Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 8

The family invited their neighbours to the house to commemorate Arjan’s life.

I let Paula stick around for long enough to graduate before moving her into her new place. She was awarded the ‘class valedictorian’ and ‘most likely to become a millionaire’ ribbons.

The house felt pretty quiet with just Laurel, Elisabeth, and Joy living there, but Elisabeth had Shannon round a lot.

Eventually, she asked him to move in.

Shannon works in the athletic career, and Elisabeth has been great at getting him ready for his matches.

She also continues to dominate the professional chess circuit. She’s at level ten now, earning 6,000 simoleons per ranked match win.

I’ve been having her start to discover potions at the chemistry station.

I showed all these off during my EP legacy, so I won’t go through them individually, but I do want to stock up on sleep potions, as these are great for speeding up the rate at which your sims’ energy motive fills up.

The family celebrated their first Snowflake Day together since Arjan’s passing.

They had a few close friends and relatives round for a gift giving party. Everyone loved their presents. Elisabeth got a chess table, Shannon got a mermaid ornament, and Laurel got an umbrella, I guess because she hates the outdoors.

Elisabeth’s cousin Faye entertained everyone with her Laser-Rhythm-a-Con.

Laurel had only been back at work for a day when her time with us ran out.

She had lived a fulfilling 119 days (I have my life span set to 102) and seemed reconciled to her fate.

Elisabeth hosted another funeral reception.

A few days passed, and the next gathering at the house was for a much happier occasion: Shannon and Elisabeth’s birthdays.

With Shannon now an elder, I was getting a bit anxious about how many chances to have a baby the couple would have left. I started to have him work towards the ‘marathon runner’ athletic achievement, hoping to extend his lifespan just a little bit.

He and Elisabeth were invited to dinner at Roosevelt’s house. The food was not good, but the company made up for it.

That night, story progression let me know that Paula and Ramona are now a couple, and planning to get married. Elisabeth and Shannon took them out for lunch at the bistro to celebrate.


Time to spread the good news, as well as get through a couple of pregnancy books.

And here we have Carter Simovitch-Gribsy, our third generation heir. His skills are going to be photography, martial arts, and mixology, so I gave him the disciplined trait.

2 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 8

  1. I love that Paula and Ramona are a couple – so nice for two shy sims to have met their perfect match 🙂

    Carter’s going to have a really interesting skill-set. Those are three of the skills that I rarely play through, mixology in particular I have pretty much completely ignored. And a move to Shang Simla is on cards? It’s such a pretty world, so lush and green.


    Liked by 1 person

    • They are cute together! Good job, story progression 🙂

      I use mixology a lot, but the other two not so much, so I’m looking forward to it.

      Yep, when Carter’s a YA we’ll be headed to Shang Simla. I’ve never used it as a home world before and I’m looking forward to it. I guess I’ll have to do a bit of building to add the essential rabbit holes xx


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