Shang Simla Beautiful Vistas

I’ve compiled this as a resource for builders looking to create a picturesque home in Shang Simla with the beautiful vista moodlet. 

I was only able to find four beautiful vista lots in Shang Simla, all of them close together.

  1. 10 South Ancestor Hills (20×30) +15
  2. 30 East Ancestor Hills (30×40) +20
  3. 220 South Shang Simla Hills (40×40) +20
  4. 200 South Shang Simla (40×40) +20

1. 10 South Ancestor Hills (20×30) +15, Empty Lot

This is a thin lot, bounded by grassy mounds on three sides, but there is a gorgeous view of the city centre and mountains to the front right.

Looking to the front left, you can see the (poorly rendered) houses higher up the hillside.

You’ll want to place your major viewing spots to the front of your build for this lot. Still, the back isn’t without interest. The terrain sculpting is quite low here, and even from ground level you can see out over it to the rolling hills beyond.

2. 30 East Ancestor Hills (30×40) +20, Empty Lot

This lot offers similar views to its smaller neighbour, but the orientation is reversed. Here, you’ll probably want to build to emphasize the panoramic rear view.

A little the left, you can see the graveyard shrine.

My favourite, though, is the view to the right. Just watch out for that tree when you’re lining up where everything goes or it may end up blocking large parts of it.

(Also, what is this weird terrain sculpting?)

If you introduce a bit of height to your build, you’ll open the views up even further, and be able to see the city centre and dragon cave.

3. 220 South Shang Simla Hills (40×40) +20, Unoccupied

There’s already a house here. It costs 56, 908 if you’re not a builder and just want to move right in.

The view to the right of this one is blocked by a big boring rockface, but all the other directions make up for it. From the front, you get an even closer look at the twin waterfalls.

The view to the rear is nice too. That’s the graveyard there again, but I think it’s pretty.

To the right are some tall trees. If you want to see past them, you’ll need to build up several levels. If you do, however, you’ll basically be able to see everything: the Dragon Cave, the city centre, The Temple of Heaven, the sprawling wall, the mountain tops, the rolling fields.

4. 200 South Shang Simla Hills (40×40) +20, Occupied

If you don’t want to build upwards, this final lot may be more suited to you, though you’ll have to kick out the Yao family, who currently live there. You can’t get quite such a full view of the waterfalls, but there is something interesting to look at in almost every direction, even from ground level.

Here are the views from the front round to the right (well, the left if you’ve already turned round to face the front).

There are grassy peaks to the left side of the lot.

And this is from the back, although you will only be able to see this from the right side of the lot. Moving further to the left, the trees start to get in the way.

If you just want pinch the Yao family’s house as is, here’s what it looks like.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset isn’t really something it’s worth thinking about when you’re building in this world. The western mountains are so tall that, unless you’re really high up, the sun will vanish before the sky even starts to change colour.

Sunrise is better. It can be seen as over the eastern mountains, somewhere between The Temple of Heaven and the radio tower, depending on where on the map you are. From 10 South Ancestor Hills the view will be blocked, but the other three beautiful vista lots are all fine. Here it is from 200 South Shangla Hills.


20 thoughts on “Shang Simla Beautiful Vistas

      • I appreciate the post, I haven’t felt inspired to build in months so it’s exciting for me to want to build again. I started a build yesterday but ran into a problem I haven’t seen before, I was wondering if you have had it happen to you before. I was roughing out the build with a foundation, and I used the stilted style but some of the pilings remained after deleting the foundation. I’ve tried going back over it with other foundations and removing them, moving the lot to my library and placing it again, it’s a shame to need to start over.

        I am thinking of keeping the lot in my library and going back to it if there is a fix. I think I might start over for now. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

      • This is looking absolutely beautiful! Can I ask what wallpaper that is on the top left? I’m building for SS at the moment too.

        I have indeed had the issue pictured. I can’t remember what caused it but I believe that in my case going over it with new foundations worked. I’m sorry that doesn’t seem to be helping for you. What happens when you try it?

