EP Legacy Gameplay 10.7

Freila and Rajan had their wedding in the back yard.

It was a nice excuse to get my old sims together again. Here are Rosanna and Marika relaxing on the kitchen patio.

Mira played a game of Gnubb with her grandma.

The next day, Ithamar had a birthday party.

His dad aged up too, finally ditching the underwater sunglasses. Now he has a new hairstyle in his mermaid form that I don’t know how to change, but I think it looks kind of okay. He’s also started swimming properly again, rather than waddling about on his fins.

Garland rescued his fiftieth sim, completing his lifetime wish. This one took a long time, but it is achievable.

Mira and Ithamar went wind surfing.

Eventually Mira and Lavanya’s birthdays rolled around and I decided to place and rent out for them one of my favourite venues, InvisibleLyndz’ Oceane Waterpark. Isn’t it stunning?

I gave Mira the ambitious trait, and her sister rolled good sense of humour.

I had invited all the neighborhood children and teens to come and celebrate with them.

At this point I felt like I’d covered most of the features well enough and stopped taking regular pictures, but when Ithamar grew into his tail I did make sure to get one shot of him with his family.

So that was Island Paradise. I did enjoy myself, but I think this is the only generation so far that’s resulted in me lowering my opinion of the expansion pack I was playing. Everything was just so buggy! I think the pack also feels pretty sparse, especially in comparison to University Life and Supernatural (and maybe even Seasons, which somehow ended up having the most parts). I like the scuba diving a lot, and running a resort can be fun under the right circumstances, but I’d already explored those things pretty thoroughly when I first got the pack. The lack of really deep, interesting systems made the bugs all the more glaring, because I wasn’t simultaneously making exciting discoveries to counterbalance them.

It’s probably also the case that this pack isn’t served very well by the focused style of play this legacy entails. I love having my families go surfing at the weekends, or fishing from their boats, but those just aren’t the kinds of activities that it’s really fun to build a whole sim around. I had quite bad lag on the houseboats, but otherwise Isla Paradiso seemed to run fine with the fix I was using. It’s also in my opinion the most beautiful world, and one I’d be delighted to return to either for a vacation or to stay, provided the sims I was playing had a robust set of goals and interests not limited to Island Paradise content.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 10.7

  1. I am planning on playing in this world, it is so beautiful! I tried once, but all the bugs got to me, so I gave up. Now that I have info on how to solve those problems, perhaps I will give it another try!. I think your story did quite well, actually, and the merman walking on his tail was actually kind of funny!! =D Glad to see his ability to swim properly came with his “old” age! Your sims were all lovely, as always, and I enjoyed the pictures. Happy writing, GC!! ♥

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    • That’s great! I hope you have fun playing it. Let me know if you need any more advice about the bugs, because I really do feel I’ve experienced almost all of them!

      So happy you enjoyed this generation 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and happy simming xx


  2. I really enjoyed your IP chapters – I like how you do honestly report the bugs and don’t just gloss over things. It’s good to know any workarounds you find, and also to see how rewarding it can be to just persevere and cross your fingers and hope for the best!! It’s definitely made me want to play the IP content again, I got a bit disheartened with all the glitchyness and bugs when I first got the EP, but I can see that there’s obviously a lot of fun to be had (as well as a touch of frustration!).

    Strange the simming whims that take me sometimes – having watched you play in a gloriously sunny, summery world, I suddenly felt like playing in a wintry Hidden Springs! I’ve just downloaded Kristjana and the Kitchen Garden Starter home from your studio and am off in-game to enjoy 🙂


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    • Thanks very much for this! I’m really happy the candid reports work for you. I wanted to make this series more of an extended review of each pack in action, rather than a traditional legacy story.

      I can definitely understand being disheartened. This legacy has actually been great for me, because if I were just playing for myself I’d probably give up on a lot of these issues much sooner.

      Lol, well glad to have brought on a simming urge! Hidden Springs in the winter sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy Kristjana and the house. The big lake in HS won’t freeze over, and I remember Kristjana has ‘loves the cold’, so perhaps you could try out those water sports at the same time!

      Happy simming xxx


  3. This was another fun to read chapter, cant believe the generations are almost over. I really love the kiss scene from the wedding, once again such a beautiful background view you chose. The water park venue you showed off is stunning I will certainly be adding that to my game. Thanks for linking it 🙂 Love the final picture of the mermaids all swimming together. You can actually change the mermaid outfit using nrass stylist when they are underwater to get rid of accessories and change hair styles.

    Its a shame the pack is so buggy even though its kind of one of my favorites because of the expanded beach and pool activities which I love but I haven’t played in Isla Paradiso in ages due to the lag. Will have to look into the fix at some point.

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    • Yes, you’ve just got ITF to go now! 🙂 I am completely in love with that water park. The way she’s used different objects is so creative. I hope you enjoy having it in your game.

      I actually tried Nraas stylist but I couldn’t figure it out for the mermaid outfit. It ended up changing my mermaids into their outwear while they were underwater! But it works fine for you? xx


      • Hmm that’s really odd I haven’t had issues changing the mermaid outfit. Did you try editing during winter? Wonder if that causes the outerwear issue. Can usually use that feature to edit the hair, accessories and change the top on the female if you want her to wear something different than the shell bra.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes it might have been winter – difficult to remember in IP because of how I have the climate set up. Really useful to know it’s working correctly for you though. Will have to check again next time I’m playing a mermaid xx


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