Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 9

It was fun to have a kid in the household again.

Paula came round to meet her little nephew.

Carter and Joy became best friends.

Shannon had his teammates over to watch a game.

When Carter’s birthday arrived, Elisabeth threw him a party, but the kids she’d invited quickly dispersed throughout the house. Even the ones who happened to be in the same room as the cake didn’t seem interested in celebrating.

I gave Carter the adventurous and photographer’s eye traits.

He introduced himself to a few of the guests.

I served up leftovers from the fridge. Arjan did a lot of cooking in his final days, and we’ve got more than enough meals in there to see us through the rest of our time in Riverview.

Now Carter’s old enough, he can help look after Joy.

He got a head start on his schoolwork thanks to his mum’s tutoring skills.

Another school performance boost came in the form of an opportunity to befriend his classmate Jason Broke. Jason turned out to have the snob trait, and received all of Carter’s compliments very warmly.

Carter invited his new friend over to the house for a game of make believe. Jason, unsurprisingly, wanted to be a prince, while Carter chose the astronaut costume.

As to his skills, I’ve decided to have him work on his photography first. Children can’t read the photography skill book for some reason, so I bought him a multi-tab instead.

He got through all the podcasts and mastered the skill in a single day, but still didn’t have an actual camera. They’re all in buy debug of course, but why would I pass up on an excuse for a family trip to Egypt?

I started to capture some of the subjects listed in the photography skills journal. I won’t be trying to complete all of them, because there’s an awful lot of them, most of them can’t be uploaded with builds (they cause false positives in Custard), and quite a few of them are just straight up broken and unachievable. Still, it was fun to send Carter about with his camera for a couple of days. Al Simhara really is beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 9

  1. That’s weird about the kids not celebrating at Carter’s birthday party – I literally just threw a party in-game for twin babies who were becoming toddlers and nobody but my playable Sims paid any attention when they were blowing out their candles!

    I love how excited Sim kids get when their given a gift – Carter’s little face when his dad is handing him the camera 🙂

    And your photo of the pyramids lit up at light is gorgeous – makes me want to take my Sims off on a quick holiday to Al Simhara I think!


    Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, as soon as the toddlers aged up into into kids I took them away for a couple of days in Al Simhara – it’s so pretty, especially all lit up at night. It’s been ages since I properly played the tombs from WA, but I do enjoy a little cultural jaunt to the worlds with my sims occasionally – usually to pick up recipes and do some general sight-seeing.


        Liked by 1 person

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