EP Legacy Gameplay 10.3

Tristan spent some more time at Mermaid’s Grotto.

A member of the paparazzi has been stuck down there in her swimsuit for ages. I keep forgetting to reset her.

Tristan seems to feel quite at home in the grotto. Even the sharks don’t worry him.

I noticed Courtney out on a dive of her own, and looking much less relaxed about them.

Freila’s mum gave birth to a little girl called Ariel. How cute! I never thought about this before, but I guess the randomly-generated names are world-specific, at least for EP worlds? Freila went to visit them on their houseboat.

While she was there, she invited Rajan over to meet her parents and brother.

When leisure day arrived, by sims threw a beach party for their friends and family.

Garland reached level nine of his profession and unlocked a special slow-motion lifeguard run. It looks pretty funny in action.

He had a whole day where no one needed saving. He hadn’t got reset or anything; perhaps sometimes it’s just like this. I don’t see him ever completing his lifetime wish at this rate!

Fortunately, on his next day at work his services were needed once more. One thing I like about this profession is that you can actually leave your lifeguards to their own devices, and they will still rescue drowning sims and administer CPR; you don’t even have to have free will on.

That was great to discover, because it allowed me to dedicate even more time to Tristan’s underwater expeditions. At level nine, he took his first dive down into the most challenging lot, Pearl’s Deep. I absolutely love this one. It’s a bit plainer-looking than the others, but it just feels so vast and mysterious.

He’s also been collecting rare messages in a bottle. He’d discovered three washed up on beeches using the collection helper, and found a fourth here in Pearl’s Deep.

Together, the messages made a map that led him to Plunder Cove, another hidden island. That’s two out of eight so far.

I decided to commit to finding a few more, so I had Freila talk to the clerk at the Sparkling Sands resort. He pointed her in the direction of a local man, who promised to tell her how to find one of the islands if she could pass the tests he set. First she had to find some kelp, which Tristan already had in his inventory, and then go firewalking at Sparkling Sands. We’ll call this market research for when she opens her own resort.

Lastly, Freila needed to pick a fight with a shark. This one was trickier, and I probably should just have had Tristan do it, but he’s been busy with his own stuff. I sent Freila snorkling for a little while to raise her scuba diving up high enough to attempt one of the dive lots, which is the only place sims can be attacked by sharks. I had Garland join her, because I’d quite like him to be able to take Courtney on an underwater date.

Tristan, meanwhile, was still over at Pearl’s Deep. When he reached level ten of the diving skill, he unlocked some cool-looking retro gear.

Hello, little friend.

Hello, not-so-little friend! This is the Kraken. It’s terrifying and absolutely massive. I wish I could have got a shot of Tristan next to it to give you an idea of the scale, but it glided away too fast.

The cave system in Pearl’s Deep opened out onto the shores of Diver’s Den. This seems to be one of the largest secret islands, so perhaps it will be the one we choose for our resort.

On the island, Tristan found a chest containing some simoleons and precious metals.

It took Freila a week of hanging around in dive lots with her inventory full of tempting fish for a shark to appear. But when she started to get close to it, the lot was reset!

Frustrated, I bought  her the ‘lungs of steel’ lifetime reward and had her wait in Davy Jones’ Locker all night, where she did at last provoke the shark encounter she needed.

Freila lost the fight, but it still counted, and she was able to unlock our fourth secret island, Refuge Island.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 10.3

  1. You are having so much fun! I haven’t fully (or truthfully, even partially) explored this world. I got frustrated with all the glitches, but now I know how to fix them, I may try again! Your pictures are great, and just make me want to find all those islands!! Love your “market research”! lol =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really love the makeovers you give your EA-created sims. They definitely need it! Looks like Tristan is having tons of fun with the scuba diving. Definitely one of the features I loved most in IP! And I have the same trouble with the lifeguard lifetime wish, feels like it will take forever! (I think my mermaid lifeguard aged into an elder and *still* was nowhere close to completing it, last time I attempted it. Of course, she was also crazy enough to try swimming from island to island every single time she went anywhere, including to the hospital when she was in labor, so that could have something to do with it!) And that paparazzi was hilarious! Gotta love the random stuck sims, always in the most ridiculous places!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’ve mostly been having my sims socialise with the sims I brought over from Moonlight Falls. Isla Paradiso has some really interesting premades, but it takes everyone so long to get anywhere that I haven’t found the time to meet many of them yet.

      Haha, yeah, the LTW takes a long time. I’m on 39/50 now! It is a relief that you can leave them to get on with it though 🙂


  3. I love that lifeguards tend to their duties as well, its a shame other similar jobs aren’t treated the same way. Loving the pictures again my favorite is the picture of Freila dining with her family overlooking the water. Such a beautiful view for a meal. 🙂 The Kraken is shockingly scary and massive looking for something in the sims, Have to commend them pulling that off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry I’m a bit slow replying! Broadband isn’t getting hooked up for another couple of days so I’m camped out in Starbucks.

      Yeah, it’s nice that the lifeguards seem to know what they’re doing. In general I think this profession plays a bit more smoothly than the Ambitions ones.

      Oh my goodness, the Kraken! It’s really great. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and got a big fright haha 🙂


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