EP Legacy Gameplay 9.9

Everyone aced their Friday exams and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. They visited the beach, where Rosanna got to know her coursemate Sophie Mander.

Her socially awkward trait is meant to make her mess up generic social interactions like ‘chat’, ‘flirt’, and ‘get to know’. I certainly noticed this happening in my Forester challenge with my sim Elizabeth. But so far Rosanna has been perfectly fine. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. I did accidentally give her the ‘never dull’ lifetime wish when she was a teenager, so perhaps that’s been protecting her.

The weather stayed fair all weekend, and on Sunday the students were able to host a party on their front patio for their new friends.

Alyson asked Stein to be her boyfriend.

She met his brother Stefan.

Fully upgrading Rosanna’s brain enhancing machine unlocked two new options: ‘personality programming’, which allows you to alter the subject’s traits, and ‘genius IQ’, which temporarily makes them perform better in classes and exams.

I wasn’t interested in messing about with anyone’s traits, but I gave Fabian the genius IQ to help him through Monday’s classes.

That night, a burglar paid a visit to the house. You stay away from my CASt-ed sofa!

Thanks to her police officer mum, Rosanna has the ability to apprehend burglars. She tackled the intruder while Alyson called the police.

He had escaped by the time the officer arrived, but, because Rosanna had beat him in their fight, I found the sofa he’d tried to steal safe inside our family inventory.

Monday brought a light snow, but it didn’t last long.

Fabian continued to interview sims for his radio show.

Rosanna reached level eight nerd influence, enabling me to give her the good sense of humour trait. To celebrate, I bought her a fancier brain enhancing machine. This one comes already upgraded to include the ‘personality programming’ and ‘genius IQ’ options. It also allows for ‘remote viewing’ of other sims’ traits, which can be really useful, especially if you’re playing without mods.

Just one day before the final exams, and three sets of students in, I finally realized that all this time I could have been using my sims’ fairy auras to increase their skill gain rate. I had them each project a different one while they listened to podcasts over breakfast.

Alyson and Fabian continued to listen to theirs on a jog around town.

Rosanna’s blog reached 2,000 followers and earned a five star rating. I’ve found this thing a bit of a nuisance to maintain, so if she receives an offer to buy it out, I’ll probably accept.

I was keen to finish leveling up Fabian’s photography skill, so I had him take pictures of some things around town. He found some interesting buildings to capture.

Friday’s exams arrived, and once again everyone passed with flying colours.

That evening, they were invited to a party at Carolina Sanchez‘s house. I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to blow off steam after a challenging couple of terms, but unfortunately things quickly turned sour. As soon as she arrived, Alyson marched over to Stein to accuse him of cheating!

Fabian and Rosanna tried to calm her down while Stein continued to chat to the woman with whom I presume he’d been unfaithful.

They decided to leave the party and take Alyson to a concert at the stadium to cheer her up.

But back at home she was still looking very sad, so they stayed up all night drinking ginseng tea and sharing deep conversations about all the interesting things they’d learned.

The following morning brought good news: everyone had been awarded straight As!

Rosanna didn’t change into her graduation robes for some reason, but she did receive her diploma and her extra trait. I gave her workaholic, Fabian rolled kleptomaniac, and Alyson rolled brave.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.9

    • It is really useful! I often cheat and use Master Controller to look at traits, but the radio station and brain machine are great for people who don’t have that mod, or who just want the traits to be actually listed in their sim’s relationship panel.


  1. Wow, somehow I got way behind on your updates. You’ve packed a lot of information into these Uni chapters! Everything from some great info on the social networking skill to that handy list of nectar recipes. I love all the builds you did for this, too! The dorm in Monte Vista, that colorful tech institute and their home in Aurora Skies, especially!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw poor Alyson! Pretty sure Stein already has about 3 romantic interests when you arrive in Aurora Skies, so sadly he was probably bound to break her heart!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Felt sorry for Alyson when I saw her dating Stein had remembered he had a few romantic interests. Rosanna is one of my favorite sims of yours, not sure what it is exactly I just like her. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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