EP Legacy Gameplay 11.5

Ithamar completed the short opportunity chain to restore the neutral future. As rewards for having triggered all three versions, he was promised another legacy statue and also received a ‘time remote control’ that will allow him to switch between the different futures at will.

Lavanya had a delusional episode that almost resulted in her losing one of her traits. It wasn’t replaced with anything, and I don’t want her trait slots, so I sent her to the hospital to cure her. The unstable trait’s been rather unimpressive so far.

Back in the neutral future, the restaurant cover was still dirty. Resetting it didn’t help, so I think I’ll just go into buy mode and switch it for a clean one.

Ithamar and Mira’s jobs hadn’t been returned to them. I would have thought that repairing the time line would have fixed this. I definitely won’t be revisiting dystopia or utopia, as I want to get them to the tops of their careers.

And while we’re on the subject of strange design choices, I noticed something odd about Lavanya’s two new descendants. They both had her distinctive hair colour, so were obviously independently related to her, but they were also married to each other. Of course the family tie may go generations back, so there’s not necessarily anything icky going on. Still, it’s just weird that things have been set up like this.

Ithamar went to check out his legacy statue. That’s two now. I doubt I’ll do any more.

Mira created her fourth plumbot. I gave him ‘limitless learning’ and ‘efficient’ and had him enter a few beginning bot competitions.

Thanks to Ithamar’s nanite hunting in dystopia, Mira was also able to construct and install the ‘sentience’ chip.

The chip unlocked the fun and social meters, and allowed 4.0 to contemplate his existence.

It also made him unwilling to perform menial chores for sims he doesn’t know very well.

Mira could usually get him to do what she wanted though. She gave him the ‘holo projector’ chip, and asked him to call up her mum.

Freila’s hologram can walk around the future world and perform interactions just like a normal NPC.

She was able to attend Mira’s birthday party later that day.

I had invited all of Mira and Ithamar’s colleagues to celebrate with the family.

Mira flirted with Edwin Archibilt, while Ithamar shared a deep conversation with Chelsea Gateway. In addition to the genius trait they all share, Mira and Edwin are both ambitious bot fans, and Ithamar and Chelsea are both excitable and courageous (he is a daredevil and she is brave).

The following evening, Ithamar was invited to a party at Chelsea’s house.

He very quickly rolled a wish to move in with her. I decided it was just a little too early for that, but that it was about time my sims got a place of their own. I built them this.

Mira sold 4.0 and created Plumbot 5.0, who will be staying with us for the rest of the legacy.

I had a good think about what trait chips to give her and finally settled on sense of humour for the cute stand-up routine, mood adjuster for the happiness beam, efficient, solar powered, limitless learning so she can learn to tune herself up, holo projector, and robotany gardener.

Limitless learning does make most skills-based chips unnecessary, but the gardening one comes with a the ability to produce high quality fertilizer, which I find useful.

I thought about competent cleaner as well, but in the end opted just to hire a maid instead. When she showed up, I saw she was a plumbot herself, with a little apron design! Oh, and her name was CL3-4N. I love little touches like that.

Another thing I noticed while testing out everything in the house was that sims get an extra moodlet if you set the sonic showers to their favourite colour. The synthesized drinks work like that too. I always enjoy features that bring favourites into play.

The family seemed happy in their new home. Vehicle enthusiast Mira finally got her garage full of futuristic cars.

She took Edwin out for a drive to the park.

Meanwhile, Ithamar invited Chelsea round to check out the new place.

Apparently the bot building station doubles as a woohoo location.

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 11.5

    • Yes, there are so many! The jet pack is another one from this EP but I forgot to show it off.

      I do think bot building is worth a look. I used to be confused by the nanites – I didn’t understand what the difference was between catching them, designing them, creating them, and reverse engineering them. But committing a couple of sims to figuring it all out was really rewarding.

      Happy simming 🙂

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  1. The robo Maid was really cute I didn’t know you could even hire maid in the future. I didn’t know that the shower and drink colors worked with their favorites, that is a really awesome detail. Will have to play with the into the future items more. I love how Mira’s bangs have grayed with age. It gives her a cool scientist look I think. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, all the services seem to be available once you own a house. I wonder how many of the others are bots. I noticed the baby sitter was just a human teen, but it would be interesting to see about the repair, pizza delivery etc.

      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the bangs. I’s cool that the ITF hairs can be recoloured in sections like that, and I thought a grey area might look interesting. Glad you like it:) Have fun with your game!

      Liked by 1 person

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