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s the Dual Edge Mission Style Wall covering I believe it’s base game with a recolored pattern, I uploaded it as a wallpaper and just the recolored pattern., When I go back over it with the pier style it doubles up on the pilings. I guess it gives me a chance to rework the floorplan. I will look around to see if anyone has a solution I haven’t tried. I used the same wall with sort of a linen texture for some of the other exteriors. I am excited to see what you build.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh nice! Well it looks great. Thanks for the links 🙂
        What a pain. And such a lovely build too. Have you tried laying down the pier style while holding the button that redistributes the pillars? It’s shift I think, but maybe alt or ctrl?


      • I was able to get back to where I started with it at least, it’s always easier to rebuild than plan it out the first time. I did finish a house for one of the smaller vista lots if you would like to see it there are pictures here. I am still looking for ideas for some of the other views. I think I will be remodeling the hot springs lot (30 Heavenly Valley) this week.

        Liked by 1 person

      • This is really beautiful too 🙂 I love the tea corner, and would like nothing more than a view like that from my bathtub! As always with your builds every detail is just so perfectly balanced.

        Amazing you managed to fit it all onto that 20×30. I’ll be using the same one to create a starter in a bit. At the moment I’m making a community lot for one of the 40x40s:

        Sorry I wasn’t able to more help with the foundations, if you shift and drag to redistribute doesn’t work. Glad it was easy to get back to where you were though. Yes, it’s always easier the second time.
        And I’m excited to see what you do with the hot springs! Isn’t that a tomb lot?


      • Oh wow your community lot looks amazing, what will it be? That is so clever using the fence on the second level. One of my reference photos had something similar to that and I couldn’t figure out how to duplicate it. You are so clever with building! Yes the hot springs is a tomb lot, I left the bolder and dive well in place and didn’t disturb any of the underground bits. I won’t know until I play test it in a new copy of the world if it will mess with anything trying to export it. I hope it won’t, it was such a lovely area it felt like a shame to pass through it without a second glance, I would love to see it get more use. I suppose if I can’t share it I might convert the fishing pond lot into a hot spring instead. I don’t really like to change the overall look of the WA worlds. I haven’t been able to find the sun yet, each morning has been cloudy when I’ve play-tested but I did notice the moon rises behind the ‘Temple of Heaven’ lot so I would assume the sun rises behind the 40×40 lot on the hill?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, that’s very kind! It’s now got a bar, martial arts stuff, and saunas. I’m going to zone it as a Chinese garden for upload, but in my game I’m thinking of having it as a gym or small park to get access to energy and skill gain drinks, and maybe later as a fusion lounge so my master mixologist sim can buy it and complete his ltw. Here’s the bar area (I just need to add some hanging lights):

        Your inspiration picture is lovely! Such a pretty roof. I’ve been quite disappointed by the pagoda style ones from WA. They’re not very easy to use. Yours all look very nice though.

        Speaking of, I just checked out your hot springs pictures over on the forums and it’s all looking fantastic! I can just imagine stopping there for some dim sum, a nice cup of tea, and a dip in the pool 🙂 So clever to recolour the tea sets to match one another so you can use them both.

        I think the underground stuff will be fine. The dive well just leads to somewhere else on the lot, so it should all stay self-contained. Still, as you say, a good idea to test.

        Oh I haven’t found the sun yet either! I’ve just been building at 8am for the past few rl days. Need to let a day run so I can look into it to include in the post. Good thinking about the temple of heaven name; that may well be the case.


      • I should really learn to proof-read comments before posting them. I meant to also say the rock area looks just lovely and so natural you must have spent ages on it. I look forward to seeing more!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh thank you! It actually wasn’t difficult, once I’d worked out what area I needed to fill with rocks. Then it’s just MOO and layer. It’s the overall layout that I always struggle with when I’m landscaping, and I’m still not entirely happy with it on this lot but I think it’s staying as it is.


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