EP Legacy Gameplay 11.4

After we’d been in the future for a little while, I noticed that Lavanya hadn’t been getting the ‘out of sorts’ moodlet she’s meant to receive every morning. Has anyone else had an issue with this in Oasis Landing? This is what is meant to lead to trait changes, so if the problem persists, we’re probably not going to get any out of the unstable trait, because the family isn’t going to be spending much time back in Isla Paradiso. [Update: It turns out that the unstable trait does trigger in Oasis Landing, just not if your sim’s been sleeping in the dream pod.]

Anyway, I still had Lavanya track down her descendants, a wealthy, elderly couple with no children.

The rest of the time, I just had her explore. She sorted through some trash piles and investigated a rift.

Ithamar had been digging about too, and had eventually found the mysterious fragment he’d been missing. With all the pieces, he was able to assemble a key to open a crashed ship in the wasteland.

I thought there was meant to be some Sims 4 promotional art inside, but I just saw a regular wall projector.

He did also find a strange triangular object that unlocked a Sims 4 dream, but it didn’t give me any more options for the wall projector. It vanished after Ithamar had activated it, so I wasn’t able to get a picture.

Before travelling back to the present, there was one more area I wanted to explore: the mining district. This is another aspect of Oasis Landing I love, and I think it goes especially well with the dystopian version of the future. The design was probably inspired by the outer districts of Panem from The Hunger Games trilogy, but it also makes me think of the rim planets from one of my favourite shows, Firefly.

Ithamar, Mira, and Lavanya visited the bar there.

It was disappointing inside – just a regular dive bar – but I think it would be fun to make over.

That was about everything I wanted to check out in the dystopian future. Do let me know I missed anything! I think there are meant to be a lot of meteors and lightening strikes here, which would have been exciting, but I never saw any. Still, I loved the feel of this place so much that I think at some point I’m going to create a family to live here permanently; I’m just not really into the switching around different futures mechanic.

Mira sold Plumbot 2.0 and everyone headed home.

After a night’s sleep in her own bed, Lavanya got her ‘out of sorts’ moodlet. I had her breathe into a paper bag to get rid of it. Next time she gets it, I’ll let it run its course; I just wanted to show off the paper bag animation at least once.

Ithamar, meanwhile, set about triggering the utopian future. He had to measure some sims’ laughter and then test out a dew that made them change colour.

I switched Ithamar and Mira back into their futuristic attire, and gave Lavanya some too.

I love this hairstyle.

Then it was off to the utopian future.

There is a big, straight, permanent rainbow in the sky here. Unfortunately it seems only to be visible from up in the sky, but there are often lots of little curved ones that you can see from the ground.

The world is quite pretty, but I think something is definitely wrong with my world event markers because several of the buildings still had their dirty, dystopian appearance.

Also, I read that the sims here are meant to have a silly walk, but they’re all moving about normally for me.

Ithamar unearthed some treasure at the end of a rainbow. It was a rainbow beetle.

Mira created Plumbot 3.0.

To contrast with her cheerful appearance, I the plumbot ‘sinister circuits’, which enables mean social interactions.

Mira discovered how to make ‘capacity to love’, so I decided to give that to Plumbot 3.0 too. It allowed her to interact romantically with both sims and other plumbots, but none of her advances were well received because she couldn’t stop being mean.

I gave her ‘algorithmic artist’ to distract her from harassing people.

The utopian future seems to have less going on than the dystopian one. Probably the most notable features here are the giant flowers that yield dews like the ones Ithamar used back in Isla Paradiso; but turning my sims different colours isn’t something that interests me too much. I do, however, think that the flasks of dew will make lovely decorations for builds, so I had Ithamar spend a couple of days collecting them.

Sorry if the exploration of utopia felt a bit half-hearted. In the remaining parts, we’ll be back in the neutral future, where we still have a good amount of objects and activities to try out, sims to meet, and of course a house to build!

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 11.4

  1. I am so sorry you missed out on that silly walk they do!! It is actually quite annoying to me, so perhaps it’s a good thing you didn’t have to see it constantly. I think there were probably a few other features missing when you went to the Utopia site, but can’t remember what right now. I think Dystopia would be ideal for Steampunk deco and buildings! I noticed you used the Steampunk clothing for that segment, too! I have never seen the paper bag trick…funny!! =D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have never made an unstable sim so this was my first time seeing the paper bag interaction. It does sound like a fun trait but feel like my sim constantly changing would kind of annoy me.I like Plumbot 3.0’s rainbow paint job that is really creative. Your use of create a style always inspires me. 🙂 Also like that shes cute and cheerful but is mean. Love don’t judge a book by it’s cover characters. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t like the unstable trait very much. It probably needs fixing and re-balancing. I thought it could have been interesting to have a sim causing upheavals by changing her personality all the time, but Lavanya was just dropping traits instead of swapping them for others. There were also negative moodlets to deal with, with no obvious positive flip side – unlike most of the other ‘negative’ traits xx


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