Snordwich Chronciles, II: Fasting and Feasting

Not long after his master’s night of drinking has ended, Ralf’s day of work begins. Thursday is the busiest market day in the nearby town of Crafthole, and Humphrey has tasked him with acquiring some supplies that can’t be purchased locally.

The ladies had hoped to ride out with him to buy some new jewels, but the sky is overcast. Instead, they sit in the great chamber and read.

It is past noon when Lord Snordwich eventually wakes up. He and his wife say goodbye to their guests in the screens passage.

The rain continues for the rest of the day. The lord, ladies, and gentlemen entertain themselves with games and songs.

The following morning is just as wet, but this time no one’s plans are disrupted, as Fridays are traditionally days of moderation, contemplation, and fasting. After Snordwich has gone over his accounts with Wereables, the household attends afternoon prayer in the chapel.

In observance of the fast, the servants go without supper, and at the lord’s high table only plain fish and vegetables are served.

Humphrey uses his free evening to make some fruit preserves.

Friday’s fast is usually followed by a day of feasting, which this morning begins with a selection of white rolls and loaves and a cold fruit soup. After breakfast, the Cecils and their train play games of gnubb.

Snordwich insists that even his sober chaplain join in the fun, but Wereables is not used to the game and keeps hitting himself on the head with the baton.

The main event of the day is the evening meal. The tables are laden with food and drink, and Grancourt and his wife Ewfame are in attendance.

Mistress Grancourt is sat at the end of the table next to Wereables, as the ladies of the household find her tedious.

After supper comes dancing.

The following day, the household rides down into Plumville to attend the Sunday sermon at the village church.

It is midsummer’s eve, and, riding through the village, Snordwich is pleased to see that many of his tenants have left food and drink for passers by outside their cottages, a common custom on this festival.

His Lordship’s own buttery always has bread set aside for the local poor, but on this holy day he has left Humphrey with instructions to provide fish and nectar as well for anyone who comes.

Humphrey himself is in the kitchen gardens, where he grows summer fruits and leaves. Today he is thankful because his mint has finally come in.

Back down in the village, the parson delivers his sermon.

Snordwich invites him to ride back with the party for supper at Plumbob Hall, where Humphrey has laid out a feast of mint beef and strawberry pie.


14 thoughts on “Snordwich Chronciles, II: Fasting and Feasting

  1. I love that there is a structure to their week – Friday fasting, Saturday feasting. And also a seasonal festival to celebrate – that little church is gorgeous by the way!

    And I have major kitchen garden envy – I love walled gardens, and Humphrey’s patch with the ivy and the chickens looks just lovely.


    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy you like it! Keeping Friday as a fast day (in addition to the longer periods of fasting like Lent and Advent) was a real thing in pre-Reformation England, and I liked the idea of using it bring a bit of structure to the week, as you say.

      Thanks for your kind words about the church! There’s a bit in the middle of the ceiling I can’t reach to paint, so I won’t be uploading it, but Plumbob Hall I’ll almost certainly share at some point. Glad you like the festival as well – there will be a lot more of those!

      Oh I’d totally love a little garden like that too! Just maybe without the hard work haha. Ah for the idyllic lives of sims!

      Take care xxx


  2. Installed the fix so I can look through these older posts. 🙂 I second the church being a lovely build. Its a shame you can’t paint the rest of the ceiling. I must say the angles in some of your photos are really epic like in the photo where everyone was dancing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh that’s great! Glad it’s working for you.
      Glad you like the church too 🙂 Yeah, I tried and tried but just couldn’t reach. Shame because it was this nice pattern of blue and cream tiles, all edged with gold. Never mind; I’m sure I’ll be able to incorporate ideas from it into a future build.


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