EP Legacy Gameplay 11.1

Well here we are on the last generation with Into the Future. I’ve been looking forward to this one, because before now I hadn’t taken the time to explore the expansion pack properly. I made a plumbot once, and I occasionally use some of the new gadgets in my sims’ homes, but I’ve never even been to the future world. I’m going to be just figuring out how everything works as I go along, so do feel free to let me know in the comments if I’m missing something!

Our final heirs are Freila and Rajan’s elder daughter Mira Patel-Hai, and her BFF Ithamar, who is Tristan and Maya’s only child.

Mira’s traits are genius, ambitious, charismatic, born saleswoman, bot fan, family-orientated, and vehicle enthusiast. While I was waiting for Ithamar to grow up, I had her study from home for a degree in Technology. She’s going to be working in the mechanic branch of the bot arena career, and getting really involved in building a variety of plumbots. Mira’s lifetime wish is ‘more than machine’ – to reach level ten in the bot building skill and give a plumbot sentience.

Ithamar’s traits are genius, gatherer, loves the outdoors, handy, excitable, and daredevil. He’s going to be working in the astrophysicist branch of the astronomer career, getting to grips with all of Oasis Landing’s futuristic technology, and hunting down nanites for Mira to use.  His lifetime wish is to be a ‘high tech collector’.

Mira is still a witch, but I got rid of Ithamar’s mermaid occult state because I didn’t like the idea of having to check constantly on his hydration level while he’s running around Oasis Landing hunting for collectables.

I decided only to have two official heirs this generation, but I also wanted to take a look at the new ‘unstable’ trait, so I’ve given it to Mira’s younger sister Lavanya. This trait can cause other ones to switch about, and I thought it might be interesting take her with us to the future every now and then to see what impact the changes have on her descendants. For now, she’s unstable, friendly, disciplined, a supernatural skeptic, and has commitment issues and a good sense of humour.

Mira and Lavanya’s mum Freila, now a retired power broker, is still in the household, although I expect she’ll be staying in Isla Paradiso most of the time.

When you load up a new game with Into the Future Installed, a mysterious portal crashes to the ground in a flash of light. But we’re still in the save file from last generation, so I just placed it from buy mode. Ithamar went over to investigate.

As soon as he’d interacted with the portal, out jumped Emit Relevart, a time traveler from the future.

Ithamar called Mira over to meet their strange visitor.

Emit is meant immediately to give your sims an ‘almanac of time’ and ask them to help repair his portal, which will allow them to travel to the future,  but none of this happened for me. I tried having Ithamar befriend him and ask him about the future, and I even placed portals on different lots about town in case the problem was due to some weird routing issue.

Nothing had worked, and it was getting late, so he invited Emit to stay for dinner.

Next on my list of possible solutions was to move the family out then back in again, which I tried the next morning but changed nothing. To experiment, I loaded up a different save of mine – a teacher and her two daughters I’m playing in Appaloosa Plains – and there the time traveler scenario was working as intended.

Just as I was contemplating the excruciating possibility of having to move all my Isla Paradiso sims over to a fresh save and import the settings for each of my Nraas mods,  it occurred to me to try to switch households. I chose Garland and Courtney’s daughter, and placed a portal in her garden. Emit appeared and without any fuss at all handed an almanac of time and gave her an opportunity to gather power cells for his portal.

The power cells were easy to find, and with them Emit was able to get his portal working again.

It seems you only have to complete the opportunity once per save file, because when I switched back to my main household the almanacs of time were showing up in their inventories and their portal was prepped for time travel.

Mira and Ithamar stepped into it.

They emerged in the futuristic world of Oasis Landing.

This place is beautiful.

I’m looking forward to building a home here eventually, but first I want to get my head around all the things to do here, and also take a look at the utopian and dystopian versions of the world. Until then, my sims will be staying in the Community Living Center, which acts like a World Adventures base camp. They introduced themselves to some of the other sims living there.

It was almost time to go out and explore the world, but first I sent Mira and Ithamar to sign up for their jobs at the bot arena and stellar observatory respectively. I love the hover cabs!

Their next destination was EP-XI Imports Gallery. Sorry about the dead trees: winter has just arrived in my game.

One the the areas inside the gallery sells clothes, another feature new to Into the Future. Without Ani’s deafault replacements for the pedestals, I find that building your own shops is more trouble than it’s worth, but the vanilla versions are at least a fun way to kit your sims out in new attire when they first arrive in the future.

