EP Legacy Gameplay 11.3

After he’d caught up with his friends, Ithamar went to the grocery store to buy a lottery ticket.

The insider information he’d picked up in the future allowed him to win a big prize. We already have many millions of simoleons, so I didn’t notice exactly how much it was; I think a few hundred thousand. He then donated 50,000 to the ‘plan the future fund’ at City Hall. When we went back to the future, we were to see a ‘renowned philanthropist’ legacy statue in his image.

But that wasn’t the only thing that would be different, because I’d decided to trigger the dystopian version of the future. To complete the transition, Ithamar had to run through a series of opportunities. First, he used a meteor magnet to draw down space rocks from the sky. I sent him away from the house to do it, because I was worried they’d smash holes in my build, but they were just tiny things.

Next, he convinced a few sims that the sky was falling down.

Finally, he had to trash talk the environment and persuade his neighbours to start littering.

Then it was off to Oasis Landing. Ithamar and Mira took Lavanya with them this time.

In the dystopian future, the sky is full of smog, the buildings are all dirty, and there are piles of trash everywhere.

I’m  not really sure I buy the story behind this place, or the idea that Ithamar is responsible for it. The buildings are the same as in the neutral future, just grubbier, so whatever went wrong must have gone wrong after future sims built all the beautiful eco-friendly architecture.

Regardless, I love the look of this world so much that I was excited to start exploring. All of the NPCs stay in the same clothes, but I still wanted to give mine a dystopian makeover. I didn’t find anything appropriate among the Into the Future outfits, so I just used some content from the store.

Ithamar went to visit his legacy statue.

As a renowned philanthropist, he can now hand out cheques to sims around town, and has a permanent +15 moodlet while in the future.

Something else I noticed was that Ithamar and Mira had both lost their jobs. Again, that makes sense because they hadn’t been to this version of the future yet, but it’s a bit inconsistent because their NPCs friends and acquaintances here remember them from the neutral future.

I decided just to wait until we’re done with changing the future to have my sims rejoin their careers, and to have them spend their time until then pursuing their hobbies. Mira made her second plumbot, Plumbot 2.0.

Ithamar went hunting for wild nanites, which are now spawning as intended.

The wasteland looks amazing at twilight. I love this version of the future!

After a couple of days of collecting, he’d found all but one of the varieties of nanite. To get the final one, I had him use his existing supply to clean up some of the trash piles. After the pile has been cleared, another nanite appears – usually different from the one you just used up, and often rare or uncommon.

Ithamar gave his finds to Mira and she reverse engineered the ones she hadn’t learned how to make yet. Now she’ll be able to use the bot building station to create them at any time for a small fee.

She also used her science skill to take samples of the rarer ones to clone later. This is a more cost-effective way to produce nanites if your sims are on a budget, but in my family’s case I just think it’s fun to have more than one way of doing it.

Any surplus nanites can be displayed like regular bugs, consigned at the bot shop, or fed to holo sprites.

There are other bugs to be found too, and they are especially plentiful in dystopia. Here are the new pill bug and honeypot ant.

In this version of the future, regular bugs like these can even be eaten, although it’s probably not advisable.

Mira created some trait chips for Plumbot 2.0. She’d discovered the designs for a few more by this point – A.I. Angler, Solar Machine, Musical Machine, and Mood Adjuster.

A.I. Angler unlocks and maxes out a plumbot’s fishing skill, and Solar Machine makes its batteries able to be recharged by the sun. The two go well together because they allow plumbots to stay outside all day angling without needing to find a charging station. In the dystopian future, that means catching a lot of mutated three-eyed fish.

In the evenings, Plumbot 2.0 entertained everyone with his laser rhythm-a-con skills, thanks to his Musical Machine chip.

Mood Adjuster is the best so far I think. Most useful is a ‘mood beam’ that maxes out the target sim’s fun motive and bestows an additional +40 moodlet.

This chip also unlocks a couple of massages. One is just a regular back massage.

The other is rather turbulent-looking full body massage.


2 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 11.3

  1. My first time seeing so much footage of the dystopian future. Love love love the dystopian steam punky outfits you made for them. ❤ Also loving that picture of the wasteland with the yellow sky. That's an amazing picture. That massage where they shake the sim always makes me lol. It doesn't look exactly relaxing lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s a bit more in the next part! Glad you like the outfits 🙂 It’s a shame we didn’t get anything like this with the pack itself, but it was nice to have an opportunity to use those pieces from the store.

      The lighting is the dystopian future is great. Burnt waffles actually has a mod to get in regular worlds if you’re interested: http://brntwaffles.tumblr.com/post/88241782492/dystopian-lighting-mod-heavily-requested-and Could be good for an apocalypse challenge.

      Haha, that massage is so silly but I like it. I found out recently that it doesn’t satisfy the ‘receive a massage’ wish pregnant sims often roll; I guess that’s no surprise really!


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