Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 15

I spent about half of Carter’s 20,000 on a nice bedroom and bathroom. He’s been making do without either for too long. I also extended the garden.

But Carter had no time to potter about the house. He still had a tournament to win! Participating in a few more matches got him up to level 10 of the martial arts skill.

His route to Grand Master was blocked by pregnant opponent Wu Xio. He’d have to wait for her to give birth before he could fight her.

Carter moonlit in the park for a little while. He made just nine simoleons but it was a nice change of pace.

On Sunday evening, he invited his friends to the fusion lounge again.

Thomas was there with his new girlfriend Yanna.

Carter met Ho Sung’s wife Hui Young. They had some serious trait incompatibility: she’s a workaholic loner who dislikes children. The dislikes children trait was a real surprise to me, because her husband is family-orientated. She’s focused on her job, while he wants to have sporty hobbies, adventures, a whirlwind romance, and a big family.

Carter tried to make an effort with Hui Young for his friend’s sake, but they just couldn’t get along.

At the bar, he got talking to a recently aged up Wei Pei. Wei looked impressed by the mixologist’s skills.

When I realised that Carter and Wei share the hopeless romantic and family-orientated traits I had them grab a table together.

I sent them back again the following afternoon. Nraas Careers: Self-Employed allots him 2,000 simoleons per tournament win now, so it was no problem for him to pay what the bar was charging for food and drink.

Carter and Wei spoke about their families and compared star signs. They had a little dance.

But something wasn’t quite clicking.

Despite the common traits, Carter just wasn’t feeling it, and I wasn’t either. The truth is, whenever I think about spouses for Carter, the first sim who always come to mind is his friend Ho Sung.

They share a love of martial arts, and also the adventurous, family-orientated, and hopeless romantic traits. Ho Sung’s other two traits are athletic and good. I started looking around for someone else as soon as I realized he was married, but  guess I still felt attached to the idea of Carter and him together.

Then, reading through Hui Young’s traits, I had an idea. Although I don’t generally tend to make up stories to go along with this legacy, to justify breaking up the Kims I imagined this little scenario. With her marriage already on the rocks, Hui Young was offered a better job in Sunset Valley. Ho Sung would have hated hold her back, but also wouldn’t have wanted to move so far away from his sister for a relationship that just wasn’t working. It would have been a tough decision, but I can see Ho Sung deciding to let Hui Young go with love.

I saved her to my library and annihilated her from my save file. Perhaps I will play with her in Sunset Valley one day.

It was important to me to take things slow with Ho Sung for a while after his ‘divorce’. Carter and he continued to spend quite a bit of time together, just hanging out.

While Carter waited for Wu to give birth, he worked on the ‘timber terminator’ challenge.

This poor beginner hit himself in the face with the training dummy.

Completing the challenge makes it easier to break boards, and also gives a chance of gems dropping when breaking open space rocks.

I’m treating collecting as a skill in its own right for this legacy, so I’m not letting Carter pick up any of the gems, but I’ve actually rolled collecting for the next generation, so that will be an interesting father-and-child combination for us to explore in the future.

Speaking of starting a family, Thomas and Yanna announced their plans to get married.

Carter bought them some bubble bath and an okay bottle of nectar from the consignment store. Yanna was actually just looking at her phone here, but I like to think that she was just that impressed by the 200 simoleon bottle of nectar.

Jeramy was next to tie the knot, to Lui Zhi, the woman we saw him hitting on in the previous part. It’s a shame inactive sims can’t invite you to their weddings.

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