Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 6

Wow, apologies for the long delay between posts! My legacy save went through a very unpleasant phase of crashing every time I switched from build/buy to live mode. But it seems to have moved past it now, and I managed to construct a new family home to celebrate Elisabeth’s coming of age.

And of course, as promised, I adopted her a dog too – a male called Joy with the lazy trait. He was a bit splotchy and not terribly realistic, and I’m hopeless in Create-a-Pet myself, so I replaced his appearance with that of LittleV‘s beautiful west highland terrier. Joy and Elisabeth immediately bonded.

The family settled into their routines in the new house. I’ve got a new strategy for Elisabeth’s paintings: I’m a bit bored of all the default ones, so I’ve been having her paint blank still lifes. Most of them will just get sent to the consignment store, but any masterpieces I’ll keep and use as bases for custom art work.

I thought about registering Elisabeth as a self-employed artist, but I decided to try out Nraas’ self-employed chess career instead, to allow her to make money from ranked matches as she progresses towards her lifetime wish of becoming a Chess Grand Master.

Arjan continued to work on his sculptures. Betty had commissioned him to sculpt three topiaries for her, and when he delivered she paid him 12,300 simoleons!

Unlike her husband, Laurel doesn’t have a lot going on these days, so it’s been nice for her to have Joy around the house. She’s always cooking up gourmet pet food, and the two of them like to sit and watch the food network together.

But I have been making sure that Joy never stays inside all day. He’s found all sorts of precious minerals in the garden and surrounding area.

Come back, friend!

How are you so cute?

What’s this legacy meant to be about again? Oh right, skills. I’m enjoying Elisabeth’s chess matches, but there’s not a lot to show off. Empress of Evil MaryKay Shallow gave her a bit of trouble, but eventually she beat her.

Laurel had a birthday party.

Elisabeth attended her graduation ceremony, receiving the ‘class valedictorian’ and ‘most likely to become a superstar athlete’ awards.

That evening, she celebrated at the juice bar with her high school friends Rosa, Quentin, Roosevelt, and Sophia.

Roosevelt has developed the ‘dislikes children’ trait, so I think Elisabeth had a lucky escape there. And they still seem able to get on well enough as friends.

Their evening was interrupted when Rosa’s sister Staci went into labour. Elisabeth accompanied her to the hospital. (I’d say ‘took her to the hospital’, but you know how sim mums-to-be always insist on driving themselves.)

The next day, Arjan and Laurel visited Bob and Betty to congratulate them on becoming grandparents.

Arjan saw in his birthday at their house.

Elisabeth took Joy for a gorgeous autumn stroll.

4 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 6

  1. Wow that house is gorgeous! Will you be putting it up on the Exchange? i’d love to have it in my game – to be honest I’d love to have it in my actual life, it looks like the house of my dreams – but I’d settle for in-game if we’re being realistic!!

    The picture of Joy and the chipmunk is so cute – properly adorable, I actually “squeee”‘d a little 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yes, I’ll definitely be putting it up. There are about two rooms left to go, plus a few blank walls around the place that need filling.
      I love that picture too 🙂 I’ve just been following Joy around a lot. Everything he does is adorable!


  2. Wow another jaw droppingly beautiful home. You never cease to amaze. 🙂 Loving the back splash you made in the kitchen that light makes and amazing back splash. Wow joy is such an adorable dog his face is so sweet and kind looking. I noticed that pregnant sims like to drive them selves to the hospital. A bit unrealistic but guess they want to get there fast lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks so much 🙂 I enjoyed adding all the little details to the rooms as I played.

      Joy is so precious! LittleV is such a talented creator, and it’s been fun to play with a small dog for a change xx


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