Thank goodness for backups!

I got a bit of a fright a couple of days ago when my game started crashing on launch. Just before that, I’d installed some horses, which had come up clean in custard, but were still the most obvious culprits.  I tried removing the horses via the launcher but the uninstaller just kept crashing before it could do anything, and I tried deleting them from my saved sims file but the crashes persisted.

I poked around my game files a bit, and by process of elimination discovered that something in my dccache folder was to blame (which, incidentally, was  also the case the last time  I had major crash-on-launch issues). As I was contemplating the mind-numbing possibility of having to reinstall all my store content, I remembered I had a clean dccache backup I’d taken a couple of years ago. The old folder worked a charm, and my game is now working again.

So the moral of the story is back up all your files, but especially that oh-so-delicate dccache, because the launcher will break it at some point.

8 thoughts on “Thank goodness for backups!

  1. I just did this again! I decided to play an old fun game from 2015 and realized that in that file, I had all the store content installed and the game ran just fine. Now to clarify, in my Electronics Arts folder I have several The Sims 3 folders, one for each game I am playing. That way if something happens to one, I haven’t lost everything. I’ve removed all the store content from my blog story The Sims 3 folder because of glitches and crashes. I tried making two different factory reset games and reinstalling the store content from the store and still the crashes. But the store content in my fun game from 2015, still works with no issues. Interesting, don’t you think? I do however have a store content backup on my desktop created the beginning of 2015. But it backs up my theory that the updates are messing with the store content and perhaps it’s being done on purpose to get us to move to Sims 4. I backed up the DCCache folder from my fun game twice just the other day!

    Thank you for sharing this!

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    • That’s really interesting. It sounds like you’ve got yourself nice and organized with all your content 🙂
      I hadn’t thought about the updates. Everything about the store files has always been pretty wobbly. Basically anything involving the launcher, and especially its installer, seems to put them at risk. Oh, and if any of the individual ddcache files start get over a certain size, random bits of store content will start uninstalling themselves. Such weird architecture!


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