EP Legacy Gameplay 11.2

Lying around the community centre, I noticed various gadgets that were presumably there for the taking. I picked up a windcarver for Mira and for Ithamar this cute holo disc sprite. I stuck with her default name, Melanie.

I never understood how the sprites worked before. I knew there were multiple designs, but I thought you had to keep them all in your inventory individually and pay attention to all their mood levels. But it’s actually only one object that can change its appearance on demand. You keep it happy by talking to and cleaning it, and can unlock other sprite forms by asking NPCs to share theirs with you.

After Ithamar had collected a few more forms, he had to head off to work, and I switched control to Mira. She took a class in the bot building skill, and then went to the bot shop next door to start designing trait chips and nanites.

Nanites are a special kind of mechanical bug that are on the ingredients list for a lot of the plumbot trait chips. The designs for many of them can be discovered using the bot building station, although the rarest ones have to be captured in the wild and then reverse engineered. Mira unlocked a couple of designs, but her first attempts to follow them ended in the nanites escaping and creeping all over her!

When she reached level two of the bot building skill, Mira was able to create her first plumbot.

Don’t get too attached to the plumbot, because I’ve decided to sell the first few Mira makes. There are a lot of different trait chips and customisable CAB (Create-a-Bot) parts, and I’m quite keen to play around with them before I settle on a design. It’s easy to alter a bot’s traits or appearance,  but I think I’d rather mine had individual characteristics that don’t change too much. And I don’t want a whole household full of them, so the sales block it is. To help me stay emotionally uninvested, I just named Mira’s creation ‘Plumbot 1.0’.

When they are first made, Plumbots don’t have any personalities. Their social options are pretty limited and they and only very basic needs – battery power and maintenance. Tune ups keep their maintenance high and improve their quality, while battery power can be filled up at recharging stations like these.

After work, Ithamar took the ZEPHYR out to the wasteland to find some ingredients for Mira.

I think the ZEPHYR is pretty nifty, but I love the wasteland even more. It’s beautiful in its own desolate way and would be great for storytellers.

It’s also meant to be full of wild nanites, but I couldn’t find any with the collection helper. I did turn the option to suppress insects in the winter off in Nraas Tempest, but I don’t know if maybe they just take a while to spawn. Anyway, the trip wasn’t a waste, because Ithamar was able to harvest several crystal plants.

Using these, and a few common nanites she’d successfully created, Mira was able to make her first two trait chips – ‘competent cleaner’ and ‘friendly functions’. She installed them in Plumbot 1.0’s chip docks.

Competent cleaner just makes the plumbot prioritize cleaning actions, but I didn’t get any use of it because synthesized food doesn’t seem to spoil and future tech plumbing doesn’t need much maintenance. Friendly functions proved more fruitful, as it unlocks the full suite of normal friendly interactions with both sims and fellow plumbots.

Eventually, we’ll start entering our plumbots in competitions at the arena, where they’ll be able to show off their charisma, athletic, or bot building skills. Plumbot 1.0 probably wouldn’t do very well, because she doesn’t have the trait chip necessary to unlock those skills. However, in the mean time, as a ‘bot fan’, Mira can actually disguise herself as a plumbot and enter the competitions!

It’s just a rabbit hole thing, similar to the equestrian competitions from Pets. I signed Mira up for the advanced ‘EmotiBotting’ contest, the charisma one. I liked the idea of a sim pretending to be a plumbot pretending to be a sim. She came in first and won a trophy.

That night, Ithamar, Mira, and Plumbot 1.0 went to check out Loel’s Lounge.

It was completely empty, probably because Oasis Landing has a relatively low number of residents: Story Progression is always shouting at me about wanting to move more sims in.

Ithamar and Mira ordered some synthesized drinks. These come in a wide array of colours and I love how they look, but the actual experience with them is frustrating because you can’t choose where your sims sit when they drink them or have them talk to one another at the same time, so it all just feels a bit sad. On balance I think I prefer the nectar and Late Night drinks, which do allow for these limited forms of multi-tasking.

Plumbots can order cans of oil. Cute!

Mira sampled some more futuristic food.

Over the next couple of days, she created two more trait chips – ‘sense of humour’ and ‘fear of humans’. The latter is the only one I don’t want to try, because I’ve heard it just makes the plumbot faint around sims, which sounds annoying. I had her consign it instead.

‘Sense of humour’ is entertaining. It unlocks the normal funny interactions branch, but also allows plumbots to perform little stand-up routines!

Ithamar continued to explore the wasteland whenever he wasn’t at work. Excavating the piles of debris to be found there, he discovered lots of fragments 1, 2, and 4 of a mysterious object. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t find number 3, so we’ll have to wait until the next part for that.

Just from using his windcarver, looking after Melanie, and trying out the amenities at the community center, he’d managed to get his advanced technology skill up high enough for me to be comfortable having him use a jet pack. These can be extremely dangerous at lower levels.

Eventually, he reached level ten, completing his lifetime wish. I used some of the points to buy him the ‘future sim’ lifetime reward, which gave his phone a cosmetic upgrade.

We’d been in Oasis Landing for a week, so I decided it was about time to travel back home to see Mira’s mum and sister. But first, Ithamar went to city hall to check the lottery records, and Mira said goodbye to her creation.

She seemed thrilled about her first sale.

Then it was back to Isla Paradiso.

No time had passed while they’d been away, which makes sense I guess. I think I’d rather visit Oasis Landing like a regular subhood, with everyone aging at the same rate  across worlds, but I can see it’s been set it up like it has.


4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 11.2

  1. I love that bot fans can enter the competition, that’s really funny. I never noticed how pretty the wasteland was until that picture of yours, its really quite picturesque. 🙂 I really need to play through the ITF content again, there really is quite a bit.

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