EP Legacy Gameplay 10.5

Tristan asked Maya out on another date but she just got stuck swimming laps around the island again.

I was having more success with Garland, who had rescued enough sims from drowning to unlock the sixth uncharted island, Cay to the City.

Cay to the City has a decent enough build area, but I finally settled on Diver’s Den as the location for our resort. I had to build out into the water to make use of the full 50×60 lot. None of the resort towers really fit the style I chose, so I’m using Margaret Pendragon’s replacement rugs.

I don’t know how interesting this feature is going to be for you to read about; a lot of it is just fiddling about with menus, which probably won’t translate that well to the blog post format. And I do still feel that the most enjoyable way to build up a resort is with a starter family, adding more features as you get the cash. Maybe that’s something I’ll show off at some point using different sims, but with this resort I just placed everything I knew we’d need all at once.

Freila used her witch’s magic to upgrade all the plumbing and appliances.

I hired one maintenance worker to keep the beds made and floors mopped, but had Freila handle the repairs herself. With the sinks and bathtubs I’d actually gone with self-cleaning rather than unbreakable, because if Freila can complete the ‘plumber’ challenge by repairing ten plumbing objects, they’ll never break again anyway. Assuming this works, it’s a sneaky way to get both upgrades on the same object.

After a long afternoon’s work, Freila invited her brother over to sample the buffet.

The next morning, the first review came in. It was entirely positive, praising the gym facilities and food selection.

Our finances, however, were in a bad state. No matter how nice your resort, you can only earn half a star rating a day, and I had stupidly placed down two fully upgraded resort towers. Our one star rating just wasn’t enough to attract enough guests to fill up our 144 sim capacity, leaving us with a daily loss of  2,034 simoleons. A popup warned me that the resort would be closed if it didn’t start to turn a profit.

The next day things looked a tiny bit better. More positive reviews brought a 1.5 star rating and an occupancy increase from 33 to 64, but we were still in the red.

There were other problems too. For one, I probably shouldn’t have use cfe to force pools into the decking. This paparazzi got really confused. Let’s call this build a failed concept model.

But those are just the little private pools for the VIP suites; there is a main pool for everyone to use as well. Unfortunately, for no reason I could fathom, it was totally unrouteable. At least stuff like that has no impact on the guest reviews.

I did want to show off a couple of the new pool features, so I had Garland and Tristan check into a rival resort. Don’t tell Freila.

Garland enjoyed a drink at the pool bar while Tristan played in the waterfall.

I felt a bit guilty, especially when the next day the pool at Diver’s Den was working fine again. I tested it several times after this and the problem never reoccurred. Here’s Garland pretending he never left.

In other good news, we were finally in profit, with an occupancy of 132 out of 144. Two star reviews continue to commend the buffet, beach location, and hot tubs.

To celebrate I wanted Freila to stay in one of the VIP suites with Rajan, but apparently you can only do this with sims in your household. Undeterred from my plan, I had her ask him to move in with her.

The couple were then able to check in together.

Just as their stay was coming to an end, spooky day arrived. I decided to use one of the islands we own as a party venue, although it turns out it’s not possible to throw a party at your second home, so I had to sell it and convert it to a community lot.

It was fun to see the usual array of firefighters, hot dogs, cats, and clowns in this tropical setting.

I noticed Freila wasn’t wearing a costume.

Half way through the party, I found out why.

After most of the guests had left, I decided to have my sims and their partners put up some tents and stay overnight at the party venue.

The next day, Garland asked Courtney to move in, fulfilling a wish he’d had locked in for weeks.

Looking through Courtney’s information, I saw she was a level one personal trainer. At first I thought it would be fun to have her hang out at our resort training the guests, but no one ever shows up there apart from the occasional paparazzi maybe once every three days (supposed occupancy bears no relation to the guests who actually appear on the lot), so I ended up just sending her to the community gym.

Diver’s Den reached 3.5 stars, and the reviews remained broadly positive. One poster did complain the pool bar was crowded, but I don’t have space to add a second one. If I ever build another resort, I think I’ll definitely go for a 60×60 completely on land.

When all the resort’s rooms had filled up, I increased the cost to stay there from cheap to moderate. Since we were by this point making a solid daily profit of 6,562 simoleons I also upped the food quality at the buffet and food stands and turned on spa facilities and room service for my resort towers. The spa options are especially good because your own sims can get everything for free – not that money’s really a concern for us.

Tristan finally managed to get together with Maya for a date.

They met up right next to Rocky Reef, so I risked inviting her to dive there. She swam over, even though I’d selected ‘boat here with…’, but at least she went in the right direction.

While Tristan was waiting for her to do her breaststroke over to him, I saw an NPC being attacked by a shark! I didn’t know this could happen up at the surface.

In the dive lot, Maya still had no tail.

They hadn’t been down there for long when the lot got reset and they both got dumped on the nearest beach. This was probably actually a good thing, because if I’d had Tristan try to invite her back to the shore who knows where she would have tried to swim off to. I decided the simplest thing to do was just to have Tristan ask her to move in.

Removing her mermaid occult state then adding it back restored her tail. Hooray!

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 10.5

  1. Poor Maya, she needs a built in GPS! Looks like the resort is off to a good start, and those nosey paparazzi deserve to get stuck sometimes!! lol Good chapter with lots of progress (and a pregnancy!!). =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The swimming through the deck made me burst out laughing. The cats eyed me funny. 😉 The pool features IP added are probably my favorite part of the expansion, beyond the obvious houseboats and scuba diving. But considering how often the boats and diving glitch, I use the pool stuff more often! Though oddly, not often on my own lots. The resort is gorgeous…looks so relaxing! I’m curious to know if the plumbing thing works out! And looking forward to seeing the new baby!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, happy to amuse 🙂 The pool features are nice. With this pack and Seasons together your sims could throw an amazing summer pool party!

      The plumbing trick seems to work but it’s something that’s hard to test for sure. I’ve never had something break when I do it, although I may just have been lucky.

      Happy simming! xx


  3. Lol at the the guy swimming through the deck, Glitches are annoying but funny.. 😛 The pool fountain is one of my favorite items that came with IP. Maya reminds me of Storm from the Xmen with the new hair style you gave her. That is amazing view from the window in the bathtub picture with Rajan. Also loving the views from the infinity pool and drinking shots under that picture. Id certainly love to stay at a resort like that once. The spooky day party you set up looks like a fun place. I really like the rustic dance floor you set up with the string lights, really pretty. 🙂 I haven’t tried running a resort yet but it looks like it may be a bit frustrating at times. Thanks for the tip to start it from the ground up.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I see the resemblance! That white hair is very striking 🙂

      I do like building resorts, and they can be fun to play too, but weirdly I don’t think the two combine very well! But then I’ve never been very good at expanding my builds as I go along – I have to make the shell all at once xx


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