Snordwich Chronicles, XXXIV: Apple Bobbing

On Monday evening, after another long day of work, Beatrice gives birth to a baby boy. Tephna and Jaclyn assist Eda with the delivery.

The very next morning, Beatrice is back in the fields with her newborn strapped to her back, pausing only now and then to nurse or soothe him.

Tephna kneels by Jaclyn’s side, doing her best to pick up her friend’s slack.

Her own little brother Adam plays happily in the mud. There are no other children of his age for him to play with, but he has their sister Oriel’s little toy bear to keep him company.

Every morning of the season, Tephna’s father lets her bring in the fruit from the garden before they walk up to the demesne for the day.

By Wednesday evening, the harvest is in. On Thursday, Henry and Beatrice have their son blessed and named, and invite their neighbours to celebrate the Feast of the Angels with them.

Walter is the name they have chosen. After lunch, they let Tephna hold him for a little while.

She and Jaclyn have their first taste of nectar that afternoon.

Everything starts to seem very funny.

Outside, some of the younger children bob for apples.

The brewer’s boys soon get bored and give up, leaving the competition to Kinborough and Oriel.

Kinborough’s brother comes over to cheer her on.

Oriel snags the victory by just one apple.

But she is not a gracious winner.

13 thoughts on “Snordwich Chronicles, XXXIV: Apple Bobbing

  1. Very gorgeous part .The two girls at the end are very funny . Hey you’re a cheater ! No it’s not true you are a cheater ahaha . The last picture reminds me of that kind of conversation.

    Liked by 1 person

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