EP Legacy Gameplay 10.6

Freila’s labour began while she and Rajan were enjoying another little getaway to the Diver’s Den resort. She waited patiently in her little rowing boat while Rajan changed into and out of his swimwear three times then swam the long way round the buildings to meet her.

After a boat ride that took about four sim hours (and I’m using Nraas Relativity, so it would have been even longer without mods), Freila gave birth to a little girl, Mira Patel-Hai, whom I gave the genius trait. She’s a witch like her mum, but she didn’t get the fairy powers, and at 12.5% her alien DNA percentage is too low to have any effect on her appearance or abilities.

The ridiculous journey to the hospital made me realize it was time to trade in everyone’s jet skis and rowing boats for the fastest speed boats. These should make getting around a little less painful.

With the addition of baby Mira to the household, I also decided it was time to move out of our little houseboat into something bigger. I chose the house I built for my Showtime generation, which I think fits in quite well with this world.

Diver’s Den reached five stars. It now brings in 15,024 simoleons a day, and Freila was very quickly able to fulfill her resort empire lifetime wish and unlock another secret island, No Trouble Atoll. This will probably be the last one we get, as the eighth, Plumbob Island, requires you to find an especially rare message in a bottle.

Running an established resort places hardly any demands on your sims. The lifeguard profession’s fairly low impact too, so I think I could easily have got away with just having two heirs this generation. Still, at least Freila has lots of free time to spend with her daughter.

I noticed that Tristan and Maya can satisfy their hunger motives with normal food. I thought mermaids could only eat kelp and raw fish, so I wonder whether one of my mods is responsible for this.

A couple of days passed, and Mira had her first birthday party.

The next day I thought was Snowflake Day, so I arranged a gift giving party for my sims’ close family members. It turned out I’d misread the calendar and it wasn’t until the following week, but everyone had a good time nonetheless.

I encountered a new mermaid bug. Tristan has taken to walking on the seabed using his fins like feet.

Freila and Rajan took Mira out for a day at the beach.

It wasn’t long before Freila was expecting again. Maya fell pregnant around the same time.

This time I went for home births. Maya’s baby boy came first, followed by a little sister for Mira in the early hours of the following morning. I called Tristan and Maya’s mermaid son Ithamar, and gave him the genius and loves the outdoors traits. Freila and Rajan’s daughter Lavanya rolled friendly and disciplined, and has no supernatural powers.

Ithamar won’t get his tail until he’s a teenager, but as soon as he became a toddler I could see his little scaly legs.

Mira had another birthday.

To celebrate, her mum took her water skiing. It was scary at first, but Mira soon got the hang of it. I love that the water sports that came with this pack are available to children as well as adults.

I also bought Mira an adorable little paddle boat so she doesn’t have to take water taxis everywhere.

When the real Snowflake Day arrived that weekend, I decided just to have the family spend the day at the beach, since they’d already had their party.

They stayed there until late afternoon, when the sky started to cloud over.

That evening, Freila and Rajan went for drinks at the bistro.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 10.6

  1. Wow! That chapter seemed to cover a lot of territory! Darn kids, they just grow up so quickly!! lol I think Rajan must be a bit of a diva, having to change his clothes so often, and while his girlfriend is waiting to give birth! Glad you got rid of the rowboats. I’ve always loved that swan paddle boat, and Mira looks so cute, using it. I see we (finally!) have a wedding coming! (Sign of the times – kids, THEN marriage!! =D ) Your pictures are beautiful, by the way! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, sorry, we’re moving quite fast now. The next part will by the last in this generation actually, and it’s a short one.

      I have no idea what Rajan was doing. He couldn’t decide between his trunks and his regular clothes. Definitely a secret diva! 🙂

      Haha, yep, babies first. I only let my sims when marry when they both wish for it.

      Happy simming xx


  2. The Showtime house really fits in well on Isla Paradiso, the style looks totally in-keeping.

    I’m definitely going to have my sims hang out more at the beach on weekends – IP really did add a lot of fun activities for them to get up to. I love the look of the windsurfing and jet skiing, and I always think the sandcastles look super-cute!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol its really annoying when sims switch outfits multiple times before actually doing something. Seems to happen before boat rides and when there is snow. The house you built looks amazing in Isla Paradiso. Loving all of the family time on the beach pictures. I never thought to bring a baby to the beach with the baby mat. Its such a useful item. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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