Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 10

Oh no!

I didn’t want the house overrun by ghosts, so I moved all three urns to the cemetery.

Elisabeth threw a funeral for Shannon.

In the days following her husband’s death, Elisabeth threw herself back into painting.

She has eighteen blank still life masterpieces in her inventory now, nine of each size. That will be enough for me to make artwork for all our future generations’ homes. I started with one painting for the sitting room and one for the master bedroom.

Carter continued to work on his photography. I don’t know about this skill. It can be useful for decorating houses, but I don’t find it especially fun to play. What do you think of it? Anyone have any tips for making it more interesting?

Soon Carter’s elementary school days were behind him. His and Elisabeth’s birthdays fell on the same day, so I had her throw them a joint party.

Paula – whom I hadn’t even realised was pregnant – went into labour at a rather inconvenient moment.

Carter couldn’t see the funny side. He rolled the no sense of humour trait.

I had meant to age Elisabeth up straight after him, but getting her sister to the hospital was definitely more important.

While she was away, Carter made sure all the guests had plenty to eat and drink.

His second cousin Marlena was surprisingly impressed by the humourless trivia he had to share.

Elisabeth settled Paula, Ramona, and their new baby boy back at their house before returning home to celebrate her birthday.

Joy is getting quite old too now, but I’m trying not to think about that.

Carter took him on a walk to the park to get some shots of the plants for his photo collection.

Now Carter’s a teenager, he can start to learn mixology as well. I bought a bar for my kitchen – just a regular one because the professional ones weren’t quite right for the room. I know that there’s a mod that lets you serve Late Night drinks from all bars, so I should get that installed.

When he gets a bit more skilled, he’ll be able to moonlight at bars around town. I placed one of the venues I made for my Barnacle Bay makeover for the purpose, because I’m getting bored of the premade Riverview lots. Carter went to check it out with some friends from school.

Once again I was left baffled by quite how fascinating they found his trivia knowledge.

4 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 10

  1. Haha I love how impressed by his trivia knowledge everyone is! Maybe they don’t get out much in Riverview?!

    Unfortunately I’m with you on the photography skill – the only fun I’ve got out of it is using the photos to decorate my sims’s homes, can’t say I find it much fun to play really.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I know! I’d expected no sense of humour to be a problem socially, but he’s the life of every party!

      So it’s not just me not really feeling the photography. The photographs are convenient for decoration, but they don’t even give a great boost to the ‘decorated’ score from what I can tell. Maybe the more valuable photos do, I’m not sure, but of course you can’t use them because they make custard freak out.


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