Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 1

Welcome to my second legacy challenge here at GC Sims! The format’s going to be similar to that of my last one – just candid pictures from my game with some commentary/explanation/review. This time, I’ll be having each generation’s heir master three skills. Before we begin, I’d recommend reading the section at the end of my previous post, where I’ve briefly explained a bit more about what that means.

This generation we’re going to be in idyllic Riverview, taking a look at the handiness, sculpting, and cooking skills.

Our founder is Oasis Landing-born teen Arjan Archibilt-Patel. I don’t really have an in-universe reason why he moved out of his parents’ house. Maybe he wanted some independence to focus on his creations.

I chose the handy, savvy sculptor, and natural cooks trait for Arjan, and he rolled neat, loser, frugal, and night owl. He already has all but the last, which I’ll give him when he ages up.

I think these are a great bunch of skills and traits for our first generation: handiness is always useful; you may have noticed by now that cooking is one of my favourites; and I’d say that sculpting is possibly the most involved skill in the game. You could spend a whole (probably very boring) legacy just sculpting and still not have ‘one hundred percented’ it. I’ll get into a bit more detail as we go along and in the comments section, but just to give you an idea, there are almost a hundred unique objects to sculpt, and, when you’re attempting to unlock a new one, there’s no way to stop your sim often just creating something they already know instead. To make things more complicated still, the value range for any particular sculpture is determined by the number of times your sim has sculpted that object type, along with the number of times they have sculpted in a particular medium (clay, stone, etc.) and a whole host of other modifiers.

I hope it doesn’t take too long for the money from Arjan’s sculptures to start coming in – or at least for him to create some decent furniture – because once again I’ve made a starter that’s too big and so had to leave it almost entirely unfurnished.

Perhaps Arjan’s frugal trait will help us out too. I guess this is actually a great one for a founder to have. The first coupon he cut out of the paper was for a spa treatment that he definitely couldn’t afford, but I’ll keep an eye out for good deals.

I signed him up for Culinary School, thinking that vocational training would be more appropriate than high school for a teenager living alone.

On his way home, he stopped by saitouamy‘s gorgeous Farmer’s Market to see what produce they had for sale. Isn’t it lovely? I may eventually build an art shop for the town, but there is a consignment register on the lot, so for now I’m just going to have Arjan sell his sculptures here.

I need to learn the standard prices for the different fruits and vegetables so that our frugal teen doesn’t get a nasty ripped off moodlet. I think anything in the nine simoleon section is generally safe, unless it’s lettuce or something. Arjan obtained some strawberries and pecans in what he actually considered to be a ‘good deal’ (complete with +10 moodlet).

Back at the house, he made his first sculpture.

He doesn’t have a bed yet. My priorities may be slightly skewed.

The next morning, it was waffles for breakfast. I’d forgotten that pancakes are a level one unlock.

The waffles were only normal quality, but still set Arjan up well for his first day at school, where he met two new friends, Betty and Argus. That afternoon, he invited them to hang out with him in the park.

I noticed Arjan’s parents and sister were there too.

While Arjan was cooking hot dogs for everyone, Argus started yelling at poor Betty.

By the time the food was ready, it seemed like she didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

Over the next few days, Arjan really buckled down with his sculpting. After all, there were bills to pay.

He was at least able to make his strawberry pancakes. I’ve only just noticed that his stove has six hobs. Is that standard in the US, even for cheap ones like this? I’ve never had one with more than four.

He also created a clay potty! When we’ve got a bit more time and money, it will be nice to try to make higher quality versions of this for Arjan’s kids.

Friday arrived, and after a hard week of work Arjan was happy to be able to unwind with Betty at the Water Hole Juice Bar. He invited Argus and Betty’s boyfriend Bob too, but neither of them were in the mood to come out.

During his evening with Betty, Arjan had rolled a wish to cook her favourite meal. I always think that one’s cute. It’s a shame there’s no option to ask about sims’ favourites. Maybe you’re meant to watch the speech bubbles or something. I just cheat and check with Master Controller.

Betty turned out to be a fan of cookies, but those require a recipe book and Arjan doesn’t like to spend his money unless he has to. I sent him to the library to read a handiness book while I thought about what to do.

I remembered that sims can learn recipes from the cooking channel, and, since Arjan’s not very skilled yet, his chances of getting the right one would be reasonably high. But while I was in map view searching for somewhere that might have a TV, I noticed a grill-a-thon at the park, so sent Arjan to participate in that instead.

He had to spend 60 simoleons on ingredients, but in return won a prize of a thousand simoleons! With that kind of money in hand, I decided it would definitely be okay for him to splash out on one recipe book.

Now he just needed some eggs, which he was able to get the next day from the farmer’s market, along with some milk to turn into cheese. I’m avoiding the plants, because harvesting those would level up Arjan’s gardening skill, but I consider the chickens and cows fair game.

Betty loved the cookies!

Arjan invited Argus round to enjoy them too, but immediately regretted it.

