Snordwich Chronciles, I: Plumbob Hall

Nestled in the valleys of the picturesque barony of Snordwich sits Plumville, a little village overlooked by a grand manor house called Plumbob Hall.


The lord of the manor is John Cecil, Third Baron Snordwich. This morning he is in his chamber catching up on his correspondence.


Snordwich is a cheerful man who values friendship and loyalty. He is never without his faithful attendants, Filbert Perroy and John Postel.


Snordwich’s wife Rohesia is walking in the gardens with her companion, Dame Joan Ros.


Lady Snordwich wishes to hear some music, so Joan fetches the household musician Adam to entertain them.


Joan’s husband Sir Thomas Ros is Snordwich’s marshal. He and the groom Ralf are in the courtyard tending to the horses.


The Ros’s relationship is tempestuous. Joan is a lady of great wit and passion, but a hot temper. Perroy and Postel mock Sir Thomas for the hold she has over him, but he loves his wife too much to care.


In the afternoon, the Cecils and their attendants listen to a sermon in the chapel, delivered by the household chaplain, Henry Wereables.


Meanwhile, the cook Humphrey is busy preparing the evening meal.


Supper is served in the great hall.


The dishes on offer are roast chicken, summer vegetables, and a fine white bread.


Lady Snordwich and Dame Joan make plans for the following day. Rohesia loves the outdoors, and, if the weather is fair, the ladies hope to ride out into the countryside.


After they have eaten, the nobles and gentlemen entertain themselves with games of chess. To her lady’s delight, Joan bests both Postel and Perroy.


The next morning, Humphrey rises before the sun to begin his work for the day.


When Lord Snordwich is busy, he takes breakfast in his chamber, but he prefers to have it in the great hall, where he can be seen by his servants.


Guests are expected later that day. Snordwich and his gentlemen pass the time until their arrival practicing archery. Postel takes instruction from Sir Thomas.


The sky is blue and the weather is mild, so the ladies decide to go ahead with their outing. Ralf readies their horses for them.


The take Adam with them to hear him play.


The company finds a shady spot by the river, where they stop for a picnic of nectar and strawberries.


They arrive back after sunset, to find Snordwich already entertaining his guests. They are his neighbors and dependents,  Gilbert Grancourt and Philip Clerinell, who have been invited to Plumbob Hall to form a hunting party.


In Adam’s absence, Postel had been entertaining everyone with songs.


The next morning, Snordwich and the gentlemen set out on their hunt.


They return in the late afternoon, victorious but filthy. While Humphrey cooks the day’s prey, Lord Snordwich takes a bath.


There is enough venison for everyone to eat their fill. It is served alongside cheese drizzled with honey, a raspberry pie, a local nectar called Farmer’s Harvest, and a Yacothian red.


Snordwich and his friends stay up long after the ladies have retired to the great chamber.


Postel drinks too much and falls asleep under the table.


25 thoughts on “Snordwich Chronciles, I: Plumbob Hall

  1. I was happy to find this as when I was sent to photobucket there were no pics! Been away for quite a while with my inability to spend much time of the puter with my bad wrists. Was good to see new things from you. Looking forward to the rest of the story as they say!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Apologies that – I uploaded the wrong pictures, then uploaded the right pictures but then deleted them thinking they were the wrong pictures…it was a whole thing.

      Sorry also to hear about your wrists 😦 I hope things improve for you, and that you have lots of lovely things to fill your life with until then.

      Take care xx


  2. Your attention to detail is just amazing – Plumbob Hall itself is so gorgeous, and fits perfectly in Dragon Valley. I’m always looking for inspiration for playing in Dragon Valley – I always like to play it in proper Medieval Period, rather than the hybrid of modern/Renaissance Fair that the world comes as. This Legacy looks like it will be the perfect inspiration for me!

    I loved your Gatherers legacy, and you’ve been able to get a bit more opulent with this one. I love everyone’s outfits and hairstyles, and the story has me hooked too 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, thanks so much! I hope I can give you some ideas 🙂 Please feel free to ask questions about anything that isn’t clear. And as always I’d love to hear about what you’re up to in your own DV!
      Yeah, I’ve gone for a kind of fictionalized late medieval setting, although obviously I’ve had to make a lot of compromises just because of what content’s available and also what would also fun/possible to play/read about. My work in RL involves early modern England, but I wanted to do something set a bit before that to stop myself getting too pedantic about things lol 🙂


      • I always find that if I’m playing DV and I’m trying to stick to Medieval gameplay I end up falling back into old habits from my ‘regular modern simming’ where really I’m just playing in effectively the same routines, everyone’s just dressed a bit differently and I don’t use any cars or electronic gadgets! Having a more structured routine like you have here – with certain routines to observe on days of the week or calendar cycle will be really helpful for me.

        My work in RL involves payroll software testing. I can’t really take much of that into my simming, other than to sometimes sit at my desk at work and wish I was paid to test the Sims instead!! Although maybe if it was my job to test it, it wouldn’t be half as fun to play in my spare time… The grass always seems greener I suppose!


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      • I guess that’s what the game’s designed around, with its universal education, modern bathrooms, etc., so I completely get falling into those habits.
        Ooh, yes, being paid to test the sims! Now that sounds exciting. Haha. Although they’d probably want you to play it in really specific ways. And just imagine how buggy the pre-release versions must be! xx


  3. I just loved the names. Oh and cheese drizzled with honey? Is that really a thing somewhere because I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve heard of way stranger things, but not that. Sounds like a great start to the story.

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  4. Your pictures are beautiful and everything is so well decorated! I do not have the patience to do that. I really like the way you’re telling the story. Your pictures look so cool I thought you were playing The Sims Medival at first, then I read a comment saying it was in Dragon Valley!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love the names, clothes, buildings, clothes, everything. Your choice of language is very fitting for the time period of this. I loled that Postel drank himself under the table. 😛

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