Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 3

On her way to work the next day, Laurel started to feel unwell.

It was, of course, morning sickness. Arjan gave her some coupons to spend at the spa to help her feel more comfortable.

With a baby on the way, it seemed like a good time for Laurel to get to know Arjan’s family better. Nico, Anika, and Faye joined them for dinner at the house.

I’d invited his dad too, but he’s an elder now and has decided to start walking everywhere, which means he never shows up on time.

Early the following morning, Elisabeth Archibilt-Grisby was born at the hospital. The skills I’ve rolled for generation two are logic, athletic, and painting (another three fun ones!), so I’ve given her the genius and artistic traits.

After they’d all had a little rest, Arjan and Laurel took Elisabeth out to the winter festival.

During Laurel’s pregnancy, Arjan and she each had rolled two wishes to marry one another, so I went ahead and got them engaged. I haven’t decided what I want to do for the ceremony yet. Laurel’s ‘hates the outdoors’ trait is a tricky one.

They went straight back to work the following afternoon, but soon snow flake day arrived, giving the whole town the day off. Our house doesn’t have enough open space to host a gift giving part, so I was hoping my sims would be asked to one elsewhere. When no invite arrived, I sent them all over to the Archibilt-Patel house. It so happened that it was Elisabeth’s birthday that day too, which she was able to celebrate surrounded by family.

Everyone watched a movie together.

Back at home, Elisabeth had her first taste of her favourite food, veggie rolls.

Over the next few days, her parents continued to build up their careers and skills. I had Laurel start tinkering with the sinks about the house. When she got to handiness level three, I could have started making things self-cleaning, but I preferred to have her continue tinkering for two reasons: firstly, because there was a chance she’d manage to install a higher level upgrade; secondly, because any breakages she made along the way would actually good for us, as they’d give Arjan something to repair and so help him complete the ‘plumber’ handiness challenge.

Arjan himself had become obsessed with crafting a masterpiece potty for Elisabeth. Well, okay, I had become obsessed. I think he probably would rather have been able to spend time with his girlfriend and daughter. There’s no good reason for becoming so fixated on this, no special moodlets or anything, only my own perfectionism. I guess I like to have masterpieces to pass down as family heirlooms.  Anyway, we failed. Four days and twelve potties later, we had one that was brilliant, and a couple of normals, and a whole bunch of goods.

On Elisabeth’s last day as a toddler, I made myself take a break and let her parents take her to the library to read some skill books. They were able to get her through all the painting and logic ones in a matter of hours. I hadn’t realized before how significant the boost to reading speed at the library is.

Elisabeth had her birthday party at home. I gave her the athletic trait.

This kid didn’t look too happy for her.

Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one there. I’d pulled my usual trick of using the Master Controller filters to invite all the children in town to the party. Elisabeth got on best with fellow genius Roosevelt ShelleyDean, the son of the guy who gave us that bugged sculpting challenge. They played a bit of chess together.

Elisabeth enjoyed the game, but I decided to have her focus on her painting skill first. I’m looking forward to being to decorate the house with her creations.

Her parents have to work at the weekends, and I didn’t want her to be alone at home all evening, so the Saturday after her birthday I had them drop her off with the Newbies. Bob and Betty have three kids now – Staci, Rosa, and their little brother Quentin.

I think Staci is insane.

Elisabeth and Rosa quickly bonded over their shared interest in art.

The next day, her parents left her with Anika and Faye, who had moved out in their own place. Unlike her sporty cousin, Faye is a couch potato, but the girls found common ground playing a football console game.

With no toddler in the house, Arjan could take a break from his potty crafting mania to focus on completing the ‘ice personality’ sculpting challenge. Once he’s created twenty-five ice sculptures, new ones will no longer melt. The ice sculptures are relatively fast to make, so this is also an okay way of unlocking new designs. Among the best ones Arjan discovered were a nectar rack, display pedestal and dining chair…so now we have more pieces of furniture for me to obsess over turning into masterpieces.

11 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 3

  1. Elisabeth is so pretty 🙂 just last night I was playing with a sim that recently became an elder and was walking everywhere, it is so frustrating 😀 especially since he has “Hates the outdoors” trait and then has a negative moodlet all the while he is walking… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the fact that Laurel is very pale and has the Hates The Outdoors trait – a nice reason for her paleness I guess 🙂

    I hadn’t noticed the reading-speed boost from the library before – probably because as soon as my sims can afford to buy their own books I have them do that instead of going to the library! I’ll make a point of sending them to the library a lot more often, that’s so handy!

    Bob and Betty’s daughter Staci might be insane, but she’s very pretty! I love her combination of skin tone, eye colour and hair colour too, it’s lovely.

    I had a proper giggle at Arjan’s “potty crafting mania”, probably healthier for him to have a new ice sculpture obsession 🙂 Also, I love the idea of masterpiece heirlooms to hand down the generations, but maybe a potty isn’t the most hygienic heirloom lol!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about that connection! It totally makes sense though.

      I like Staci too. All of Bob and Betty’s children are lovely actually. I was surprised by how little work in CAS their parents needed.

      Er, good point about the potty, lol 🙂


  3. Arjan is progressing through his skills nicely and hes got himself a nice little family now. They really do make a cute couple. Lol at the picture of Staci, you always seem to catch the best moments in your game. is it just me or does it seem like a lot of the objects they added for a bit of realism like the strollers and the canes just make sims move really slow? Its a shame really, just as annoying as the mermaids swimming everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely! The base game just doesn’t have the framework to handle these new features. I have no idea about how they’re coded, but it looks to me like sticks, prams, etc. are treated as vehicles because the game doesn’t know what else to classify them as xx


  4. Elisabeth grew up to be a beautiful child. Normally I hate that hair on kids but I do like it on her because it works so well with the shape of her face.

    Reading your game play has made me realize just how stunted my own game play has become from playing a family who lives alone on an island. There you wont find things like libraries and so I have always bought the books and kept a collection. I actually have a whole room specifically for keeping all the books they somehow acquire. I’ve laid them out on the floor and I’m making sure I get every single one. That is my little bit of perfectionism there in my game!

    I chuckled about dad walking everywhere and I was thinking, why don’t you use MC to place a car on his lot to use! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the sounds of your book room!

      Yes, it’s funny how easy it is to get stuck in a way of playing, particularly if it’s for an enjoyable legacy. Do you have any other save files you play, or just the island?

      Love the car suggestion, thank you! I’ll definitely bear that in mind if this happens with other elders.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do play a fun game in between to take my mind off the challenge and my real life. Sounds terrible, but I make a male, plunk him down in the town and then woo all the women, getting them preggers one by one. I start with the ones that are closest to elder and work down. No teens of course. It’s fun dating and seeing how quick you can get a sim to that point of woo hoo. It’s a great stress breaker for me. Kinda the reverse of the 100 baby challenge of sorts. I just don’t want to raise them. I do however, give the mother all the baby/child stuff she needs to raise my child and often renovate the house to make room. Motherlode Motherlode Motherlode!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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