Budget Suburban

I saw this lovely house on my way home the other day, very simple but just my thing. Here’s my 20×20 sim version of it. (With—a first for me in a long time—no CFE!)

I’m annoyed that you can see the faint joins between the columns I put around the chimney but I couldn’t get them any smoother. Don’t try yourself unless you have Debug Enabler, as afterwards you’d need to move all the pieces back to their correct heights.

Inside, I’ve added in a fireplace, the kitchen and bathroom fixtures (complete with unbreakable/fireproof upgrades), and lighting, but otherwise left the build unfurnished. Here’s the downstairs layout.

The whole thing comes in at 14,446 simoleons, so a single sim just starting out would have around 2,000 simoleons left to buy a decent bed and a couple of skill objects.

There’s enough space for a proper dining table and so on, as your sim starts to establish her-/himself.

I love the view you get out of this window when you place the build where I have it, at 2303 Edgewood Road in Bridgeport. I can see this as a painting or reading nook, or you could maybe even squeeze a single bedroom in here if you were desperate.

A double can fit upstairs, in this 5×5 space.

I’ve cheaped out a bit in the back garden, with just a patio and a bit of space to grow vegetables. If you can afford a 20×30 it might be nice to expand towards the back of the lot, but I chose to go with the smaller size to give people more location choices.


21 thoughts on “Budget Suburban

    • Thank you!

      No, there’s no CC used or required. Unfortunately some EPs are though. I’m always so impressed by people who can build with just the base game!

      There’s a list of what’s required automatically generated by the exchange on the download page (http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9147833), but I’m never sure how accurate they are.

      The only important structural things are a column from Pets, and chimney piece and castle wall from the store.

      Other build objects could be replaced, but, off the top of my head, windows are from Pets, Showtime and the store (greenhouse set and a bahaus one I think), doors are from Ambitions, University and Supernatural, and plants are from Pets, World Adventures and the store (the orange 1 simoleon ones–Monte Vista?). I’m not sure about the buy debug fences–University and Monte Vista I want to say.

      There’s also a wallpaper I’ve used, the shingle one from Ambitions maybe(?), CASted to brick. I can check if you like.

      Cheap bathroom stuff is from Late Night and kitchen counters are from Ambitions.

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  1. Great little starter! Love the wood/white combos throughout, and that chimney looks way more complicated than I’d attempt! I’d just cheat and delete the brick one or use the store one that came with the old mill, lol. And I wouldn’t call it “cheaping out” in the back…it’s a starter home, it’s not supposed to have *everything* look fantastic yet. 😉 And yes, it’s a *huge* challenge to build with limitations (whether it’s no expansions or no store items!) But that is one of the things I like about the gift exchanges on the forums, good way to get out of your comfort zone!

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    • Thank you!

      I did actually use the old mill one, but I’ve surrounded it wil columns to get it chunkier at the base then tapering upwards, as that was one of the things thqt made the real house catch my eye.

      I agree about the value of getting out of your comfort zone. I always love to see what you all make for the gift exchange 😄


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