University of Monte Vista Housing

I built this villa as student accommodation for Monte Vista. It has five bedrooms, and can house 8-9 sims.

I don’t think the lot will look right in the university world, so if you want to use it as a dorm, you’ll need Nraas Traveller to send your sims on vacation to Monte Vista or a similar world and Nraas Careers to allow them to study there. If you don’t like mods, you could easily rezone it as an apartment; it would be perfect for young adult sharers.

Outdoor seating area. All the fireplaces in the dorms are fireproof.

Dining area.

Kitchen with oven, fryer, and dishwasher. I have the No Autonomous Deep Fryer mod installed, but without it I imagine you will notice roommates hanging around the fryer all day and may prefer to delete it.

Coffee and vending machines.

Indoor sitting area.

Painting room.

Nectar machine in cellar. Two of the six racks are filled with experimental nectars my students made.

A perfect quality herb garden, ready to harvest.

Bonfire pit and party area.

The bedrooms – one double, one single, and three twins.

Bathrooms. Each of the two has three toilet stalls, two sinks, and two shower cubicles.


8 thoughts on “University of Monte Vista Housing

  1. This is a beautiful build. It suit’s Monte Vista so perfectly. I really love the living space the furnishings are just give it a nice warm and colorful look that I really like. It has a very eclectic vibe that really makes it feel like a proper dorm. 🙂 My favorite part of the dorm is the dining area and the garden both are really beautiful. The fireplace is just such a nice touch in the dining area. 😀

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    • Thanks so much! It was really interesting figuring out how to combine the rustic Italian style with something a bit mismatched and studenty. I had a blast decorating it, and it was fun to play too. I was sad to leave it behind at the end of term, but I hope people enjoy having it in their games. The garden and dining area are my favourites too! xx


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