EP Legacy Gameplay 9.10

I tried to sign Rosanna up for the game developer career, but I kept getting a script error and having her reset. I googled the problem, and it and quite to my surprise found one of my own posts from three years ago detailing how I’d fixed it. I don’t even remember it happening to me before! But unfortunately my suggestions didn’t work for me this time; neither did moving the family out then back in again, as suggested by someone later in the thread. The career works fine for my Barnacle Bay sims, so I don’t know why I’m having these difficulties now.

It looks like it’s just not going to be possible to have Rosanna become a game developer. Sorry about that. I decided to sign her up for the police career instead. She’ll be able to skip the first four levels thanks to her Technology degree, and  I think her computer whiz and genius traits will stand her well if she goes into the forensics branch. I did consider making her self employed, but that always feels like a bit of a waste for workaholic sims.

Rosanna went to introduce herself to her partner Jasmin before her first day of work.

Jasmin turned out to be married to Marty’s friend Marika. I must have missed a story progression notification somewhere.

They got to know one another over dinner and a horror movie.

Nathan was commissioned by city hall to create some public street art.

I discovered that Marty’s genie ‘clean sim’ interaction fills up Cassidy’s water need, which is really convenient when she’s gardening.

After her first day of work, Rosanna went to the library to find something new to read. There she noticed a tourist from the university world, Alfred Jobb, looking a bit lost, and decided to introduce herself.

She soon discovered that they share the genius, socially awkward, and computer whiz traits, and rolled a wish to become good friends with him. I had her invite him back to the house for dinner with her family and a game of charades.

Rosanna won their game, but Alfred wasn’t a sore loser. In fact, he applauded when she made her final move, which I thought was sweet.

The pair talked all night, and as the sun rose Rosanna leaned in for a kiss.

Alfred would have to go back home to the university town soon, and I didn’t fancy a long distance relationship, so I decided to take the plunge and have Rosanna ask him to move in!

I noticed that he only needed twelve more credits to complete his Science & Medicine degree, and thought it might be nice for him to finish his studies from Moonlight Falls. I placed the necessary rabbit hole rugs and had him enroll.

Throughout the following week, Spencer and Cassidy shared all their gardening expertise with Alfred to help him pass his courses.

Rosanna contributed too, in her own way.

Marty and Cassidy held a protest against low wages, which raises the salary of every sim in town. This would be a great one to choose for a first generation short on funds. Money’s effectively irrelevant at this point in ,y legacy, but Marty is very kindhearted and socially conscious, and this felt like the sort of cause he and his girlfriend would support.

Spencer was really proud of his son.

I had accidentally scheduled the protest for early in the morning, so only a few sims showed up, but it was still a success.

Everyone’s hourly salary went up as a result. The only one I wrote down was Marty’s, which went from 456 simoleons to 496 simoleons, so what around 9%? That seems about fair.

Nathan wrote a couple of comic books.

Rosanna invited Jasmin and Marika round for drinks.

They appeared to be expecting a baby.

They won’t the only ones. Alyson had settled down with Nipunus’ son Q’oro and the couple were preparing to start a family together.

Alfred completed his degree. He got an A for his final term, but he’d been at a C before I moved him in, so he ended up averaging a B overall.

His lifetime wish was to become an astronaut, but that didn’t seem right for him so I changed it to professional author. I figured I’d have him write Sci Fi novels so it sort of feels like he’s making use of his scientific knowledge. He’ll get a bonus for that genre too because of his genius and computer whiz traits. Maybe he can even branch out into humour and satire for the bonuses from loser and over-emotional. (He’s looking a bit yellow in this picture because I have the mood lamp from Supernatural turned on.)

Rosanna sold her blog for just under six thousand simoleons.

Marty reached the top of his career.

He was awarded this trophy in recognition of his achievements.

With his career goals accomplished, I decided it was time for Marty to have his first child with Cassidy.

The way plantsim reproduction is handled is different from other occults. A female plantsim cannot get pregnant; instead, she and her partner can plant a forbidden fruit seed and wait for it to grow into a baby. The baby will be a plantsim clone of whomever picks it out of the ground.

I’m not crazy about this system and I usually just use Nraas Woohooer to enable plantsim pregnancy, but I wanted to show the feature off so I settled on a compromise. I’d have Cassidy plant and pick the seed, but then use Nraas Master Controller Cheats to ‘play with genetics’ so that the baby would inherit features from both parents.

Plantsims can ‘try for a baby’ to get a seed to appear in their inventory, but Cassidy already had one from her science experiments at university. She and Marty planted it in the greenhouse.

A few days later, their baby was ready to pick. I know some people find this animation creepy, but I think it’s kind of cute.

Cassidy did the spinning around thing and soon was holding a much more human-looking (but still bright green) baby boy.  I named him Garland, and he was born with the good and loves the outdoors traits locked in, which was actually exactly what I’d been planning on giving him.

When I ran play with genetics, Garland got his dad’s hair and skin tone, and all three occult states – genie, fairy, and plantsim. I also used Master Controller to add the father/son relationship between Marty and him, because Cassidy had been showing as his only parent. He looks like a regular fairy baby for now; his leafy plantsim skin (which is actually just a hidden/locked accessory) won’t come in until he’s a child.

Garland is very easy to look after, as his only needs are energy and social. Marty got him settled into the nursery.

Spencer is getting very old, so I was really pleased he was able to live long enough to meet his first grandchild.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.10

    • Thanks! I just googled for plant-based boys’ names 🙂

      So glad you like Alfred. He’s a sweetie. I was really lucky he showed up in the neighbourhood on vacation, because none of the MF sims were looking like they would be a good match for Rosanna.

      Happy simming! xx


  1. There’s so much of the University content that I just haven’t played yet. It’s quite exciting, knowing I’ve still got loads to explore with a game I’ve had for years! I’ll definitely need to try out playing a plantsim – the way reproduction is handled for them is a bit unusual in that the baby will only have DNA from one parent, but I quite like the planting, growing and picking of the offspring. I reckon the animation for picking the baby looks both creepy and cute – I definitely think it’s possible to be both! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s great! It’s always exciting to discover new things hidden away in the game. I thought I knew this EP really well, but playing through this generation I discovered a bunch of features I hadn’t explored properly before.

      I hope you enjoy your plantsim. They’re not very customization-friendly unfortunately, which is the other reason I’m not so fond of them. Their hair, eye, and skin colours are always trying to revert back to the defaults. But they are otherwise a nicely done life state and I would recommend trying them out at least once.

      Happy simming xx


  2. Alfred is a really great match for Rosanna. Hmm I didn’t know traits affected book genres. Wow so much I still need to play with lol. Love the picture of Spencer and Garland at the end. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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