I decided to design some new futuristic outfits for Mira and Ithamar. I’m not a big fan of the style of clothing in this pack, but there are a few pieces that have really nice lines. I also gave Mira a haircut, because a while ago I downloaded a female conversion of one of the male Into the Future hairs and I think it looks good on her.

The friends continued to browse through the gallery for a while. Mira contemplated a flashy orange hover car, but I decided to wait until they have a home of their own here.

From the gadgets section, Ithamar bought a hover board, which he can now use instead of walking.

His first dismount was quite clumsy. He’ll become more sure of himself as his advanced technology skill increases.

Mira and Ithamar sat down to get some lunch at the restaurant next to the shops. The waiters here are plumbots, serving food from futuristic ‘food synthesizers’. This is a feature I enjoy a lot. It has its limitations, since it’s difficult to control where your sims sit and since each waiter can only take one order at a time – but it’s nice to have as an option, particularly for simmers who don’t have the bistro set from the store or just don’t want to have menus out on the tables all the time. I think the plumbots are adorable and they work perfectly for Oasis Landing, but what’s great is that if you place a food replicator on a community lot in a regular world, it will be a human NPC who spawns as the waiter.

A wide range of food was available, including lots of familiar meals, but I had my sims order a couple of the new dishes. All of these are super cute. In my normal game play, I love to serve them at children’s birthday parties.

Mira would be working nights for a while as part of the cleanup crew at the bot arena, so after lunch I sent her back to the community center to get some sleep in one of the dream pods available there. If you choose, in these pods you can have your sims dream about particular things, directing their imaginations in ways that may result in a wide variety of bad, neutral, or positive moodlets. I can definitely see some simmers finding this feature fun, but I usually can’t be bothered keeping an eye on my sims while they sleep, so I only tried it out a few times.

While Mira was resting, I sent Ithamar to take a class in advanced technology at the observatory. As well as leveling up the skill a little, this class unlocks two new self-interactions, ‘commemorate moon landing’ (a flag salute) and ‘moon bounce’ (a zero-gravity hop and flip that grants a speedy fun boost).

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 11.1

  1. Such an attractive group of sims! (really hoping you upload them, loving Mira, Ithamar, and Lavanya!) There’s a lot of things I really enjoy about ITF, but some of them are more trouble than they’re worth, to me. 😉 Not a huge fan of the bots, but the laser rhythm-a-con is vastly entertaining. I still haven’t gotten around to playing the the utopian and distopian versions of Oasis Landing yet. And I absolutely love the recolor of Mira’s dress (the one before she gets her makeover)…such a great combo I never would have thought of for that dress! Can’t wait to see what other fun they get up to in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you. Yes, I’ll upload the whole household at the end of this generation since it will also be the end of the legacy!

      I quite like the bots, although I can see they wouldn’t be for everyone. The sound’s a bit dodgy on my computer so I haven’t got round to the laser rhythm-a-con yet, but I will do at some point because I know there’s a legacy statue relating to it.

      Glad you like the recolour 🙂 I’d never used that dress before xx


  2. I think you are going to love it there!! The Utopia world is hilarious, and very pretty. Dystopia, although kind of dark, offers all kinds of opportunities. I can see your sims really enjoying themselves in the future (and you, too!)!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This will be a fun read, I like ITF but have never really got to much into the expansion. It is really pretty and the obviously put a lot of work into the pack. Good idea removing Ithamar’s mermaid status seem to remember someone saying there is no salt water in that world so he would have lost his tail without the perma mermaid LTW. On a side note I wonder if keeping a mermaid stocked with those shower in a can things from world adventures would be a good idea for them. Anyway back to the pack lol sorry I get side tracked easily. Liking the new outfits you made for them. I didn’t know the advanced technology skill gave them some new self interactions will have to test that on one of my sims with that skill. Isn’t amazing all of the things there are still to learn about the game? Beautiful pictures as well. Loving the picture of him using the hover board, really great angle on the shot and lol at the picture of his dismount with Mira running after him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s funny, I hadn’t got into it either, but it was fun to play through. It will be interesting to hear what you think!

      Showers in a can are great ideas for mermaids, and they should replenish the hydration motive. I tried that successfully while I was messing about with some other sims, although I can’t remember whether it was with a plantsim or a mermaid.

      The new interactions are actually from the skill class, not the skill itself. Quite a nice touch, though. Yes, there’s always so much to discover! I’ve enjoyed learning new things throughout this legacy. Haha, I like that shot of Ithamar falling too. It looks like Mira’s running to help him, but I think she was just hungry 😀


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