’t really played it before, but I had such a wonderful time.

      Glad you like the builds! I might upload the dorms now the exchange is working. I just want to decorate a few more of the bedrooms first.

      Haha, yeah, they’ll drink anything. Once we’re back in MF I’ll start making more sensible combinations but it was definitely fun having a different bottle of experimental drink with dinner every night.

      I really like the herbs. I use them in most meals when I’m just playing normally. I’ve been enjoying the herbal teas too – I hadn’t really tried them out until this legacy, but from now on I want to have a machine in every house. I can’t get into the coffee beans so much though.

      I hope you really enjoy the PE degree with your sim! xx


  3. I really like the school you built in Monte Vista its so perfect for it. I really need to actually play there I remember liking the sims but feeling to lazy to update it for my personal needs. Putting the nectar maker in this world was genius and suits the world perfectly, wondering if there would be a good place to put it in the street market lot or maybe the venue of Amore, turn one the empty buildings into a nectar shop. Hmm ideas… 😛 Loved how Nathan decorated his room with street art. 🙂 I need to send some new sims to Uni have never really went after the job board activities much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I looked at a lot of Italian university architecture and had fun building it, although I never quite finished it!

      I think you’d love playing in Monte Vista 🙂 A beautiful landscape, and lots of good-looking sims for you to make over! But, yeah, all the work store towns need can be off-putting. I was going to make a club and redecorate the pizza place but I never got round to it.

      I love your idea for the Amore venue. I haven’t ever actually placed it, but from other people’s pictures it looks like there’s a lot of space inside the buildings to set up a nectary.


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