Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 2

Arjan graduated from culinary school, receiving the class valedictorian and ‘most likely to be become a millionaire’ awards. I don’t know about that; maybe by generation two or three.

Some of the other graduates gathered outside City Hall after the ceremony. Arjan finally met Betty’s elusive boyfriend Bob.

That evening, they were all invited to a party at Laurel’s house. The invite called for swimwear, but Laurel herself felt more comfortable disguised as a plumbot.

Argus, now also a young adult, was up to his usual nonsense.

Arjan learned some recipes from the other guests – bouillabaisse and egg rolls. High quality fish are going to be hard to come by, but I can see us having the rolls a lot.

I got Arjan a job in the culinary career. I thought about having him self-employed as a sculptor, but decided it would be good for him to have a bit more structure in his life. He’ll be able to meet some new friends at work, and he’ll work evenings all the way through so his night owl trait won’t be a problem. Plus, as a ‘loser’ sim, every promotion will give him a great self-confidence boost!

Arjan continued to sculpt in his spare time, creating a masterpiece armchair on his first attempt. I’m going to hang on to this one. It’s made of wood but do you think it could pass for leather if I buy him a sofa the same colour?

Then it was on to topiary.

To bring some variety to his sculpting and cooking, I accepted all the opportunities for them that came up. I recently installed a mod to fix the bug where your sims never get any opportunity phone calls, and it’s great!

Unfortunately, the first sculpting opportunity seemed to be broken. George Dean got in touch to commission a sculpture, explaining that he’d exaggerated his own proficiency with the skill and now needed something to pass of as his own work. I had Arjan create a stone statue for him because I assumed that, as with the painting opportunities, a more valuable creation would earn him a greater reward. He completed the opportunity successfully and got a relationship boost with George, but for some reason ended up getting paid zero simoleons. I guess something went wrong with the way the game calculated the value of the sculpture?

Arjan’s first cooking skill opportunity, to make some cookies for the school bake sale, was less frustrating, earning him two hundred simoleons for two plates.

For the rest of the week, Arjan continued to work hard at the restaurant and do a bit of sculpting after each shift. When his first day off arrived, he invited Betty and Bob round for dinner. The couple were expecting a baby.

Arjan tried out his new egg rolls recipe with ingredients from the farmers’ market.

The next day, he asked Laurel out on a date to the art gallery. She was still in her bot form when she arrived, but I used Master Controller to delete the moodlet and change her back.

Arjan wasn’t too impressed by the work on display. Maybe he prefers art to have a practical purpose, rather than being purely decorative. Laurel is handy and artistic, so she probably likes both.

They had a nice chat about the gallery and about the restaurant, where Laurel works too.

Next, Arjan took her out for a meal at the diner. They’d had a wonderful time together so far, but he wasn’t about to pay bistro prices.

After dinner, he walked her home and kissed her goodnight.

Arjan woke up the next morning with a wish to move in with Laurel! That was fast, even by sim standards. My first instinct was to wait until his next day off the following week, to give the relationship a bit of time to mature. But then at work he received an opportunity to go to Champs les Sims and to learn how to make crepes, and I thought, why not send Laurel with him? If it was no fun, I could always kick her out afterwards.

I had Arjan quickly get the recipe purchase out of the way. He bought the cheese plate one too. That one’s nice for parties I think, and the cow at the market has been giving us high quality cheese.

Arjan isn’t a daytime person and Laurel hates the outdoors, so Champs les Sims wasn’t really their scene (plus, I wanted to avoid running into any premades we’d met generations ago!), but they enjoyed a couple of late nights drinking complimentary nectar followed by lazy mornings in bed.

When they returned to Riverview, it was back to cycling through the different sculpting media to complete the master sculptor challenge of completing five of each. This achievement will make his sculptures 25% more valuable.

When he’s created thirty five in total, all of Arjan’s materials will be free, but until then he has to get his scrap for the metal ones from the local dump.

Before his next restaurant shift, he made the crepes. For his efforts, he received a raise and performance boost.

Just as things seemed to be going well, Arjan received sad news: his mum had passed away.

He and Laurel went to visit his dad and siblings.

Anika had given birth to a little fairy girl called Faye.

The family shared a meal of dim sum together and talked about their happy memories of Mira.

10 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 2

  1. I have had a lot of sculptor sims, but never received an opportunity to make a sculpture for someone else to claim as his own creation! Is this because of a mod you use, or has my game just never ‘hit’ that opportunity? Arjan and Laurel seem to be compatible, with a quick romance. At least she’s not pregnant, yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You must just not have rolled that one yet 🙂 It’s quite a fun idea for an opportunity! The mod itself doesn’t add any new opportunities. What it does is to fix a bug some people experience with ITF by which Oasis Landing opportunities are too heavily weighted and kind of take over the opportunity pool. When your sim isn’t in Oasis Landing, they can’t accept these opportunities but they still roll them, meaning their phone rings but nothing happens when they answer it. I’d been noticing weird calls like that for a while (I guess since installing ITF a couple of years ago), and my sims had hardly been getting any opportunities, so I was delighted to find the mod.

      Yes, they seem to get along well! Both ‘handy’, and I think the ‘hates the outdoors’/’night owl’ and ‘artistic’/’savvy sculptor’ combos work nicely together, along with their shared career path. Arjan certainly seems very keen on her, if his wishes are anything to go by.

      Happy simming xx


  2. I love it when people do funerals. I do as well and it helps to say goodbye to a sim you have become attached to. I had no idea you could do topiary sculptures! I’m keen to try that now! Great chapter and I’m looking forward to the next escapes!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love it when people do funerals. I do as well and it helps to say goodbye to a sim you have become attached to. I had no idea you could do topiary sculptures! I’m keen to try that now! Great chapter and I’m looking forward to the next escapades!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sad that his mother died, I always hate to see my sims pass away. Arjan and Laurel make a really cute couple. I like the changes you have made to her. Love that you kept her ears though I love big eared sims. Find them really cute. 🙂 Topiary sculptures are something I haven’t got to play with much yet. I never got the opportunity for a sim to make a sculpture for someone. Most of mine seem to be tied to cooking but that’s my favorite skill so not shocking really.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes I definitely had to keep the ears! So adorable 🙂 I just made her nose a bit less extreme, plus the usual stuff.

      I really like the topiaries. The panda is especially cute!

      The cooking opportunities . I hadn’t tried any of the sculpting ones before, but then my opportunities got totally broken when I installed ITF. Didn’t even realise what I’d been missing until I installed this mod to fix the problem:

      Happy simming xx


  5. I’m re reading your skills legacy as life got too busy and I had to stop most of my stories ages ago. Spent two years looking after my mom with dementia. Thank you so much for the mod and I didn’t know about the 35 sculpture and then free materials! I do have sculptors on the island, both Jin and Jade and they must be close to that now! All these things I never pay attention too. Like I said before, I love it when people do funerals and yours was definitely well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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