Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 4

Elisabeth had her next birthday party at the juice bar.

I gave her the first three of her four random traits: friendly, flirty, and technophobe.

She and Roosevelt discovered they still had a lot in common, and Elisabeth asked him to the prom. (Sorry about the continuity fail with his hair – I changed my mind between pictures.)

It was nice to catch up with her other school friends too.

I hadn’t played with the technophobe trait much before, but I like it. Elisabeth can ‘sabotage’ electrical appliances, forcing them to break, which will actually help her dad complete the ‘electrician’ challenge.

This one involves repairing ten electrical appliances. The reward is just never being electrocuted again, which isn’t that useful on a sim who’s already handy, but it will still be nice to have another challenge completed.

While father and daughter were messing about with the TV and stereos, I made some changes to the exterior of the house. I repainted some of the walls, built a little chimney, added support beams for the overhanging gables, and expanded a bit towards the back of the lot.

I made a little indoor garden in the extension, which I thought might be nice for Laurel since she doesn’t like to go outside. When Love Day arrived, I decided to hold her and Arjan’s long-awaited wedding there.

The couple didn’t look terribly appreciative of the work I’d put into planning their big day. Maybe I invited too many people or something.

I used pose player to make them pull some happier faces, so that Elisabeth could paint a nice picture of them in their wedding outfits.

As soon as I let her out of my pose, Laurel ran for the bathroom. It looked like my potty crafting mania might be about to begin again.

I distracted myself by having Arjan work on creating other pieces of furniture. The most lucrative approach to sculpting after you’ve completed all the challenges is to identify a sculpture with high base value range and high ‘overmax’ (the unique multiplier by which the value range is increased each time you make a particular sculpture) from this list, then sculpt it again and again in the same material for the rest of your sim’s life.  But that doesn’t sound like much fun; also, getting rich is less important to me than having a variety of sculptures that my sims can use and pass down from generation to generation.

I do like them to be masterpieces, just to help me feel like they’re truly special. In addition to the topiary giraffe you may have seen in the wedding pictures and the wooden armchair I’m trying to pretend is leather, Arjan’s masterpieces so far are an ice lion he made by accident and a wooden dining chair. Right now I’m trying to get a masterpiece nectar rack.

Laurel spent her pregnancy less ambitiously, mostly just widening her culinary repertoire.

Elisabeth went round to see the Newbies most days after school to do her homework with Rosa and her brother Quentin.

Prom night soon arrived, and Elisabeth’s date Roosevelt showed up in his tux to escort her. She greeted him with a formal handshake, which was a bit odd. Perhaps she was nervous.

Just as the limo pulled up, Roosevelt started running to work! You’d think townies would get the day off.

Elisabeth had to ride to prom alone.

Roosevelt did show up in her prom picture, even though he was definitely at work the whole time. I think he sent a cleverly disguised surrogate in his place. Possibly an android; he is a genius scientist after all. Anyway, not-Roosevelt asked Elisabeth to be his girlfriend, but she wasn’t falling for that and said no.

She came home, and had only been in bed for a couple of hours when her mum went into labour. Every member of the family had quite different reactions to the situation.

Paula Archibilt-Grisby was born in the family home early the following morning. She rolled good and loves the cold, and her favorites are spooky music, frogs’ legs, and lime green.

6 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 4

  1. I like the way you used the one person’s techno phobia trait to help out with another persons’s electrician challenge! I may have to try that! Also, thank you for the link for sculpture values, etc! Sorry Elisabeth’s prom didn’t go better, but love the way you “covered” for Roosevelt!! =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The indoor garden is very cute, such a nice idea to hold a wedding in there for a sim who Hates the Outdoors. Elisabeth’s painting of her parents on their wedding day is lovely, it’ll look so cute hanging on the wall.

    Love Arjan and Elisabeth’s contrasting emotions when Laurel went into labour – sims really crack me up sometimes!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loving the indoor garden, what a great idea for sims who hate the outdoors. Or really any sim as its just really pretty. 🙂 Like the hair change you made for Roosevelt I think it really suits him. Having his daughter break things to help with his challenge was a genius idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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