Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 5

Elisabeth tried to have another date with Roosevelt. She gave him some flowers in his favourite colour, and took him to see an indie movie at the theatre.

He left half way through, complaining about what a terrible time he’d had.

I thought maybe he had to go to work again, but, nope, he just wanted to read his book.

To make things worse, the movie wasn’t even any good. Elisabeth went to find her cousin Faye to tell her about her bad morning. Since we saw her last, Faye’s developed the avante garde trait, so now they get on better than ever.

When it started to get late, the girls headed over to the bistro for some dinner.

Arjan and Laurel had been invited to a party at Anika’s that evening. It was a nice opportunity to introduce little Paula to the family.

The next morning,  Elisabeth woke up with a wish to go on another date with Roosevelt, and I decided to give him one more chance. This time they went to the park for a game of chess.

They were having fun, but soon he had to leave for work again.

Elisabeth had also been rolling a few wishes to spend time with her dad, and I noticed that their relationship wasn’t particularly high. So, when Arjan received an opportunity to learn the stir fry recipe from China, I sent her along with him, while Laurel stayed home with the baby.

I kept the trip short because we’ll be living in Shang Simla in a couple of generations’ time, but Arjan picked up the recipe book he needed, and he and Elisabeth enjoyed some delicious meals in the market place.

I placed an easel in the base camp so that Elisabeth could paint some landscapes while she was there.

Back at home, Paula grew into a toddler and learned to talk and walk.

It won’t be possible for us to get the ingredients for frogs’ legs without the fishing or science skills, but she seemed to enjoy the angel cake that her mum had brought home from work.

On her last day of high school, Elisabeth made a new friend, Jeffrey Broke-Cantina.

He liked it when she enthused about exercise, so I had them play a game of soccer together.

The following day was both her and Paula’s birthday. Their parents threw them a party at the house. Paula rolled ‘shy’, and I gave Elisabeth her final randomized trait, ‘dog person’.

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