Ah hah! We need one of these. (I’m not kidding: Arjan has a proper bed now, but has just been peeing at the gym.)

The next few days were really busy. Arjan’s brother and sister celebrated their birthday. He bought some bubble bath for diva Nico and a desk toy for genius Anika, both from the consignment store at a good price.

He also branched out into wood and ice sculptures.

A new girl, Laurel, transferred to the culinary school. She and Arjan instantly noticed one another, and that night she called him up and asked him to go to prom with him! He wasn’t able to get together with her before the dance itself because of her work hours, but afterwards he took her out for a meal at the diner.

The following day was Arjan’s birthday. His ice sculptures had all melted and sold for zero simoleons, but his wood ones had brought in a couple of thousand, so I was able to decorate the dining room to celebrate the occasion. (Having a nice fireplace is definitely more important than being able to shower at home, right?)

Arjan’s family all showed up to his party, along with Betty and Laurel, who had both aged up in the early hours of that morning.

As planned, I gave him the night owl trait.

20 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 1

  1. I don’t think 6 burner stoves are the standard here, mostly just 4. On chef stoves there are usually at least 6. I think he aged up nicely, very handsome! This looks like it will be an interesting legacy to follow. =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, 6 burner stoves are definitely not standard, lol. I’ve never seen one with more than 4 unless it was an extremely expensive specialty one in a fancy chef’s kitchen! Also…we’re going to see a copy of that starter house of his for download, yes? Pretty please? 😀 Can’t wait to see more, looks like he’s off to a great start!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a family on the go at the moment who live in Riverview – they actually live in your Unfurnished Farm! I still haven’t started playing them yet, as I’m happily furnishing the house based on lovely coach house that was featured in Ideal Homes magazine – I always pick up that magazine for some inspiration when I want to decorate a home in my game! I forgot how pretty Riverview was, and it looks very lovely in your game. I definitely need to download that gorgeous farmer’s market, very cute 🙂

    I really like Arjan already, he’s got such a great mix of traits and the skills he’s learning really compliment each other and his traits.

    If you want to throw a stylish party, having a nice fireplace is definitely more important than showering at home! That’s actually one of the things I love so much about The Sims 3, that it’s possible to mooch around town using community lots if you don’t have the cash to place an item at home. I always make sure I place the ballet bars at the local gym, and I love Monte Vista’s pizzeria lot where sims can use the wood fired oven.

    I’m excited to read the next few parts of this EP, which I can see are already up 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh that’s great! I’m glad the farm is seeing some use. That was my legacy home for a very long generation, but I just never got to furnishing the whole thing. I’m sure what you’ve done with the interiors looks fabulous. An old coach house? Yes please! 🙂

      Arjan has been fun to play so far. I think the random combinations of different skills and traits are going to take me in some interesting directions throughout this legacy.


  4. I haven’t played in river view in quite a while. Its nice to see it again. Already liking Arajan, hes a great character. It never occurred to me to give my last legacy founder the frugal trait but wow is that an amazing idea. Looking forward to reading more (which I plan to do right now.) 🙂 The 6 burner stove is pretty rare here, I’ve certainly never seen one outside of a very expensive chef’s stove. I didn’t even notice the cheap stove had 6 burners until now lol I’m suddenly jealous of my sims. A 6 burner stove would be amazing. 😛

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  6. We have 5 burner stoves are the more expensive kinds in Canada. 6 burner stoves are usually gas one and super expensive. We are talking home chef kind of expensive; someone who loves to cook but doesn’t do it professionally. I have a 5 burner stove in gas.

    I’ve never played a skills challenge before but watched as others have done it. I worry I wouldn’t be able to remember all the rules, or do something like go to the community garden and accidentally skill up when I am not allowed to. I had Jade work on 7 skills on the island to reach level 10 in all of them as a teenager, and that was super hard. In my story, the skills were in replace of school and she still received a diploma in that. I find working on skills to be so boring at times!

    He aged up quite nicely and I think the traits are good!! Oh and I had forgotten about the coupons! I’ve had frugal sims but they never look at the paper so I must get in the habit of reading that in a routine of sorts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to know about the stoves! I’m so jealous of my sims now that I’ve noticed they all have these six burners lol 🙂

      I think you can pretty much make up your own rules, so long as you’re having fun. I’m not having my sims harvest anything, because that does level up gardening. I haven’t read anyone else’s rules so I’m not sure how other players handle this. Some passive skill gain I’ve found inevitable though, such as athletic for martial arts and handiness for inventing.

      Skilling can be boring sometimes, I imagine especially with the isolated setting. What I enjoy about this challenge is the way it forces you to mix unlikely skills together and so not rely on the usual combinations.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been doing the midnight sun challenge for 4 years now. Which in itself is open yet closed for rules. (4 years I know but you can understand considering the last 2 1/2 years for me) I do enjoy it and hate it at the same time. Trying to come up with a unique story, that fits within the rules is challenging. I have broke a few for sure.

        Liked by 1 person

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