EP Legacy Gameplay 9.11

Rosanna and Alfred were expecting a baby.

One of the the ghost cats born at the end of Supernatural randomly showed up in our dining room.

Garland had a birthday party and became a toddler.

He enjoyed all the attention he got from the guests.

Just like his mum, he trails flowers behind him when he walks.

Among the well-wishers was Nipinus’ daughter Xala, who had grown up into a young adult and now shares Nathan’s avant garde and kleptomaniac traits.

As soon as Nathan found out, he started trying to impress her by blowing kisses at her and showing her his treasured rubber ducky.

In keeping with family tradition, Rosanna went into labour in the middle of the party.

Alfred took her to the hospital, and a few hours later she came out carrying a little baby boy in her arms. I named him Tristan, and gave him the brave and loner traits. (Whoops – just noticed the major hair clipping.)

When I checked back on the house, I found Nathan and Xala watching the stars together. I had free will off, so she must have initiated it.

Come morning, she and her brother Q’oro were still hanging around. They spent the whole day with us, just milling about, chatting, and eating plates of french toast.

That evening, Nathan asked Xala if he could sketch her.

They went out on a date to the local art gallery.

Marty held a final protest. This time it was a hunger strike, which is pretty much the same as a regular one, except that sims feel hungry when they do it. Their actual hunger need doesn’t get lowered (as I guess that could spiral out of control pretty fast and get dangerous): it’s just a -5 moodlet for the duration of the protest that makes them do some hungry idles.

Sometimes the protesters will experience a moment of weakness and ‘sneak a taste’.

The strike was against limited world resources. Success is supposed to make it easier to find collectables, but I didn’t notice that any more than usual had spawned when I checked with the collection helper, so I’m not really sure what that means. Still, it was nice for my sims to have one last protesting triumph.

Garland and Tristan had birthday parties.

I discovered that the leafy pattern that sits between a plantsim’s skin and his/her clothing can be edited in CAS. You can even remove it if you use the ‘unlockOutfits on’ cheat and search for it under the accessories tab, but I decided just to CASt Garland’s for now. I’ve given him a kind of autumnal theme to go with his hair. I had to change his eyes back to brown; annoyingly, they’ll revert to the default plantsim yellow every time he ages up.

Once I realised I could CASt the leaves, I altered Cassidy’s as well, matching it more closely to her skin tone. I like that there’s not such a dramatic transition at her wrists and neck now. Here she is with Garland.

The next day, Alfred, Spencer, and Cassidy went to check out a new lot I’d placed – the School of Science Proving Grounds by CK213 – to work on a group science project. We’ve had one of these in our family inventory since Cassidy maxed out her science skill at university, but there wasn’t really room for it on her home lot.

The object has three nodes – red, blue, and green. The red one encourages streaking, the blue one makes sims nap and wake up with maxed motives, and the green one increases skill learning rate for six hours. But what I wanted to do was activate all three, which triggers a meteor shower full of collectables.

I say meteor shower, but they actually fall from the sky as bubbles, turning into space rocks, gems, and money bags when they hit the ground.

That was really the last thing I wanted to show off.  I haven’t ended a generation when the kids were so young before, but I didn’t feel like there was much left to explore. I’m looking forward to moving on the next expansion pack, and to leaving Moonlight Falls, which, after more than three generations, has become a bloated, error-code-12-causing mess.

But I did have fun with this generation. I especially liked getting into features to which I hadn’t paid too much attention before, such as the ball games, science skill, and higher level protests. All of these were really great, and as always I enjoyed the street art, herbs, and extra trait slots too.

Where this expansion pack falls down for me is with the degrees themselves, which have annoying criteria for success (e.g. relative rather than absolute skill goals), and are far too limited in variety. The open lectures and class activities just aren’t worth the trade-off to me, particularly when they just mean watching my budding chef or musician learn to sketch.

Nonetheless, in my usual game play I do still choose to have most of my sims obtain a degree. I actually ended up racing through this generation’s kids’ elementary and high school years before sending them off to have university experiences of their own. I chose Monte Vista just to give me an opportunity to finish off my dorms. I’m going to close with some pictures of their stay there. The sims are Garland, Tristan,  Freila (Nathan and Xala’s daughter), and Alder (Garland’s brother). Until next time, happy simming!

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 9.11

  1. I really like this part of the legacy, as I learned a lot more about possibilities! I’ve never played University, although I have owned it for ages, and this has kind of made me want to! I love the machine that creates ‘bubbles’ of collectables, and have never seen the graduation gnome, before. I was wondering if all plant sims trail flowers. I guess I have some reading to do! =)

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  2. I’ve always really liked plantsims and would probably play them more often if it wasn’t for the odd reproduction method you mentioned last chapter and their tendency to reset to CAS defaults at the drop of a hat. Which is too bad, because they’re really amazingly customizable and the defaults are so… bleh. Plastic plant green.

    I agree with you about the expansion on a whole. I usually skip Uni with most of my sims, because I get bored of the repetition and tend to just rush through it when I do go. I guess between the extra time for skilling (if your degree actually has relevant skills) and extra trait slot(s), it’s probably worth it, though. And the EP does add a lot of good content, like the skills, even outside of Uni.

    Quite the interesting batch for the next generation. 🙂 Gotta love the plantsim/fairy combination. Fairy/alien is an interesting one, too.

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    • Those are my main peeves about them as well. Looks-wise, they just require so much checking up on. But I do like to play them every now and again for a little while, and this legacy provided the perfect opportunity.

      It is nice to be able to have some time to learn skills at university (provided you aren’t going in the ghost hunting, architect or lifeguard career, in which sims benefit from going in with low logic, painting, and athletic/charisma skills respectively…I guess they could do an unrelated degree, but then what’s the point?)

      I also like just having those extra weeks to figure out what I want my young sims to do with their lives. Maybe there should be an option to delay choosing the LTW until after graduation, or to change it. I suppose just the midlife crisis LTR or Nraas would do the job.

      I agree things can get a little repetitive. I think studying abroad or from a sim’s home town can really help mix things up. But I do still love the university world. I’d like to add in all the career rabbit holes at some point and play it as a home town. I live in a historic university city so Sims University and Monte Vista are probably the sim worlds that feel the most like home to me.

      Thanks for all your comments this generation! It’s been really interesting to read your thoughts on the pack xxx


  3. Nathan and Xala make such a cute couple! And Freila is proof of that – what a gorgeous kid they made!

    I love the meteor shower – I’m going to have to try that out when my current Sims graduate. One is doing the Science & Medicine degree so I should be able to max out her science skill soon.


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  4. Love Xala’s look you really have a nice eye for color. Lol at her and Nathan’s date at the art gallery I have a couple that loves to meh at the art every time they go to a gallery. 😛 I was afraid to try the hunger strike as I thought it would be literal and that could be really bad in the sims. Good to know it functions differently and more sim safe. That picture of the girl sneaking a candy bar lol. ::D. She looks to have a mixture of shame and happy on her face. I was so happy when I found out you could CASt the plant sim overlay. Made my plant sims look so much better. I like Garland’s autumn look. A plant/fairy hybrid is a fun mix. You showed off Uni quite well, I learned a few things and had fun reading. Looking forward to reading through the IP play through. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! That’s really kind of you to say 🙂

      Yeah, for me it was separate from the hunger meter, although with this game anything could happen, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have death flowers on hand.

      Haha, it is a great expression. Will have to save it for my next funny faces collection!

      I hope you enjoy the IP posts xx


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