EP Legacy Gameplay 10.2

Garland’s second day of work arrived, but again I had problems getting him to show up. This time, he got stuck riding his jet ski round in circles near the coast. I had to reset him, so of course the work opportunity vanished and there were no sims to save.

Tristan was having difficulties too. He’d reached level four of the scuba diving skill, but when I tried to lead him through the secret exit in Rocky Reef that would lead to the next dive lot, Davy Jones’ Locker, the entire lot got reset.

Fortunately, the next time I tried it was a success, and Tristan emerged in Davy Jones’ Locker.

He found a message in a bottle and opened a treasure chest.

I sent Freila to fish on one of the islands, just for a change of scenery.

That evening, I discovered another bug. My sims don’t seem to be able to invite their friends over individually to visit them at their houseboat. They would always say they didn’t feel like coming over, which I know is a possible response, but I tried about thirty times over the next couple of days with many different sims, and the answer was always the same, which suggests that something is not working as intended.

Since they couldn’t come to him, Garland went to see his dad and brother at their house. His Aunt Rosanna was there visiting them too.

On his way home from diving, Tristan discovered Beryl Shoals, the only hidden island that can be unlocked just by getting close to it. It’s ours now, so I’ll have to think about what I want to do with the land.

Freila graduated from high school. I thought this had already happened before she went to university, but perhaps not. She won the ‘most likely to be electrocuted’ award.

She and Garland took Rajan and Courtney on a double date to the community pool.

Garland finally made it to work without resetting or getting stuck, and everything seemed to be functioning properly. The first sim he saved was Jeannie and Mugsy’s son Erick.

Lots of sims needed his help that day.

Some even faked passing out to get his attention, although he always shot down their subsequent romantic advances.

Just as he was clocking out for the day, he and his friends were invited to a party at Marika’s house.

Talking to sims at the party raised Garland’s charisma skill, which gave him yet more work experience. Still, on his next day off I did send him on another run, partly because I don’t want to prevent him from doing things he enjoys, and partly to see what the experience gains are like at the higher levels.

It wasn’t nearly as ridiculous. After another day of running, he’d only risen from level seven of his profession to just below level nine, presumably because the higher levels of the athletic skill take increasingly longer to obtain but grant the same amount of experience.

I don’t mind that he’s earning a larger stipend now, and it’s not like there’s content exclusive to the lower levels on which I’m missing out; I just think it’s bad game design that sims with maxed out charisma and athletic skills will have to grind their way to their promotions, while ones straight of CAS will be able to fly up through the ranks to the top of the profession in a matter of days.

I have, however, been surprised by quite how much I’ve been enjoying exploring the dive lots with Tristan. He’s reached level seven of the scuba diving skill now, meaning he can explore Mermaid’s Grotto. It’s the prettiest one so far I think.

Tristan explored both caves found there, getting reset once but otherwise without problems.

He also got some gems and simoleons from a treasure chest.

There was another one on the lot too, but Tristan wasn’t yet skilled enough to open it. Maybe next time!


9 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 10.2

  1. He was certainly a busy lifesaver! I think it’s funny that some people faked needing his attention! =) I would love to play IP, but it’s got so many darn bugs in it, I guess I get easily disgruntled. You seem to be doing a great job of handling its quirks, however! (Never pictured a fairy scuba diving – interesting!!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. IP has always been ridiculously buggy for me as well, but I really love some of the features it brought to my game. Going to definitely have to try the fixed version, see if that helps any. Also…do you ever upload your legacy families? You always have so many attractive simmies in them! Would love to add a few of them into my worlds for my legacy sims to meet. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good luck with the fix! This version is running really nicely for me. My house boat is quite laggy and always makes the camera go mad, but I think that’s a houseboat thing rather than a world thing. I hadn’t realised how buggy so many of the features in this EP were before now though.

      Aw, thank you! I haven’t uploaded the sims from this legacy because I wouldn’t know which ones to choose, and I’m a bit too lazy to remove CC, take pictures, and open up that gears-full-of-treacle launcher for them all. I will probably share the final household at the end of the next generation, but if there’s any in particular you’d like before that just let me know! I have copies of each world I’ve played so I can easily get any of them xx


  3. I really like the lifeguard career when it works well, its quite busy and active. lol at all of the sims trying to get Garland’s attention, I love that they added that bit to the career. Especially the sims that fake passing out. Love all of the scuba diving pictures, the dive lots are so beautiful. 🙂 They did such a good job making the water looking beautiful and your pictures capture its beauty really well. You would make an amazing photographer in RL I think. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are really beautiful, and not like anything else in the game. I had a lot of fun exploring them.

      Thank you! Every now and then I think about getting into photography but I think the investment of time and money is more than I can spare for a brand new hobby. I love to see what other people create though 🙂


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