Final EP Heirs Uploaded

As promised, here are my generation twelve sims. I had to split Ithamar and Chelsea off from the others because they wouldn’t fit in the household! There’s no blood relation there anyway.

I played for a while after the last part, so you’ll notice some new faces: Lavanya’s wife Fawn, and Mira and Edwin’s three children – Arjan, Nico, and Anika.

I’ve given most of them an alternative everyday outfit, in case you want to play them in a present day world. 5.0’s trait chips are in her inventory.



If there are any other sims from any generation of my legacy you’d like to have in your game, just let me know!

5 thoughts on “Final EP Heirs Uploaded

  1. Love them all! Downloading now, since my game is always in need of beautiful sims! (I wouldn’t mind seeing the YA versions of Lavanya, Mira, and Ithamar too, either with or without spouses!)

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