EP Legacy Gameplay 9.8

Over the next couple of parts, we’ll be following Rosanna and her friends Alyson and Fabian as they work towards their degrees in Technology, Fine Arts, and Communications at Aurora Skies University. Alyson and Fabian are brother and sister; I’m not sure if you remember Artur from my Supernatural generation, but they are his grandchildren via his son Gregor. We briefly saw Rosanna getting to know them in this part of my Seasons generation.

In addition to the genius trait they all share, Rosanna has computer whiz, socially awkward, eccentric, and handy, Alyson has natural born performer, virtuoso, athletic, and neurotic, and Fabian has easily impressed, commitment issues, photographer’s eye, and cat person. Rosanna’s lifetime wish is to run a five star blog, Alyson’s is to master all the musical instruments, and Fabian’s is to max out three different skills.

I made a little house for them to rent in Aurora Skies. I enjoy the dormitory experience, but they take quite a while to build and I just wasn’t ready to do that again so soon, or to make over all the puddings who would inevitably move in.

I also started to built a sort of technology institute for Rosanna to study at, but it wasn’t really my style so I got bored and didn’t furnish it. It does look quite fun when it’s lit up at night, though.

While I was preparing my sims to travel to university, I was notified that Jeannie and Mugsy had had a baby, a little boy called Erick. Marty and Cassidy went round to visit them. They were all still living in the dingy ’70s-looking premade I put them in after our first trip to university. Baby Erick is a vampire/fairy hyrbid like his mum. I’m looking forward to seeing how he ages up!

When Marty and Cassidy went back home, Jeannie didn’t look too happy to be left alone with her newborn.

Rosanna, Alyson, and Fabian took the aptitude test.

They all won the distinguished awards in their chosen subjects. Rosanna did especially well.

The students arrived in Aurora Skies just as the leaves were starting to turn gold.

After they had all signed up for their classes, Rosanna ran into Marty’s friend Miles, who was visiting the town on vacation.

She invited him back to the house for lunch.

That evening, Rosanna, Alyson, and Fabian went to the local hangout, The Blue Lagoon. There wasn’t anyone there, so they just danced together for a while.

Empty community lots is not usually a problem I have, but it actually turned out to be a frequent one throughout this trip. I’m not sure whether Aurora Skies has fewer premades or something – or perhaps just fewer with the traits that would push them to the available lot types.

Eventually, local musician Stein Svard showed up. He and Alyson discovered they shared the genius and virtuoso traits.

Rosanna went home to read a social networking book. I was keen to get her up to level five so that she could start a news blog, as her genius trait will give her a boost for that type.

As she was spicing everyone’s breakfast up with some licorice to stave off hunger, I noticed what I assume is a bug. In addition to the specific benefits each herb brings, they are also sometimes meant to increase the quality of food, but with conjured food, which is always perfect quality, they seem to decrease it quite substantially, even if the herbs themselves are also perfect quality. Maybe it’s linked to the cooking skill? Rosanna’s is certainly quite low.

I don’t want to sacrifice my amazing meal moodlets, so I think I’ll just have my sims eat their herbs raw for now.

After her first day of lectures, Rosanna started her news blog. She’ll get the ‘gotta blog about it’ moodlet for this type any time she levels up a skill. She’ll be working hard on her logic and handiness every day for her course, so she should be able to get to five stars quite quickly. You can read a full list of the events that trigger the moodlet on the social networking sims wiki page.

As usual, everyone had Tuesday free. It rained all morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon and Alyson was able to go to the park to play her guitar with another musician, Fjord Warbler, whom I think has to be one of the prettiest premades in any world.

Alyson will have to be careful about how quickly she levels up her guitar skill, because the other instruments seem to do nothing for her academic performance, and I’m not interested in having her learn painting or anything like that. Having a separate music major really would have been the sensible thing to do.

Alyson spotted Stein across the road playing his guitar and went over to say hello.

She invited him for a swim at the community pool.

Fabian’s major, Communications, is the one for which I usually find the skill management the most challenging. For both the aptitude test and academic performance, the only skills that matter are writing and photography, and those I often level up while my sims are still children (since painting, logic, fishing, and inventing are their only other full skilling options). Fortunately, the degree object for Communications is one of the better ones. It’s a mobile radio station that allows you to report world events, interview other sims, and even make a few simoleons running adverts. I really like the interview option, because it allows them to learn all of their interviewee’s traits if your sim conducts it successfully.

If their questions get too personal, on the other hand…

My favourite degree object, however, is the brain enhancing machine for the Technology major. There’s lot to explore here, but Rosanna started by performing a ‘brain enhancement’ to gain a skill point. Logic was the skill she chose, but there is a wide selection available, both for herself and for test subjects. An enforced cooldown period of a few hours just about keeps this amazingly powerful ability from feeling too cheaty, at least for me.

Studying her own brain with the machine for the rest of the afternoon earned Rosanna enough nerd influence to issue trivia challenges to her friends, and to perform the ‘mind meld’ interaction, which gives her a chance to improve a skill, raise her relationship with another sim, or gain social group influence from the target target.

Rosanna, Alyson, and Fabian went for dinner together at the bistro.

Another day of classes came and went. On Thursday, Fabian conducted some more interviews in the park.

That night, the friends were invited to a party at Stein’s house.

They couldn’t stay late because they had their first set of exams the following day. As they were leaving, Alyson surprised Stein with a kiss. (Please be aware that launching yourself lips first at unsuspecting people is a terrible idea in real life, but it seemed to work out for her.)

5 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.8

  1. Alyson seems to have the ‘hopeless romantic’ trait! Did you notice how all the ‘townies’ wear gloves almost all the time?? I thought that was so funny the first time I played Aurora Skies! This should be an interesting term coming up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The technology institute you build looks very pretty all lit up at night-time, very cute!

    I really like Aurora skies, particularly the views from the community swimming pool, with the horseshoe of waterfalls in the backgrounds and the steam from the the hot springs. I really like it in the winter, all the premade Sims are good to for winter-appropriate outfits, and most of the other worlds definitely have warmer climates. It’s nice to switch things up a bit!

    The brain enhancing machine looks really cool – I’ve actually never taken a Sim to Uni to do a technology degree, but I’m quite looking forwarding to trying it maybe in future generations of my current game. I’m really enjoying the Science and PE degrees so far, and thanks to a bunch of your handy tips (only using the Work Hard tone for a short time during lectures, focussing on skill-building, and keeping plenty of licorice handy to stave off hunger on the long lecture-filled days) my Sims are flourishing 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂

      The landscape is really beautiful, especially those waterfalls! I do find the ugly patchy grey snow problem (do you have that too?) really irritating, so I don’t spend too long there during the colder months. But I did throw a fun winter wedding there once, and the the pictures of that looked nice with everything all white and frosty.

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the time at uni. Maybe technology will be next on your list then 🙂


  3. Loving Rosanna’s adult look it really suits her. That’s one of my favorite female outfits in the game.Jeanie’s reaction to being alone with her baby was pretty funny. Fabian getting slapped over questions too personal made me lol and his reaction picture is priceless. 😀 That never happened to my sim that went into communications which is a shame I love moments like that.

    The grey snow thing is really annoying especially in a world where id picture it snowing often. :/

    Liked by 1 person

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