EP Legacy Gameplay 9.6

I’ve been having Cassidy participate in science experiments a couple of times a day. There’s a chance for these to turn her into a plantsim.

She also improved her gardening skill to level seven, allowing her to complete her herb garden with the two rarest – chamomile and bumbleleaf. Chamomile makes it easier to gain influence with social groups, and bumbleleaf allows sims to create street art in public areas without being arrested.

I give all my sims the ‘summunity’ lifetime reward from Seasons, which, as a side effect, completely prevents sims getting sick from eating herbs. With this reward, they can take herbs in food and drink, and even eat them raw, without any fear of becoming unwell. I especially like to have my students snack on wonderpetal if they get hungry between classes, because it increases the rate at which their academic performance can be raised. Also, it’s really pretty!

The end of the week arrived, and Nathan and Cassidy both aced their exams. They took their roommates out for dinner to celebrate.

It looks like Kathleen’s affections might be straying away from Locke.

Sure enough, the next morning I found them in the middle of  a big argument.

After some bumbleaf-laced orange pancakes, Nathan headed to the town square to leave his mark. A day of street art got his rebel influence up to level eight, earning him the extra trait. I gave him savvy seller.

Cassidy began her day with a cup of chamomile tea. (I’m using this mod to make all the university drinks available from regular coffee machines.)

I had decided to have her spend her Saturday protesting a worthy cause. I chose a medium difficultly one against criminals. Cassidy handed out some fliers.

I wanted to hold the protest in the picturesque town square, but there wasn’t enough room for the podium, so I went for the courtyard of city hall instead.

The protest went perfectly.

Cassidy and her fellow protesters shared a celebratory dinner at the local pizzeria. (Don’t worry about the green steam: that’s just the herbs.)

Marty would be so proud of Cassidy’s success. I planned to have her call him in the morning. But as things turned out, she had even bigger news to share.

I’d thought I’d want to keep Cassidy in her original clothes after her transformation, but I really liked the blue variation of the plantsim outfit she rolled, so I decided to keep it.

Time for a snooze.

By the time Nathan and Cassidy were fully rested, rain clouds had filled the skies. I had them spend the rest of Sunday morning in the university building working on their skills.

The weather had cleared up by the late afternoon, so I sent Cassidy out to find some bugs and seeds for her experiments.

She failed to convert her finds into anything interesting, but she did manage to improve the quality of some of the cinnamon from her garden.

That evening, Nathan got invited to a party. He served up some ratatouille, but there wasn’t much else to do, so he stole a couple of lamps ‘for his art’ and went back to the dorm.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.6

  1. I always love reading through your EP Legacy because I pick up so many great tips to use in my game (as well as obviously getting to see your beautiful Sims and builds in action). After a certain point I always struggle to decide what to spend Lifetime Happiness points on. I’ll definitely make a point of getting the Simmunity reward for my Sims, particularly when I’m cooking with herbs. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use herbs enough – if I’ve got a family of 4 eating a meal with herbs in, one of them usually ends up being sick!

    I’ll need to check out the Science Research Station too – it’s always good to be able to upgrade the quality of harvestables, and if it’s one of the least interesting things it can do I can’t wait to have a play around with it 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to help! I believe the quality of the herbs may also help (??), but, yeah, that LTR renders the whole sickness thing moot anyway. It’s usually the first one I get…then inappropriate, then observant, then steel bladder 🙂

      Have fun with the science research station. The science skill in general is really interesting – and is a another thing I hadn’t explored too much before this legacy.

      Happy simming xx


  2. You always inspire me to play sims more. I really want to do a small update to Monte Vista. Cassidy is really pretty as a plant sim I like her new hair. The blue and yellow is my favorite default of the plant outfit as well. I started using a default replacement for the overlay on their skin that I really love. Being a plant sim really suits her, you know I have never made a plant sim the legit way. So much of this game I haven’t explored. I really like how pretty the wonderleaf is as well. 🙂 Sometimes my sims just have a few of them in pots in their yard as “flowers” they actually have to tend to. Nathan looks really dapper in that last picture. Great pictures as always. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s so nice hear! I hope you enjoy MV when you get to it 🙂 What do you think you’ll be doing there?

      A default replacement sounds great. I figure out in a couple of parts time that you can actually recolour the standard one in CAS with unlockoutfits on, but it’s still not the best.


  3. I’m not really sure what id want to do while actually playing in Monte Vista. I know id want to explore a bit so maybe play a sim who wants to go collect rare seeds and rocks. Maybe own a vineyard and work on that bottomless nectar cellar LTW and consign nectar as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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