Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 7

When Paula’s birthday arrived, she decided against a big party. Instead, she asked her parents for some money to donate to her favourite charity.

The family had a low-key celebration in the breakfast room.

She gained the snob trait.

I didn’t know about this interaction! It’s adorable.

Shy sims are most comfortable around close friends, so I decided Paula should really try to get to know her classmates. On her first day of school she met Ramona, who is good and shy just like her.

After only a few days of lessons, Spooky Day rolled around, and Paula got some time off. The family invited their friends and relatives around for a fancy dress party. The costumes this year were a bit unimaginative, with about half of the guests dressing up as magicians.

Betty brought along her younger brother Shannon. He’s friendly, disciplined, eccentric, outdoorsy, and neurotic, so not a bad match for Elisabeth’s friendly, athletic, genius, dog person, flirty, and technophobe traits.

The following afternoon, she asked him out on a date to the park.

I have never seen an inactive sim do this before.

But Elisabeth seemed to be into it.

And Joy gave his approval.

Among that evening’s story progression updates I noticed that neither Bob nor Betty had long to live. Arjan had been sitting on a career opportunity to learn how to make falafel for a while, so I decided to send both couples on a day trip to Al Simhara.

While Arjan bought the recipe, Bob and Betty settled into the campsite.

Laurel wandered into a tomb to escape from the great outdoors.

Betty tried out snake charming, but with little success.

After sunset, the friends regrouped in the town square for some Egyptian cuisine.

Back in Riverview, Arjan checked the market stand for lettuce and onions for his falafel. They didn’t have any, so he had to get them from the grocery story.

Despite the sub-par ingredients, he was still able to make perfect quality falafel.

I had him test the shawarma recipe too.

For the next few days, the family members were all kept busy with school and work. With Snow Day fast approaching, the holiday lights went up.

Soon, it was time for Paula to celebrate another birthday. Her family threw her a small party.

She rolled frugal to match her dad. Good, shy, loves the cold, snob, and frugal – that’s an interesting combination.

The party provided a nice opportunity for her to catch up with Ramona.

Elisabeth and Shannon found a quiet moment to watch the stars together.

After all the large households of my previous legacy, I don’t want too many sims to control this time round, so I decided to move Paula out straight away. But, just as I was gathering everyone in the entrance hall to say goodbye, this happened!

Everyone was devastated, but they did their best to cheer one another up.

Arjan left his last sculpture unfinished, but I’m not going to get rid of it. Perhaps his ghost will come back to complete it.

4 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 7

  1. The small-dog-sitting-on-lap interaction is so cute – I’ve only ever seen it with small dogs and cats, not sure if it’s available for larger dogs, but I don’t normally play pets so could be mistaken.

    Elisabeth seems much better suited to Shannon than Roosevelt, although I have to say I admired your (and her!) persistence with them as a couple, the first time my Sims hit a bump I usually call it quits!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know either. I had a large dog for my Pets EP generation, and I don’t remember seeing the option, but I may just have missed it.

      Yeah, I did stick it out with him for a while. I liked that they both had the genius trait. But it wasn’t to be. And hates children would be a bad one for a legacy spouse.


  2. The little dog on the lap interaction is really cute, can be done with cats as well which is always cute, glad they added that ability. Reminds me of when my pet likes to nap on me. Shannon looks to be a much better fit for Elisabeth, they make a cute couple. Lol at so many sims wearing the same costume, happens every costume party I throw. I usually have at least 3 hot dog people. 😀 Sad that Arjan passed away 😦 and it always seems like sims pass away at parties and important events in game.

    Liked by 1 person

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