Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 11

I put up a few more of Elisabeth’s place holder paintings, this time replacing them with photos I’d taken throughout the first couple of generations of the legacy.

Carter’s high school prom arrived. He didn’t have a date but felt brave enough to go alone.

At the prom, a girl called Sherrie from the local arts school made a move on him. I hadn’t had a chance to take a look at her yet, so that weekend I had Carter ask her out on a date to Jessabeans‘s gorgeous Autumn Funfair.

Sherrie turned out to have a boyfriend already, and I didn’t want Carter to get in the way of that. Plus, she has the coward trait, and I think he needs someone more adventurous like him. She didn’t respond well when he asked if they could just be friends.

Still, she did stick around, and they ended up having a nice day out.

The carousel was a bit much for Sherrie, so I decided to save the roller coaster for another time.

With her son out for the day, Elisabeth spent some quality time alone with Joy.

When he got back home, Carter continued to practice his mixology. He was pretty bad at first.

Eventually, though, he learned to make party and skill gain drinks. The latter should speed the learning process up a bit.

The next day at school, Carter rolled a wish to spend some time with his friend Jason’s brother Jeramy. He invited both boys out for drinks at Bump!, where he learned how to make two popular party drinks, the Galactic Gaiety and Rockin’ Roller. There were a number of regular drinks he would also have been skilled enough to learn, but I’m not really interested in cluttering up his drinks list with recipes that don’t have any mood effects.

Carter discovered all of Jeramy’s traits: athletic, artistic, unlucky, and nurturing. Jason eventually had to run off to work, leaving the two of them alone to discuss sports and photography over plates of nachos.

It was well after 3am when Carter got back home, and he’d have to go to school later that morning. Good thing I’d been having Elisabeth mass produce sleeping potions for occasions like this.

Carter arrived at school well rested and had a productive day. As soon as he got home, he started to test out his new drinks recipes. I do like to learn all the different popular versions of the mood drinks for the visual variety they bring to parties.

Soon, Carter had unlocked energy drinks, so I sent him back to Bump! to learn how to make the Band Slam.

All the pretty drinks were a nice distraction from my worries about Joy, but eventually the day I’d been dreading arrived.

I decided to keep Joy’s headstone in the garden for a while, in hope of seeing him again.

To cheer themselves up, Elisabeth and Carter spent the day together at the Autumn Funfair.

As the rest of the week passed, sad thoughts about Joy slowly faded from my sims’ minds. When the weekend arrived, Carter had some friends round to show off his new drinks recipes.

I got a bit worried when one of them started to cast a spell on Elisabeth, but it turned out to be just a good luck charm.

That evening, she and Carter went to have dinner with Paula, Ramona, and their son Thomas.

Hello, cutie!

On his final day as a teenager, Carter learned how to make sorrow annihilators.

His birthday happened to fall on spooky day, so I made his party a costume one.

I gave him his final three traits: family orientated, hopeless romantic, and social butterfly.

Elisabeth’s old friend Roosevelt got behind the piano, and everyone had a great time dancing the night away.

4 thoughts on “Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 11

  1. I’m definitely going to have to give the mixology skill a go – I liked your idea of focusing on 3 skills per sim so much that I’m doing that in my current game too! I was undecided about the final skill to have one of my sims pursue, so I’m going to try mixology. Those party drinks are so pretty, I’m quite looking forward to it!

    Such a shame about Joy, but lovely that he can sometimes come and chill out on the sofa.


    Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not counting Cooking or Gardening, each of the twins will learn one of those (I always have at least one sim in a household who learns those skills) but not necessarily max them out.

        The girl, Saga, is learning Writing, Piano and Violin (and Cooking). The boy, Bengt, is learning Painting, Sculpting and Mixology.(and Gardening, since he Loves the Outdoors).

        I’m actually off to play just now. They’re both going to age up into Teens soon, so I’ll be able to let them start learning all of these skills, I’ve been stuck with just Writing and Painting so far.


        Liked by 1 person

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